BACKBONE One Mobile Gaming Controller for iPhone – Turn Your iPhone into a Gaming Console – Play Xbox, PlayStation, Steam, Fortnite, COD, Genshin &…

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  • PLAY ANY CONTROLLER SUPPORTED GAMES: Responsive analog triggers, tactile buttons, and clickable thumbsticks for the ultimate mobile gaming experience.
  • LOWEST LATENCY, PASS-THROUGH CHARGING & 3.5MM HEADSET JACK: Connects to your iPhone’s Lightning port for ultra-responsive gameplay. Charge and use your favorite headset while you play.
  • WORKS WITH ANY IPHONE: Compatible with the latest iPhones. Adapter included for better experience on iPhone 14 series, 13 Pro & 13 Pro Max models.
  • 1 MONTH BACKBONE+ INCLUDED: Get access to exclusive perks and the Backbone app, which serves as a hub for all your games, recommends new games, connect with friends, screen record, play on any screen, and more. The Backbone can still be used as a gaming controller without Backbone+. $39.99 per year after 1 month free trial.
  • XBOX GAME PASS ULTIMATE: Get 1 Month of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate with purchase of Backbone (code issued digitally during product set up). New Xbox Game Pass members only. Then $14.99/month after offer ends. Subscription continues automatically

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6.69 x 3.94 x 1.18 inches, 4.87 Ounces





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4.9 ounces



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December 29, 2020

11 reviews for BACKBONE One Mobile Gaming Controller for iPhone – Turn Your iPhone into a Gaming Console – Play Xbox, PlayStation, Steam, Fortnite, COD, Genshin &…

  1. Real honest reviews

    I purchased this to game on my phone when taking my switch out was not an option. It is ergonomically sound and the os is pretty good. The subscription is not necessary, but does come in handy. My only gripe is I have to take my case off my iPhone to use, other than that it is perfect.

  2. David

    Makes mobile games more desirable to play ( that have controller support )
    I am very happy with my backbone and all of my co-workers ask me about it

    My only complaint is that it doesn’t accommodate cases , but still , I switch to tempered glass for the back and front and now fits perfectly, I even like it better this way
    Couldn’t recommend this product enough !!

  3. A. Bessarab

    My biggest disappointment is the fact that their overly praised companion app has a paid subscription of £43.99 a year which I think is absolutely ridiculous. The app does not offer anything worthwhile to justify a price this high.

    Anyway, the good bit about this particular controller is that it has a rigid back plate supporting both sides of the controller. It is why I went for this one instead of the Razer Kishi which, by the looks of it, wobbles in certain use cases.

    The layout of this controller is quite good. The buttons feel great, triggers are comfortable. The size of the controller is a bit of a hit or miss. My hands are not particularly big but I did find it rather difficult if not painful getting used to holding it. I play with an Xbox Series Controller for the most part on my Mac and have been playing with a Xbox360 controller for over a decade before that. backbone one definitely feels a tad small in comparison which is especially noticeable with the Right analog stick. Because the stick is quite close to the edge of the had grip, it forces me to bend my thumb just so I can control it. Took me about a week of getting used to and now I feel fine using it but keep in mind that the experience may be so uncomfortable that it will hurt.
    The analog sticks have very little travel to them in comparison to an Xbox controller. Only a bit more than the PSP had back in the day. Also less resistance than a PSP so it can feel quite sensitive at first which, again, takes time getting used to. they are rubberised which is nice and my thumbs do not feel like they are going to slip.

    I’ve been using it with GeForce NOW mainly and my experience has been great.

    The best part about the controller is just how easy it is to put in on and off my phone . I use an iPhone XS and it fits perfectly. I thought it would take up more space in my backpack than a Razor Kishi would but to my surprise it is quite compact.

    Overall I do recommend it.
    Just know that there will be an adjustment period if your hands fit a Large glove or larger and especially if you are used to an Xbox controller on top of that.

  4. Michelle

    $100 isn’t a break the bank thing, but I was hoping for a sale and purchased it when it was $63.69. Overall the controller is a great concept. My thumb would fatigue fast playing Diablo Immortal and now it doesn’t. I also can have bad carpal tunnel post pregnancy and it also minimizes it.

    Now for the cons. Going in I knew most cases, even super slim ones, wouldn’t work with it and had to be removed. So taking it off isn’t really ideal. You have to be more cautious where/how you use it. It would be nice if they made the lightening connector longer so it connects without removing the case.

    I never saw a mention of the camera lens covers interfering. I had a one piece that blocked the iPhone 13 Pro Max adapter. So I had to go buy the caps instead. Which luckily do not interfere with it. Too bad that meant I had to spend more money to use it or I would have to take that off every time also. Eventually the adhesive would’ve failed after constantly removing it. One last thing is I have small hands, so I can’t chat in the game and hold the phone via the controller. I have to put it down and do the hunt and peck method, but that is what it is.

