CASEKOO Magnetic Invisible Stand for iPhone 14 Pro Case [Military Drop Protection] [Compatible with MagSafe] Shockproof Translucent Matte…

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  • 【The Industry’s 1st – MagicStand Series】ONLY compatible with iPhone 14 Pro 6.1 inch 2022 (❌NOT for iPhone 14 Pro Max 6.7”). Based on the creative concept of compactness and practicality, CASEKOO designed this patented phone cover that perfectly combines an “invisible” Stand & Magnet ring – MagicStand. The invisible kickstand frees your hands anytime and anywhere, also can be folded in the groove to be perfectly flat with the backplane. The magnetic ring made of N52SH ultra-strong magnets securely snaps on all MagSafe accessories. Simplicity is not easy, the MagicStand has truly achieved a multi-function case that is convenient for your life.
  • 【7X Magnetic Power, Faster Charge】This Magnetic 14 Pro Case is compatible with all MagSafe accessories and third-party Qi-certified wireless chargers. It arranges built-in 48 pcs N52SH magnets in a Halbach Array technology, allowing for 7 TIMES STRONGER magnetism (2800gf) than the normal’s. And Halbach Array technology ensures almost 0% POWER LOSS during wireless charging, making charging FASTER YET SAFER. It shortens overall charging time and further improves your wireless charging experience.
  • 【Hands-Free, Hassle-Free】CASEKOO iPhone 14 Pro phone case incorporates an innovative invisible stand design with an exclusive appearance patented. Constructed with the LIGHTWEIGHT YET DURABLE aerospace aluminum alloy, the circular kickstand brings the portability of the phone case to a new level. In addition, it can be placed in portrait or landscape mode stably. You can adjust it between 40°~120° as your wish. Enjoy every watching moment.
  • 【Redefining Military-Grade Drop Protection】Based on 5000+ extreme drop resistance tests, the iPhone 14 Pro cases’ DURABILITY AND STURDINESS surpass most general phone cases. Furthermore, the shockproof polycarbonate back and the airbag cushions increase its durability and protect your phone against everyday drops and bumps. A 2.5 mm offset border over the camera opening prevents the lens from being scratched; a 1.5 mm bezel over the screen keeps your iPhone screen from damage.
  • 【Simplicity Without Compromise】CASEKOO iPhone 14 Pro case comprises a premium matte semi-transparent cover to offer a silky touch feeling. The NON-SLIP grip design on the side of the case provides effective SLIP-RESISTANCE AND TRACTION. Thanks to the long-term anti-fingerprint tech, you can clean your case easily with just a gentle wipe to make all fingerprints invisible.
  • 【CASEKOO Lifetime Support】If you encounter any problems while using a CASEKOO iPhone 14 Pro case, please contact us via the Amazon Message Center – we are more than happy to assist you. CASEKOO provides LIFETIME experienced customer service backing your issues and concerns regarding CASEKOO iPhone 14 Pro case. We promise to resolve your issue within 6 hours.
Product Dimensions

6.93 x 3.74 x 0.67 inches

Item Weight

2.65 ounces

Item model number

iPhone 14 Pro Case

Special Features

Unique Fast Charging Magnetic Array, Anti-Scratch Translucent Matte PC Back, Non-Slip Grip, Exclusive Patented Appearance Certificated, 10Ft Military Grade Protection, 48*N52SH Ultra Strong Magnets, Multifunction Invisible Stand

Other display features


Form Factor

Basic Case



Included Components

CASEKOO iPhone 14 Pro Case with Magnetic Stand *1, PandaKOO Stickers *2



Country of Origin


Date First Available

August 4, 2022

13 reviews for CASEKOO Magnetic Invisible Stand for iPhone 14 Pro Case [Military Drop Protection] [Compatible with MagSafe] Shockproof Translucent Matte…

  1. Heather Poole

    Ok I have to say I added a screen and camera protector also as I knew I would drop my phone, scrap my phone and any other thing possible as I utilized at work. This case has held up to drops and knock offs with no damage to the phone and very few marks on it. The ring to prop the phone is fantastic because it does not stick out making it hard to place phone in pockets, on wireless chargers, into slim bags when needed or to sit on counter as needed. Several people have seen my case and ordered also and been very happy with their purchase also.

