Apple Magic Mouse (Wireless, Rechargable) – White Multi-Touch Surface

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  • Magic Mouse is wireless and rechargeable, with an optimized foot design that lets it glide smoothly across your desk.
  • The Multi-Touch surface allows you to perform simple gestures such as swiping between web pages and scrolling through documents.
  • The incredibly long-lasting internal battery will power your Magic Mouse for about a month or more between charges.
  • It’s ready to go right out of the box and pairs automatically with your Mac, and it includes a woven USB-C to Lightning Cable that lets you pair and charge by connecting to a USB-C port on your Mac.
  • System Requirements: Bluetooth-enabled Mac with OS X 10.11 or later , iPad with iPadOS 13.4 or later

13 reviews for Apple Magic Mouse (Wireless, Rechargable) – White Multi-Touch Surface

  1. Alan

    Love the functionality of the mouse. However, the placing the charger poses a bit of an issue. Some users of this device including myself occasionally use it until the last potential second however when wanting to charge it, you’re forced to flip it and then charge it as the charging port is on the bottom of the mouse which then means you’ll have to wait till it’s charged to amount of your liking until you can then continue to use it. I’d prefer that they redesign the product to allow charging while using it.

  2. Jimney Cricket

    I think this is possibly the worst designed product Apple has ever made, in my opinion. I see it as putting form well above function. It was like Apple decided to combine a mouse with a trackpad. In this case, the tracking is done by moving the trackpad around as opposed to using the pad to track. If I remember correctly, someone else on here referred to this mouse as an ergonomic disaster and I have to agree. The sides of this mouse are sharp and pinching with barely anything to grab on to. It appears the mouse was not designed with a consideration for where to put thumbs and any other fingers people might need to use to hold on to a mouse, or at least a spot where they can rest those fingers so they’re not in the way. What’s more, if my thumb drops as it is inclined to do due to gravity and because it is in pursuit of a stronger grip then my thumb gets pinched between the silver base and the white top part of the mouse that functions like a giant mouse button. It’s like my thumb is in the way of this mouse doing what it wants to do. On the opposite side, my little finger gets dragged and pushed around on the mousepad as it has no place to go.

    To make matters worse, the white touch surface top does not feel secure. It rocks sideways ever so slightly. That loose top gets tiring after a while and I think it may be in part responsible for my struggles getting the mouse to start selecting text on the letter that I want it to start selecting on.

    The flat white surface of the mouse, the mini trackpad that doesn’t track, is good for quick scrolling but there’s a catch, I find it gets tiring after a while because my pointer finger is repeatedly hitting and gliding over a hard surface. Sometimes my fingernail scrapes along the surface as well. It was after my fingernail got caught scraping the top of the mouse while scrolling one day that led me to say to myself enough, I’m not using this anymore. In addition to the scrolling getting tired after a while, my index finger does drift over to the middle of the mouse. Having used ergonomic mice, I now believe that the flat shape is in part responsible because there is so little for my hand to grip on to. The drifting leads left clicks to turn into right clicks. It is annoying when I occasionally click on something expecting to select it or what not, only to see the context menu pop up instead. I also got this mouse for my mother to use and her finger drifts over to the right so often that I decided to turn off the right click function to help her out. She doesn’t use the right click button so she isn’t missing anything but others might have use for the right click button. Despite that, the scrolling feature gets in her way still and she uses that. Another issue both of us have with scrolling, and this is one of the most annoying things about this mouse, is that we often, her more than me I think, find ourselves scrolling sideways while scrolling down or up when we just want to scroll down or up. I’ve never had that issue on mice with scroll wheels, or any other mouse for that matter. There’d be times when I’d have what I’m looking at lined up just right and then when I scroll, I can’t scroll down or up in a straight line with out it moving sideways at some point. Another annoying thing about the touch surface of the mouse is that occasionally I’ll brush it with my finger when I’m in the process of putting my hand back on to the mouse after typing on the keyboard. That leads to something happening that I didn’t want which needs to then be corrected.

    One of the bonuses of the touch surface is that it opens the door for tapping and swiping, adding functionality without the need for buttons. I never got comfortable with swiping on a mouse, while I just used tapping in order to use Mission Control. The way it is set up requires a double two-finger tap on the touch surface but what feels like half the time, I don’t tap the top of the mouse right and I have to do it again until I get Mission Control to work. That issue didn’t go away over time with practice. Tapping, for me, is not a replacement for a third button on a traditional mouse.

    Another negative, and this one is talked about a lot, is that the lightning port used for recharging is on the underside of the mouse which means in order to recharge the mouse it has to be on its side or laying down with its belly up. That of course means you can’t recharge the mouse and use it at the same time.

    To make matters worse, there aren’t many positives I find with this mouse. It is Apple’s mouse, for one, and for that you are assured lasting compatibility with Macs. I’ve had multiple experiences where Logitech mice all of a sudden don’t work properly or are not compatible after an update or with a new Mac. Two, the battery lasts a good amount of time. Maybe up to three months on a single charge. That seems good to me. However, I did encounter an issue when I recharged the mouse the first time. Despite following the directions on how to check when the mouse is fully charged, when I went to use it again the following morning I noticed that the charge was at 74%. It was at 12% before I recharged it the night before and said it was at 100% when I unplugged it. I had to recharge it a second time in order to get it up to 100%. Hopefully, that was just a one time issue. The third positive is that the mouse is lightweight. I prefer lightweight mice but in this case, it doesn’t make up for the drawbacks. The fourth positive is that its shape and weight makes it easy to fit in a bag or in a pocket.

