Belkin MagSafe 3-in-1 Wireless Charging Stand – 2ND GEN w/ 33% Faster Wireless Charging for Apple Watch – iPhone 14, 13 & 12 series & AirPods -…

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  • MAGSAFE COMPATIBLE: This Belkin magnetic wireless charger pad is compatible with the Apple iPhone 14, 13 and 12 MagSafe technology. Ensure your device is charged with maximum efficiency and safety.
  • FAST CHARGING: Charge your devices up to 33% faster! This charging pad is MagSafe compatible and can quickly power an Apple iPhone at speeds up to 15 watts, and supports fast charging on Apple Watch Series 8 and Series 7
  • 3-IN-1 CHARGER: Power your entire Apple ecosystem with this Belkin 3-in-1 Wireless Charger Pad. It is the perfect charging station to power multiple Apple devices, including iPhone 14, 13 and 12, Pro & Pro Max, Apple Watch and AirPods
  • POWERFUL MAGNETIC CONNECTION: This Belkin Wireless Charger pad uses MagSafe technology to ensure perfect alignment. Even with one hand the embedded magnetic system allows you to easily place your iPhone or Apple Watch on the charging pad without any hassle.
  • 2-YEAR WARRANTY: This Belkin MagSafe Wireless Charger Pad comes with a 2-year limited warranty and a Connected Equipment Warranty (CEW) of up to $2,500, so you can rest assured that your iPhone and other Apple devices are safe and protected.
Product Dimensions

5.26 x 5.26 x 5.65 inches

Item Weight

2.03 pounds

Item model number


Connectivity technologies


Special Features

Magnetic, 3 in 1 Charger, MagSafe, Fast Charging, Charging Indicator

Other display features




Included Components

1 x Belkin 3-1 Magsafe Charger



Date First Available

August 12, 2022

13 reviews for Belkin MagSafe 3-in-1 Wireless Charging Stand – 2ND GEN w/ 33% Faster Wireless Charging for Apple Watch – iPhone 14, 13 & 12 series & AirPods -…

  1. Jose C.

    When you move into the apple ecosystem, it is usually done first with an iphone, then with airpods and finally with an apple watch. When it gets to that stage you usually have two or three cables to charge all these devices, which is no longer convenient.

    Before buying the product I was a little unsure, as it is an expensive product. But it was totally worth it, just for the ease of being able to charge the three products, which I mentioned above, quickly and easily, without having to be handling two and three cables (even without the need to handle multiple outlets) which greatly simplifies the cable management for those who seek visual simplicity.

    The only thing not convenient is the material of the base with which the product is made, as it tends to “absorb” dust, dirt, grease etc etc in a very easy way, it is not an easy product to clean but with a little patience can be left as new. If I had to improve something it would be the above mentioned and additionally in the black version I would also try to leave the Magsafe Pads in black color, for those who have a dark palette of colors on their setup.

    In my case I used the product with an Iphone 13 (normal), Airpods 3 and a watch series 8 and it charges these three devices without problems. The convenience here is that since it is a product that allows you to charge these gadgets so easily, this allows me to rarely run out of battery or forget to charge any of them.

  2. Lucy Lansdown

    La mejor estación de carga para dispositivos Apple con Magsafe; muy buen diseño, materiales de calidad y la marca es una garantía. Este accesorio no debe faltar para quienes están en el ecosistema de Apple.

  3. Jose C.

    Fast charging for your mag sale phone, Apple Watch and ear buds. The design is great as you can charge all three devices at the same time quickly and without bumping or knocking the other device off. The watch charger is magnetic and grips my watch with ease and with the use of different bands. Charges my Phone 14 pro max as quick as any rapid charger and it holds the phone securely. I use it next to my bed. It is not designed to be portable in my opinion.

  4. Francisco VC

    El cargador es bonito pero estas pagando un precio premium así que no pueded esperar menos. Si pongo a cargar un iphone y un apple watch solo se cargará el iphone. Los airpods no los carga. Definitivamente no vale la pena

  5. Charlie Mowat

    Not usable in the UK without a US to UK adaptor.

  6. Aubrey Tuffy

    I should have paid attention to the other review. This product ships with a US plug so can’t be used in the UK without an adapter.

  7. Varsuuk

    Both my wife and I use these chargers on our nightstands as we both have iPhones, AirPods, and Apple Watches. Even when all three devices are being charged simultaneously, it still manages to push out enough juice to charge everything pretty quickly.

    My only gripe with the product is with the charging zone for the AirPods. Since this was released before the 2nd gen AirPods Pros came out, there is no magsafe locking mechanism in the base. This makes the device very particular about where the AirPods are placed, and if you’re not careful with the placement you may wake up to find that they didn’t receive a charge at all.

    Overall, though, I’m very happy with this device as they fit neatly on our nightstands with a minimal footprint compared to some of the flat designs. Hopefully they will release a hardware revision that works with the gen 2 AirPods Pro case to make it easier to attach.

    – Charges all three devices quickly even when simultaneously connected
    – Relatively small footprint for the number of devices it can charge.
    – Strong magnets for the iPhone and Apple Watch.

    – Airpods charging area is small and may not charge if you’re not paying attention.

  8. Francisco VC

    Update: Replacement charger failed in 2 months. Won’t work again, calling belkin at this moment to get another replacement or hopefully my money back.

    This is a great nightstand charger, it was working great up to this morning. Simply failed! I’m talking to Belkin to get a replacement and will update.

    Otherwise it is a good charger, not the best materials, but charges well.
    It doesn’t come apart, so travelling with it takes way too much space.

    Update: got the replacement unit from Belkin, they’ve charged me for the replacement as there was a complication on my side to deliver the defective unit back. Couldn’t get ahold of anybody to try and send the defective unit back.

    New replacement unit failed in less than a month, won’t charge the three devices at once. Only two at a time

  9. JSteins

    Love this. No more cords and it charges all 3 things quick. Game changer. You get what you pay for. We bought a cheap one first and it did not work. Totally recommend this product.

  10. Joe McMichael

    Cannot speak for travel, as I don’t travel much. If I did I would not take this 3 in 1 just for the fact that it would not be worth it. On a positive note this stand sits on my nightstand and is the best option for charging my iphone, watch and airpods. It makes my area clean and tidy and simple. I love the angle as it displays my phone and watch screen for time when I am in bed. Thankfully I found this used and on sale, but it looked brand new upon receiving it.

  11. Hannah S.

    I liked how this worked. There is not a lot of complexity but it does its job. The charger charges quickly (I’ve had all three loaded)

    The AirPods Pro in a catalyst cage is able to be charged without removing it (I make sure to keep keys clear of the charging area)

    I like that I can put this behind my keyboard and occasionally watch a soccer game during work while typing. I’d like if if I could tilt the MagSafe base up or down but it works well enough as is. Just looking for possibly improvements.

  12. Natalie

    Good product with good quality, my only fault would be that I received with the American 2 pin plug, it’s a 3 pins plug in Qatar. However, this could be my fault while ordering.

    Overall great product.

  13. Aaron

    With as widely known as Belkin is, I sort of expected this 3-1 magsafe charger to be a bit on the chintzy side – believe me, it is anything but chintzy. It is very well made and thought out, from the packaging to the design and the function. It is surprisingly hefty and made of great quality materials -and it performs flawlessly charging my wife’s IPhone 13pro max, airpods and Apple Watch 8 at the same time -all of which I would expect at this price. Would definitely recommend.

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