  5. Maikol

    The media could not be loaded.

     Ho acquistato questo prodotto perché volevo giocare fuori case in maniera comoda con il minor spazio. E questo controller ha fatto proprio al caso mio. Iniziamo subito la recensione.
    Contenuto confezione:
    All’interno della confezione troviamo:
    – Backbone One
    – Guida introduttiva
    – Scheda di sicurezza
    Questo dispositivo si comporta molto bene ed è abbastanza intuitivo da utilizzare. Nonostante la paura di romperlo durante l’inserimento dell’iPhone, risulta solido e facile da inserire. È compatibile con tutti i dispositivi iOS, e in più con i dispositivi più grandi, tipo gli iPhone pro e pro max, ha a disposizione un componente aggiuntivo da inserire per poter rendere utilizzabile il device anche da questi dispositivi altrimenti non utilizzabili. Il suo peso varia con circa 140gr, con il cellulare arriviamo tipo a circa a 300/ 350gr.
    Collegato la prima volta viene riconosciuto subito dallo smartphone facendo aprire subito l’app store per scaricare l’applicazione proprietaria del backbone, in modo da poter utilizzare il controller con le impostazioni suggerite da loro e come poterlo utilizzare a pieno.
    Ho utilizzato questo prodotto con applicazioni native su iOS e attraverso servizi di cloud. A discapitato di altri dispositivi che utilizzano il collegamento bluetooth, questo utilizzando la porta Lightning risultato rapito e senza un input lag che penalizza il gioco rendendolo fluido e godibile. Presenta due porte: una presa jack e un’altra con la porta Lightning per poter mettere il dispositivo sotto carica.
    Ho messo sotto sforzo il dispositivo ed è stato sempre una garanzia. Funziona e ti lascia giocare tranquillamente in locale e se utilizzato attraverso la rete internet, a patto di avere una connessione stabile, ti regala ottime sessioni di gioco in mobilità dove si vuole, soprattutto se si accoppia al controller un servizio cloud.
    Se cercate un dispositivo che faccia tutto questo da quanto descritto, bè questo, nonostante il prezzo è il prodotto che fa per voi!

  6. Greig allan

    When I first held this I thought very nice. Feels quality and was excited to use. However to my amazement it doesn’t fit the 13 pro max. The advert clearly states it does. I then get a message when I use the app with the device to state as I am using a 13 pro max and it doesn’t fit they will send me adapter pieces that will allow it too. It also states this is a free item. I thought ok fair enough. So I click on the link and I get charged $10. When I queried this I was told this was a postage charge. Now I’ve argued this and they have now refunded my postage charge. I have as yet not received these adapter pieces and I am curious as to how this will look so I’ll reserve judgement there. Updated: adapter piece has arrived and it’s ok. It does take away very slight the aesthetics of the unit. in truth had I know about this from the start I think I would have given it a miss baring in mind this is not a cheap piece of equipment. I’ve also noticed now that the software that it runs is glitchy and crashes and that is annoying. Add to all this the ridiculous price to sign up for the games packages I think all in all it’s quite disappointing. Work definitely needs to be done to warrant the price of this.

  7. Christopher McKoy

    This is a solid product, doesn’t feel cheap or wobbly like other controller attachments I’ve tried and the buttons feel like and are very responsive. It’s a good product. The only con is that it doesn’t work with a phone case. I have a pretty thin/small case on my iPhone 14 (Otterbox Symmetry+) and even that’s small case is an issue. The problem with a phone case is that it blocks the phone’s lightning port from connecting to the Backbone so you have to take the case off to use it, but other than that I could not be happier with this product.

  8. Charles M Williams II

    A well conceived and designed product. The backbone holds my phone securely and the combination of them feels secure in my hands.

    The plastic form of the controller feels pleasant with just the slightest amount of surface grit to facilitate grip during a gaming session. The placement of the joysticks feels just a bit off to me but I think that’s a necessary byproduct of having the length of my phone in between. The tactile response of most button presses seems to be just right but the triggers are not as satisfying to use.

    I’m going to be using it mostly for Indie and Game pass games and for that it seems quite well suited so far.

    Production quality is high. The backbone feels sturdy and responds well to basic input. Definitely recommend a purchase.

  9. GDL443570

    Quite an expensive piece of kit but so far I’ve been quite impressed. I tried using it on COD MOBILE and it works fine, but I’ve found it works best (for me) when I use XBOX or PS Remote Play as it’ll let me play any of the titles on my consoles – also, if you have XBOX Cloud access – it’ll let you play most of the games of there too. If you buy this just to play mobile games, you might find its a bit limited, but if you fancy some XBOX or PS gaming, its worth a go. The device itself is pretty well made, so far after some serious gaming, its still working well and no creaks or groans with regards to build quality.