    In the end, the positives do not come close to outweighing its negatives for me. The key phrase is, “for me,” as there are people out there that prefer tapping and swiping and smaller mice. From my experience, seeing my mother’s struggles and reading other reviews, this mouse is simply not for everyone and I don’t fully understand why Apple designed it the way they did. Too much form over function to me. I would take a corded mouse over this one if I had to. Unless you prefer mice like the Apple Magic Mouse as opposed to a traditional style mouse with scroll wheels and a mouse like shape, I’d recommend trying out other mice first before paying for this one. Chances are you’ll find something that’s more comfortable and less frustrating to use for less money. But if you are willing to spend a bit more. Then there are mice out there like the Logitech MX Master which are designed to be more comfortable, may even feel like they are better made than the Magic Mouse, while having more features and capabilities.

  3. HeDreamsInColour

    Let’s not kid ourselves, we all know that apple components were designed to be used with other apple components. It’s what every company does. What hurts the most is always the price. I’ve bought less expensive aftermarket components before thinking it’ll do the job and wound up always regretting it… bought this mouse… my Mac and I had a serious conversation and then my Mac thanked me… all mouse related issues were solved.

  4. David T

    Decent mouse, not ergonomic so it’s good for light use while travelling as it’s small and the battery is crazy long lasting. The default sensitivity is so low it’s almost unusable. However if you go in terminal and use this function: defaults write -g 25
    The mouse becomes crazy sensitive and very solid.

  5. H.W. Fielding

    Touch pads stress my index finger and thumb of my dominant right hand, but a mouse (and who uses a wired mouse these days?) provides more versatility of movement and relieves the pain. This design is sleeker and flatter than others I have used, and it’s easy to forget it’s there. The settings allow for fast and responsive movement. It works well on most surfaces except for highly reflective surfaces like glass.

  6. Amazon Customer

    Magic Mouse 2, works fine and in good condition but not new!!!! I could have purchased a second hand one for £50 less. Feeling a bit ripped off.

  7. TJ

    I had an old Magic Mouse that took batteries. It seemed like I had to recharge the batteries daily and became a hassle when I had to in the middle of doing something. This new Magic Mouse holds a great charge and is so much more reliable. It’s been two weeks since my last charge and I’m still at 70% battery! I would definitely recommend this 🙂

  8. Morgan B

    I’ve had this mouse for about a year now – and I actually purchased another one to use with my MacBook (still in the packaging, because… well- I never really need a mouse when I’m just on my laptop.). I use this mouse with my daily iMac and it’s awesome for the touchiness of it, I love the feel and being Bluetooth is AWESOME, because I don’t love cords all over my best.

    My big negative for this is since Apple has changed their cords, when I go to charge it, I can only do so off of my laptop, and then I have to reconnect it from the Bluetooth features with a raggidy old plug-in mouse that works with my older model iMac to get to the settings (that’s still alive and kicking and my daily driver after a solid 10ish years! Long live Apple!).

    I do love how long it stays charged. I probably charge it less than twice a month and I spend quite a bit of my time at my computer for my work.

    Highly recommend if you want to keep your desk neat and tidy with minimal cords and a sleek look.

  9. EVW

    I bought this for my bluetooth enabled macbook air, which is operating version 11.6.2. According to Amazon’s listing, my device is compatible. But it didn’t work when I tried the mouse. My computer is from early 2014 (although upgraded with all the latest software). I did more digging on Apple’s website and turns out it only works on devices from 2015 or later. Amazon needs to update its product information to reflect the full compatibility details.

  10. Sharon S.

    I purchased this as it said it was new, it’s not new, it’s refurbished. It didn’t come in it’s box, the rails underneath were scratched and there was human hair trapped in the rail. Really disappointed.

  11. Lynsie Walker

    Mouse works well. Need to adjust the sensitivity settings on the Mac to get it just right. However the mouse is much louder on clicks than I wanted. I used another mouse prior and it didn’t make a sound.

  12. Heavy

    Short of it, this is an excellent product.
    Long description… I was reluctant to pay the higher price for the services of a mouse but I did. The mouse is very responsive to light touches and super smooth when using the scroll. I changed to a Mac for work after many years using PC only. I thought I would regret losing the wide array of options for a mouse. Six months later, I have to say, there may be some plus and minus features moving between Mac and PC. The Magic Mouse is a huge plus for the Mac experience. The shape is sleek for sliding into my backpack and slides with easy when in use. There is no stutter delay when scrolling like you might experience with a PC mouse. Whenever I use a PC now, I wish there was an equivalent quality mouse that would work this good without any fuss. I use an Arc Mouse on my PCs so you would think the performance would be on the same level but sadly, it is not. It looks like an inconvenient hack to make this work on my PCs also but who knows, it might be worth the trouble.

  13. Tom

    As someone who works in Human resources and is constantly clicking all day I have found this magic mouse to be my best friend. Others may disagree I know I did once I first got it but after a while I got used to it and figured out how to configure the mouse to my liking. The battery last a loooong time before it needs to be charged. My overall rating for this mouse 9/10

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