Bluetooth Mouse Rechargeable Wireless Mouse for MacBook Pro,Bluetooth Wireless Mouse for Laptop PC Computer (Gray)

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  • [BEST COMPATIBLE BLUETOOTH 4.0 CHIP] – Compatible with more than 99% Bluetooth devices. Connect Pad 10.2 2019, Pad 9.7 Inch 2018, Pad 9.7 2017, Pad Pro 12.9″ / 11.0″ / 10.5″/ 9.7″, Pad Air 10.5 / Air 2, Pad mini 5/ 4, Phone 11 Pro Max, Phone 11 Pro, Phone 11, Phone Xs Max etc.( Note: Updated System to PadOS 13 and iOS 13 or above, and Turn on the ¡°Assistive Touch¡± ) PC, Macbook pro air 2012/¡­2017/2018/2019 laptop, notebook, Mac OS; Support Win7 Win8 Win10 Linux OS X or Android tablet.
  • 【Skin-Friendly for Comfort】Silent click Mouse with classic design with anti-fingerprint finish offers your hand maximum support and comfort. The sturdy anti-slip rubber scroll wheel ensures that your hand will not slip when scrolling.
  • 【Rechargeable Optical Wireless Mouse】Built-in durable 450mAh lithium rechargeable battery can last up to 500 hours after fully charged, and standby time is super long with auto sleep and wake mode. Easily recharged through the included USB cable, no need to change the battery.
  • 【NOISE FREE】Quiet click sound when pressing buttons, which makes you away from worrying about bothering others, especially at home while other family members having rest, so that you can stay focused on your work.
  • QUALITY GUARANTEE: One year quality warranty for this bluetooth mouse from ZERU
Product Dimensions

4.1 x 2.3 x 0.79 inches

Item Weight

3.2 ounces


1 Lithium Polymer batteries required. (included)

Is Discontinued By Manufacturer


Date First Available

November 6, 2018



10 reviews for Bluetooth Mouse Rechargeable Wireless Mouse for MacBook Pro,Bluetooth Wireless Mouse for Laptop PC Computer (Gray)

  1. Shari

    My kids and I absolutely love it. Works with our ipads and computers. Just perfect, easy to connect and rechargeable. Couldn’t be any better.

  2. Trairong Traisoraluk

    Recommend item for who need work at night and need to click a lot and don’t work to bother people sleeping.

    *******Only issue is the scroll make a loud sound when you press. I personally need to press the scroll a lot due to the work.
    Clicking no sound. not need to press hard to click.
    Scroll Rolling no sound feel right.

  3. Customer

    Connection rapide, bouton d’ajustement DPI très utile. Très satisfait.

  4. JeepGirl78

    I actually love this mouse. I’m picky about my mouse, so therefore not too easy to please. I don’t want all of the extra buttons, I want it to be quiet, and I want it to be ergonomic or at least feel comfortable in my hand. I work from home and I’m on my computer nearly 24/7, so again, I’m picky.

    This mouse is great, especially for the price. I had zero issues connecting it, it’s quiet, it’s sleek, and it’s comfy. It doesn’t have any “frills,” which is perfect for me. Please just let me scroll and click – that’s all I want LOL. Easy. I have used this mouse now for several months, so I feel like now is a fair time to leave a review.

    My only complaints so far with this mouse are as follows:

    1. It doesn’t last as long as I’d like.

    2. **This is my BIGGEST issue.** You get absolutely NO notice of when the mouse is about to die. There are no red lights on the mouse itself. There is no indication or notification that pops up on your screen. NOTHING. The mouse just DIES. When this happens, I thank GOD that I still have my wired mouse connected, and I just switch over to it while charging this mouse. But not everyone wants to keep two mice on their desks. And it would be nice to get some kind of a warning that you’re about to lose your mouse… If that can be fixed, this would be a 5-star mouse, with a price that can’t be beat!

  5. Trevor Holmes

    Summary: if you’re looking to convert a Fire tablet to a laptop substitute, add the Fintie keyboard case and this mouse and you’re there.
    Pros: highly compatible with Amazon Fire HD10, absolutely painless to set up and use, rechargeable, responsive (with easily adjustable resolution/cursor speed), and small enough to carry with you without difficulty.
    Cons: will somebody please implement drag and drop? Thank you!
    Unknowns: durability? But it worked out of the box, which is more than I can say for (ahem) Amazon’s Choice in this category.

