Bluetooth Mouse, Rechargeable Wireless Gaming Mouse, 3 Modes(BT5.0, BT3.0 and USB), 7 Color RGB Mouse Ergonomic Computer Mice with 3 Adjustable DPI…

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  • ✨【3-MODE BLUETOOTH WIRELESS MOUSE】SC200 wireless mouse can be connected by Bluetooth 5.0/3.0 and 2.4G. It connects up to 3 devices like Windows computer, MacBook and Android tablet, you can freely switch to each mode by clicking the mode switch button. The maximum operating distance of each mode is 10 meters.
  • ✨【RECHARGEABLE & PORTABLE】Built-in 800mAh rechargeable battery, easy charging by included USB cable. Adopt intelligent energy-saving design, standby time is long with auto sleep mode. The mouse can be used while charging, so there is no need to worry about the embarrassment of running out of battery. 2.4G USB receiver embed in mouse bottom, convenient to keep, slip the mouse into your bag and take up a small space.
  • ✨【7-COLOR LED LIGHT】7 different colors LED light that change while in use, makes your mouse multi-colored and cool colorful.(Note: LED lights change colors automatically, and will not stay in one color, it will change regularly with 7 colors.The LED backlight can be turned on or off at the bottom power switch)
  • ✨【ERGONOMIC FASHION DESIGN & 3 ADJUSTABLE DPI】Tough and domineering appearance, plating double wing, skin-friendly material to fit your hands perfectly, long-term use without fatigue. Fast response, stable refresh rate, smooth tracking, precise movement, provide a fantastic using experience. 3 adjustable DPI level between 800, 1200, 1600 meet both ordinary gaming and work, easily change the cursor sensitivity depending on your need.
  • ✨【GAME CHIP IC & WIDE COMPATIBILITY】The professional game Beken RF IC chip provide fantastic using experience of fast response, stable refresh rate, smooth tracking, precise movement. It is compatible with Windows 7/8/10/XP/Vista, Chrome OS and Mac OS system. ( P.S. Bluetooth 5.0 supports ios system for both ipad and iphone, but the ios system has to be ios 14 or later version.)
Product Dimensions

5.12 x 2.83 x 1.69 inches

Item Weight

2.5 ounces


1 Lithium Polymer batteries required. (included)

Date First Available

September 1, 2022



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13 reviews for Bluetooth Mouse, Rechargeable Wireless Gaming Mouse, 3 Modes(BT5.0, BT3.0 and USB), 7 Color RGB Mouse Ergonomic Computer Mice with 3 Adjustable DPI…

  1. Avatar of Cindy Jackson

    Cindy Jackson

    This is the best mouse purchase I have made in a very long time and will be buying another one

  2. Avatar of Rick Ven

    Rick Ven

    In my first review I noted that the mouse needed to be manually reconnected each time it either went to sleep mode or turned off. And that process required a wired mouse to do so. I discovered the mouse awakens by clicking on one of the buttons. It connects without the need to open BT settings. And changing between computers is easy as the button has three lights above it to indicate which computer it is connected to. For me, I use one Mac and two Win computers. I am able to toggle between all three very easily by simply pressing the button to the color associated with the computer I plan to work on and it connects instantly.
    Battery life is very long. Over the past month of 40 plus hours of use per week, I have charged it only once. And it will operate while charging.

  3. Avatar of ER03313


    I don’t know why I read the negative reviews because I have had no problems with this mouse. It doesn’t seem cheaply made, feels fine, and works as advertised. I bought this mouse b/c it can switch between interfaces. I use the dongle in my big machine, which does not have Bluetooth and switch to my laptop using its built-in Bluetooth 3 interface. The switch is fast (1 sec) and reliable. I was worried it might be too big for my hands and comfort level, but no, it fits like a glove. Time will tell if it’s reliable, but my first impression is very good.

  4. Avatar of Leovel


    It takes time to set up but is good for gaming and work.You can choose if you want the light and it is Bluetooth.

  5. Avatar of Holly


    Bought for my son as a gift. So far, he’s happy with it. No complaints so far. Update later if anything changes.

  6. Avatar of kami


    Haven’t seen anyone add photos of the pink version yet so here it is!

    – Comfortable size
    – Nice shape
    – Pretty color ( if you have the Pink Razer Kraken headset like I do, the pink matches it almost perfectly )
    – Easy to setup
    – Looks and feels expensive and high quality

    – The smooth surface of it actually makes your hands feel weirdly clammy/greasy???
    – A bit heavy
    – The light is more faint on the right side than the left side
    – The scroll wheel feels a little loose, but not terribly so

    I’ve only had it a few days so Idk about the battery life entirely, but so far so good! I turn it off at night when I go to sleep and so far I haven’t had any problems with this mouse.

    Overall, for the price point, it’s impressive.

  7. Avatar of Shawn


    I was looking for a very specific mouse – one that has bluetooth AND 2.4ghz connectivity, this mouse fulfills my needs – only mouse I could find on amazon that met these requirements.

    – Affordable
    – Good build material (nice metal + plastic build)
    – Slick looking (I’ve got the black variant)
    – Bluetooth AND 2.4ghz connectivity
    – Nice LEDs
    – Contains the back and forward buttons on the side

    – Scroll wheel feels loose
    – Left / Right mouse clicks feel loose / loud clicks
    – Every now and then it seems like the DPI drops and the mouse lags for a few seconds.. It does resolve itself quickly but just annoying to deal with

  8. Avatar of kaitlin


    I originally bought bought this mouse as a gift for my brother. He doesn’t use his computer often, so I was very supposed to hear that it just stopped working after a short period of using for 4 months. It’s quite a shame because ge really liked it.

  9. Avatar of nascarsunshine


    Our grandson received this as a gift for Christmas. He said that it is perfect for gaming and fits his hand “GREAT!”

  10. Avatar of O


    I didn’t see much reviews with the white mouse but here it is! The LED is off rn because it’s not connected to my pc . However, you can turn on the LED on the back of the mouse by pressing light on. Mouse doesn’t feel heavy but has a good mass to it for gaming! Doesn’t feel cheap either and complements my setup.

  11. Avatar of Zubayer


    This mouse has terrible sensors it has delayed reaction. Not for gaming at all. I tried playing valorant with this mouse and the response time is terrible. The charging wire is also too short and the battery drains fast cause of the bright lights which doesn’t turn off. If you’re looking for gaming mice not this one. Waste of money!

  12. Avatar of Terry


    Is an ease to setup. Very plug and play friendly. update. the battery lasted for 2 weeks before needing to be recharged with my use.

  13. Avatar of Storm


    Mouse looks great and so far, its operation is smooth, buttons and scroller work just fine, etc. I actually bought it because my old mouse’s scroll wheel was getting jumpy. Battery life seems fine so far, though I haven’t used it very long yet.

    The problem with this mouse is it’s too slippery. With hard plastic all over, there’s zero grip so it’s hard to lift up when needed. It just needs a little squishy padding on the sides. A very easy fix (see picture) that I did and made it 10x better is to just cut a small strip of double-sided mounting tape and stick on both sides. It will be sticky to use at first but after a day or two the stickiness that you touch will wear out and you’ll just be left with a little strip of soft cushioning for your thumb and ring/pinky finger. It may look a little goofy, but if you cut and place it well enough, you can make it look as if it’s just part of the design.

    Rounding 3.5 stars up to 4. Would be 5 if it had some grip built-in.

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