  10. Nicole E Martin

    When my son first opened and set it up to use. He did everything like the instructions said, it worked great and is easy to hold and my son can play games he wants to play while we are all downstairs watching a TV show or movie together. It worked great to start. When he used it later that night he tried to start using it and play his game and it started glitching so I told him to turn it off and wait a few minutes and then turn it back on. It fixed it for the night and the. The next day after his birthday he went to use it and it started doing the glitching again to the point where it seemed like someone had hacked into my sons account and was playing the game and my son couldn’t. So he turned it off and waited to use it again to see what it would do. It is. Ow working ok and I haven’t heard anything wrong as of yet or that it looked like someone was playing the game when he logged into his account. I am waiting it out a little longer to make sure that it doesn’t start to do that again, so if it does do it again I can still return it within the appropriate return period. So crossing fingers that it is all fixed and nothing happens again. Watch out for the glitching if you buy this and make sure that it doesn’t start doing or moving things on its own and doesn’t allow them to play on its own.
    Overall though this really is a great gift and if the bugs get worked out and doesn’t do anything again it has been the best gift my son has asked for and gotten for his birthday because now he can feel like he can play a game and still be with the family and interact with us and it actually has been great for even just that reason. He will even play for a little bit and then put it down and just watch the show or movie with us. So it has actually helped my son do more with us, as opposed to always playing his video games in the other room. So it is good for lots of reasons. I hope it continues to keep working. It really is a life safer in the end.

  11. Mr. B. M. Lynch

    Okay so Backbone One, console quality but on mobile. Could it be? Well the answer so far is….yes and no. This nifty, ergonomic and great looking bit of kit ticks many boxes for me. Lightning connection that deals with any Bluetooth latency issues, power pass thru for longer gaming sessions, dedicated button for app front end and headphone jack input are all really good additions. The backbone app is really pleasing visually, and is easy to use, it gives the feeling of a console type front end and really adds to the experience. I’ve tried lots of games so far and they all benefit from the controller, although maybe not as much as pairing an existing PS4 or Xbox controller. I’ve had nothing but problems with the Xbox cloud gaming part, games judder and stutter and are basically unplayable, this could be an issue at Xbox end rather than backbone but if you’re partnering with a big company to give a months free trial it should work perfectly and not be a janky mess. The controller snaps on to your phone with minimal fuss and feels nice and solid in the hand when fitted. Worth mentioning you HAVE to remove any protective case from your phone or it won’t fit, I also had to remove the glass protector from my screen as the edges obstructed the backbone from fitting properly. So no case and no screen protector while in use, with most newer iPhones starting at around £900 this makes me anxious, and will defo cut down on how and where I use the pad. Tactile feedback from buttons and triggers have a decent feel and and are more than responsive enough for COD mobile and other games. I enjoyed using this pad for the first half hour or so but then a few little niggles crept in. The pads themselves are comparable to Nintendo switch joycons, they are quite small and my grown ups hands were a little too big for them to remain comfortable for any length of time. This is important to mention as I think most folk buying a £99 phone control pad will be mainly grown up man children like myself! If you have medium to large hands this will 100% apply to you! If switch joycons are not for you then the chances are this won’t be either! The right side joystick is too low on the pad meaning I have to hold my thumb in a weird position to get the best from it, bit of a pain when in most games that stick is used for aiming. Before you buy this expensive product I’d definitely have a go on a switch with joycons to compare how large your hands will be on it. While I’m talking about price there’s a bit of a glaring problem that isn’t documented ANYWHERE on any of the adverts or info for this pad. Once you’ve paid your £99 you then have to subscribe at £44 per year in order to use it! You do get a year free but still a completely hidden subscription fee is a bit of a shock on a mobile gaming peripheral, and if I’m completely honest there’s not a chance I would have bought this at this price knowing there was a subscription as well. Am still weighing up whether to send this pad back as while it is good and I was happy to pay £99 for it, the subscription and the way they have been very quiet about it until the pad is in your hands has left me with a sour taste. I usually play with a paired PS4 pad and tbh that works much better for the majority of games it’s just a pain propping the phone up to play.

    So to summarise pros and cons –


    Looks great
    Nice packaging / unboxing experience
    Looks and feels like a premium product
    Power pass thru
    Headphone jack
    Backbone app is really nice to use


    Purposely hidden subscription model
    Not very comfortable for longer games
    Joycon placement poor
    Not for people with big hands

    In short, is this a good pad? Well yes but with more than a few caveats. The kicker for me is the hidden subscription plus the fact your expensive and precious iPhone has to be completely unprotected to use it. It’s a great idea but the execution isn’t quite there yet. If they were to address some of these issues in a later product it would be great. I’m not sure if I’m keeping it as yet as I thought this was a solution to replace a paired controller but sadly at this point it’s not. Hope this review helps someone out before they drop a small fortune!

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