    I’ve been using a wireless mouse with my laptop for a couple of years now. My primary use is wordprocessing; I do some of my work on a Fire HD 10/Fintie keyboard combo, but was missing the mouse. This little rodent arrived the other day, and on the basis of about eight hours’ work with it, I’m in love.
    It arrived in a box that looked as if it had been stepped on, but despite the complete lack of padding inside the shipping carton, the mouse in its manufacturer’s box was undamaged. It was already charged, and paired with the Fire HD immediately. It works with every piece of software I’ve tried on the Fire HD (MS Office, Mobisystems OfficeSuite and File Kommander, Outlook, Silk browser, Zoom, Dropbox, etc.) without a glitch. The only feature that doesn’t seem to be implemented in MS-Word or OfficeSuite is drag and drop–otherwise, it’s no different from using the mouse with a full-featured laptop office package. I haven’t used it for gaming, so can’t really speak to performance at that level, but as far as ordinary point-and-click mousing around goes, its response time isn’t noticeably different from what I see on my desktop with a wired mouse.
    Design is good. I have a touch of carpal tunnel in my right wrist, and the flat profile has not aggravated it the way some of the humpier mice have done. The two buttons have a nice distinct tactile click that’s quiet enough that it shouldn’t disturb anyone else in the room. The scroll wheel is relatively small, about half the size of the wheel on my other mice, but in use the difference isn’t noticeable. One nice feature is a small switch located between the buttons, just aft of the wheel, that allows you to choose among three levels of resolution (i.e., to speed up the cursor or slow it down), very useful in a highly portable setup, where you’re likely using the arm of a chair as your mouse pad and don’t have much room to maneuver the mouse. This switch is out of the way until you need it, but when you do it’s very easy to adjust. The on-off switch and pair buttons are on the sole of the mouse, where you expect to find them–no surprises or problems with either. There’s supposed to be a sleep mode, but I haven’t noticed it in action, so either it’s not there or it works so well as to be completely unobtrusive. Finally, the thing is rechargeable, via a mini-USB port on the front, and an included (short) cable; the instructions give specifics on charging parameters, nothing unusual there except a note to make sure it’s turned on while charging. No idea what that’s about, but I missed it the first time through so passing it along here. Per the docs, it should hold a charge for a long time, but I haven’t used it long enough to notice. It seems to reach full charge in a couple of hours, signaled by a light on top changing from red to blue. All in all, this mouse has been designed to work without demanding much attention from the user (which is the point of design, isn’t it?). I couldn’t be happier with it.

  6. Jeff


  7. greenry

    Bought this as an easy on the go mouse, as the touchpad on my Dell XPS can be awful for certain tasks. Especially involving multitouch.

    The good: it’s light weight, pairs easily with multiple devices, has a good response, and the battery last forever.

    The bad: I’ve cranked the sensitivity on my dell to 100 and the cursor still moves too slow, I dock with multiple monitors and it annoying having to go end to end. Another fun flaw is if left idle the curser will move on it’s own, one or two pixels in a random direction every couple seconds. Cheap sensor I guess.

    For what I paid it does the trick, but I would not consider it a quality device by any stretch

  8. Kendra

    It’s hard to find a simple, wireless, rechargeable mouse that uses Bluetooth instead of 2.4 GHz receivers, so I was pleased to find this one and even more pleased now that I’ve used it for a few months. It’s not fancy-schmancy, but it gets the job done when I’m traveling without taking up a valuable port on my Surface Pro 8. Also, once paired with a device, it finds it super fast afterward. In other words, I paired it with my Surface, then turned off the Surface and the mouse. In future uses the moment I turn the button on the mouse from off to on it is but a second or two until it’s working with my Surface, no need to mess with settings or buttons.

    I’m not sure how it would stand up to heavy, long-term use, but for casual use now and then and at the price of 12 bucks I think this was an exceptional purchase and I would recommend it to commuting students, business travelers, etc.

  9. Michelle

    Soft surface, easy to grip and it connects well with my MacBook Pro (2022). The sleep mode is a little annoying but not really a problem. On the bright side, it lengthens the battery life quite a lot.
    My only complaint is that if you want to have it synced to multiple different computers (I use macs) you will have to “forget this device” and re-sync the mouse each time you switch computers. But honestly, I don’t mind because in my experience macs have a lot of trouble connecting to mice in general, so I’m just glad this one maintains a strong connection. For the price and strength of connection, I would recommend this mouse

  10. David

    I like this mouse very much. It paired easily, has a comfortable shape, scroll wheel works and scrolls smoothly. It is easy to charge and seems to hold a charge for a long time.

    My only complaint is that the mouse takes a micro-USB. I wasn’t paying attention and thought it was a USB-C. Not the end of the world, however most of my newer tech uses USB-C. It came with a short charging cable, so no big deal, but USB-C would be nice.

    However, at this price point, you get a great, functional, rechargeable mouse that is very affordable.

    I recommend!

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