Cat6 Ethernet Cable 25 ft Black Gigabit Flat Network LAN Cable with 10 pcs Cable Clips Snagless Rj45 Connectors for Computer/Modem/Router/X-Box…

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  • Superior Attribute: Cat6 ethernet cable meets the 32 AWG Standard and is granted with the UL Authentication, 250 MHz,which supports 10BASE-T/100BASE-TX/1000BASE-T / 1000BASE-TX, as well as provide you with excellent experience of surfing the Internet.
  • High Quality: Cat6 ethernet cable is made from 100% pure copper, which can get you rid of noise and inteference, and confroms with the RoHS Standard. In addition, this product uses PVC environmental cover that protects the copper core, improves the product’s durability and stability.
  • Unique Flatness: Cat6 flat ethernet cable transmits flexibly under the carpet or on the smooth flat,besides,a cable clip with high compactness will be presented to you in the package,combining the Cat6 flat cable with the cable clip to stick the Ethernet cable to the wall,which will protect the wall from being damaged.
  • Universal Compatibility: Cat6 flat internet cable is applicable to communication device with RJ45 socket,such as home server,Xbox,PS4,router,data room,HDTV ,RoKu , and switch.
  • Warranty: 90 Days Warranty. We have confidence in our products,so don’t hesitate to e-mail us for 24x7days customer service. Thank you!


Connector Type


Cable Type


Compatible Devices

Server, Router, Personal Computer, Modem



Connector Gender


Data Transfer Rate

1 Gigabits Per Second

Unit Count

1 Count

Item Weight

4.8 ounces



Specification Met


Product Dimensions

5.3 x 5.3 x 0.25 inches



Item model number


Is Discontinued By Manufacturer


Date First Available

September 24, 2016

13 reviews for Cat6 Ethernet Cable 25 ft Black Gigabit Flat Network LAN Cable with 10 pcs Cable Clips Snagless Rj45 Connectors for Computer/Modem/Router/X-Box…

  1. PiEnthusiast

    I wasn’t sure what I was going to get when I ordered this cable but I’m pleased with the decision. It’s nice flat and comes with the adhesive stickers to hold it on the wall. It’s enough stickers for the length of the cable and they stick quite well. You won’t regret your purchase. Did I mention It’s so slim you can barely see it on the wall.

  2. Anna L Grosz

    Cable works fine and the flat design is easy to store

  3. Tia

    Barely had this a couple of weeks and the adhesive clips are already falling off. They were properly adhered after wiping the surface clean and letting it dry. Cord is great though.

  4. Laylah

    Nicely packaged CAT 6 ethernet cable, but failed to perform as expected. My normally fast 900 MBps+ connection slowed to under 100 MBps while using this cable, although the product description promises it can handle 1 GBps connectivity. Returning.

  5. Cory Sexton

    If you plan to plug it out of the way and never touch it for years the price per foot is a great deal. If you tend to move, unplug/replug, or have foot traffic around this cable it probably won’t last long. It is thin and it will break quickly if you are not going to use it like the first mention. I installed it out of the way and the exposed portion along the ground has a cable cover to try and make it last. Assuming it lasts then I’ll more than get my money out of it.

  6. Bernard Dery

    The cable arrived at my home all in a tangled mess inside its bag. No biggy, until I saw that the cable was damaged, with the wires almost completely cut. The package also missed the adhesive clips.

  7. V Jackson

    I thought the price was reasonable for the length of cable I bought. It is very convenient to use under the living room rug. The cable is super thin and works well with my internet service although I do not have gig speed internet. My rug does not have the cable bump that for some reason my teenager kept tripping over. Which prompted trying something different. I cant speak for the durability yet but I can speak to my kid not face planting when he walks across the living room. It makes this cable a good deal for me.

  8. Omar

    This came packaged very well and I loved it, the extra clips were great and helped manage the cable around my house and I still have a bunch leftover. This is definitely a good buy and great if you’re thinking of any alternative to ethernet like powerline and wifi, you’re gonna want the wire and you should 100% figure out how to route it around your house.

  9. Suleman

    If you are not a fan to nail cables clips like me then this the perfect product for you networking needs… There are many options of cat 6 cables but mostly come with nail cable clips and I don’t like those clips I even bought sticky cable clips separately but those were too big for cat 6 cables then found this seller who sends sticky clips instead of nail clips moreover size of these clips is just right gor cat 6 cable as well 😀

  10. nebulito

    Product works as expected. Similar options were available, however this was one of the few that offered mounting clips with sticky adhesive rather than screws. The cord is even thinner than expected, which is great.

  11. viperslikh

    100 Ft and working well. Lightweight and inconspicuous when installed on a white wall. Nice to have free cable clips. 5 stars for now unless the adhesives don’t last.

    Edit: its 2022 and adhesive clips stayed on the wall. Planning to buy another one to install on another room.

  12. Alex/ Ashley

    Many people are comparing this product to having wireless internet. This is a poor comparison. I shall compare the cord itself first to the other I was using, then I will rate the whole product on its own.

    As far as speed and stability, it will give you the same as any other, possibly cheaper, cord. If that is all you are worried about, just get a round cord and save your dollars. However,this cord can be hidden in plain sight, particularly if you have white walls. I have children, so decided to mount the cord high instead of low. A normal cord would have been harder to mount and would look more trashy. It took my wife a couple of days before she realized it was there. I guess that’s it for comparing to another cord, let’s look at the whole product.

    The title says snagless connectors. I repeat, connectors. Even the cheapest of the cheap cords that I have used have never snagged at the connector side of things, it is in the middle where the cord twists and bunges up, snagging on things. Not false advertisement, just misleading to the non careful reader. Upon opening, this cord WILL unravel as soon as all of the ties are pulled off, and it WILL tangle. Unless of course you are using someone else’s hands to hold the disc of cord. On top of that, the ends are wrapped together, making the middle of the cord the center of the disc, making the snag effect even greater. Even worse, the other end tends to just get raveled in itself as you are dealing with the first 50 ft.

    The sticky clips they give you are a pain to deal with. They tend to pull off when you are pushing the cord into the clip if you put it on the wall first. It i better if you put the clip on, then pull the tab off to stick it to the wall. I had the misfortune to waste a few clips learning this. it is also very difficult to go from horizontal to vertical with these clips. Without something to support the weight of the vertical cord, you have to arc the cord and put a clip every 4 or so inches, using about 5 clips for the arc. Otherwise one clip will have too much vertical weight on it, pulling it off the wall. You also need a clip on either side of a corner in the wall about an inch away from the seam to make sure it is held. Learning these things resulted in losing clips and becoming very frustrated. If the clips were slightly larger and slightly more sticky, these issues would be less, though would probably still exist. Unless you are in a rental “do not put holes in walls” situation, I would not recommend these, they have cheaper screw in wall options, heck if it is your house, just make a hole in the floor near the router and feed it through their through a basement, or into the wall through the walls, or through any space between the ceiling and the roof, there are many cleaner looking options than this..

    If the cord was wrapped with one end begin the center and the sticky bits either had better instructions for corners and turning, it would be a 5 star product, though I would still only recommend this to a “do not put holes in wall” living situation.

  13. Rosey

    Such a thin chord but works great.

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