  2. abnichole2

    I ordered the purple and was so excited to get a notification that it had arrived only to find a black one in my mailbox :/ the case is great and the stand really is seamless with the rest of the case. I’m going to keep it but it would have been nice to get the one I ordered.

  3. K.

    I just purchased this case and love everything about it! The packaging with inserts, the luxury feel and appearance, the perfect color matching, the sturdiness of the stand, perfect button matching, and let’s not forge the camera protection! The 14pr’s camera is so bulky that when laying on a flat surface it sits at a slant. With this case it’s so secure and my phone lays a lot flatter! Lastly, it fits perfectly with my screen protector that I had professionally put on.

    A win is a win 🥇

  4. kae


    リングの位置が高い?為MagSafeの種類によっては干渉する つかなくは無い

    MagSafeもバンカーリングも安心感も写真の撮りやすさも、と欲張りにはこれしか選択肢が無いと思われる 2022/11/18現在

  5. 飛鳥








  6. やおらAmazon


  7. Matt L.

    I really like the case. The ring is great for propping phone up and ok to hold (not long term though as it is extremely thin and sharp). I added another case brand’s camera lens cover and it fit perfectly with this case. Magnets devices work great with this case. I use the Belkin charging stand and it attaches well. Also have the Anker Battery pack and magnet wallet. They stay put perfectly. Lately, the case has just enough lip around the front that it protects the screen well from flat falls but not overly bulky like Otterbox. Highly recommend

    Only downside as a few others have mentioned is it is SLICK on the sides to hold. I solved that by adding a little texture with a thin metal nail file (picture attached) . Now it’s much easier to grip and barely noticeable that I did such. I wish they would have designed some texture in the side themselves but oh well.

  8. MT0130

    I find the case easy to hold and not bulky. I have the purple phone and this case is translucent, matching it nicely. The stand is very convenient and can be used with the phone vertically or horizontally. The stand is just that – it doesn’t double as a holder if you are holding the phone due to its placement. I’ve had the case for three weeks now and the hinge seems to be sturdy. I am hoping that it holds up to use over a long period of time.

  9. Tio O

    Finally, I found the almost-perfect case for my iPhone 14 Pro. Only it need add better grip so avoid slip. However, I love their stand and it’s great angle for deaf user to talking with other deaf friends on FaceTime and others. I’m really happy with it! Definitely buy it in the future

  10. EmilyB

    I love my new phone and with that the case for it is the cherry on top! This case is streamlined and has a little flair in that it’s purple 🙂 I feel confident that it’s protecting the phone without adding excess bulk. I also really love the fold out ring which is super useful to securely hold the phone or prop it up. The fold out ring is sleek and not goofy looking like the pop top thing that other cases have. I’d recommend getting this case if you want subtle style and security for your phone.



  12. ジャッキー


  13. oopsie no bueno

    Days before getting my new iPhone, I was flying with my fiancée and the entire flight we were attempting to prop her phone on the tray/seat ahead of us, only to have it knocked over from turbulence or reclining. I felt so bad for the phone. It made me think about all the unsuccessful propping up I did at home with my previous one, and all the big and small falls that could have been avoided with a kickstand, and likely helped my phone operate better in the long term.

    Days in with my new phone and this kickstand is so helpful and feels very sturdy. The case material attracts fingerprints on par with most others. Wireless charging works as it should. No major drops, so can’t comment on that.

    If you’re done propping your thousand dollar+ phone against random objects and watching it fall over or wasting time propping it up, get this case (it looks effing great too)

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