cimetech Wireless Mouse, 2.4G Slim Noiseless Mouse with USB Receiver Portable Computer Mice, Metal Scroll Wheel for Laptop,PC, Computer,Chromebook,…

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  • ✎Faster & Stable Transmission. The wireless mouse adopts 2.4GHz wireless technology, which provides automatic frequency identification and stable signal without delay. Wireless transmission distance up to 33 feet. You can use this mouse anytime, anywhere. Just plug the USB receiver into your PC or laptop and the mouse work right away. ( NOTE: The USB receiver is stored in the mouse’s battery compartment.)
  • ✎Noiseless Mouse. Silent click, mute button reduces noise, helps you focus on work/study, and don’t disturb others. 3-level adjustable DPI (800/1200/1600) can meet the precision requirements of different screen sizes and different scenes. The advanced control chip helps the computer mouse cursor move flexibly and improves your work efficiency.
  • ✎Convenient Controls. Precision metal scroll wheel with more grooves per millimeter, easy to switch pages with the forward/backward buttons, help increase productivity.
  • ✎Slim& Comfortable Design. The advanced ergonomic computer mouse offers a fully comfortable 30° ergonomic grip angle, contoured handle, and premium matte finish for a comfortable hold in your hand all day. Ultra-thin, lightweight features make the USB mouse easy to carry or travel. This is a universal computer mouse designed for office, home computer use, travel, business trips, and meetings.
  • ✎Universal Compatibility. Compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10, Linux, and Mac OS. It Fits Desktops, Laptops, PCs, Macbooks, Chromebooks, Computers.
Package Dimensions

4.65 x 2.64 x 1.46 inches

Item Weight

2.64 ounces

Date First Available

March 30, 2022



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13 reviews for cimetech Wireless Mouse, 2.4G Slim Noiseless Mouse with USB Receiver Portable Computer Mice, Metal Scroll Wheel for Laptop,PC, Computer,Chromebook,…

  1. Kenneth Crowder

    The first one I received stopped turning on. I contacted support and after sending in a video of it not working and what it was doing, they promptly sent a replacement. While the first had an issue, I am very happy with the quick action by customer service.

    After I received the replacement, I took apart they old one to see what broke. The on/switch on the circuit what stuck in the off position.

  2. Em Fitzgerald

    My mouse came promptly with no issues in shipping and was super simple to set up with my laptop. It worked immediately. I’ve had this mouse for a few months now and have encountered no issues. Its sleep mode is a little annoying, as it goes to sleep within about 10 or 15 minutes of inactivity for me, which is about the time it takes for me to have a brief conversation with someone who walked in and then get back to what I was doing. I have to turn off the mouse, turn it back on again, and wait a few minutes for it to start working again when this happens.

    For the price, you get what you pay for. This is a normal wireless mouse, great for office or school settings. So far it’s been pretty hardy, I have dropped it a few times and it remains undamaged.

    Only real issue (which is hardly an issue, just something I’ve noticed) is that it stains easily. I have fairly sweaty palms and you can now see two clear fingerprints on the mouse where my fingers rest. Though this doesn’t bother me in the slightest.

  3. chm

    Smooth operation. Battery lasts an extremely long time. Make it last longer yet and use a Ultimate lithium disposable battery. Not tall but very comfortable to use. Its size is rather easy to accommodate when traveling with it.

  4. A.Kumar

    The mouse is ok but the offer of refunding half a money back in return for a 5 star review is cheecky!

  5. Peter M

    A simple straightforward mouse for a great price!
    After having been a hard core gamer for a number of years I would not suggest that these guys are suitable for that. However for general everyday use they are more than sufficient.

  6. Vanessa Ramirez

    I loved this product

  7. “stephieack”

    This mouse is very comfortable in my hand. I have chronic illnesses, that can make my hands weak and sore and my old mouse wasnt helping that. This mouth feels so nice in my hand. The clicking is extremely quiet, close to silent, but with slight sound if you really listen hard for it. Connected to my laptop immediately with no problems. It’s also a very pretty shade of colour. I can’t comment on the battery life, because I just got it and I don’t want to wait ages to review it. Everything else is really good. I would recommend this mouse.

  8. Born2Shop

    I’m not giving this five stars despite a card in the box offering me half my money back (probably why it’s so highly rated). I had paid a little more in the hope of getting a good quality compact mouse. The performance of this is ok. The magnetic dongle storage is useful. Button click is definitely silent… but… unless you have your finger at the very end it doesn’t always work well – not useful if you have to do a lot of “drag and drop” etc on your screen. Have definitely used better mice than this.

    26/7/18: Edit: I’ve reduced this to two stars. Even if I had given a 5 star review and got my money back I wouldn’t be happy. The fact that pressing the mouse button to “drag and drop” might work or might not work has annoyed me to the point that I am going to get a different mouse that actually works – what a waste of money. The product had all the right features but was very poorly executed. I’ve refrained from giving it one star as it does work – just really really badly.

  9. jfm

    Like the sleep feature. Took a while to adjust to larger size.

  10. M. Smith

    The cimetech Wireless Mouse Rechargeable is a very nice and reliable mouse.
    I’ve had mine for over 2 years and it’s connected to a PC I don’t use very often.
    Every time I Use the PC I turn on the mouse and when booted the mouse works
    without a problem. Battery life I can’t really comment on, if I use the mouse for
    a few hours I will give it a charge, remembering to turn it off.

    The mouse responds nicely, one small adjustment in settings to make it perfect
    for myself. The feel of the mouse is nice, even after using a totally different mouse
    so I can’t fault this product.

  11. 7703090750

    Works great

  12. Sam

    This wireless charging mouse is perfect for those who work late at night, or even those who prefer to have a silent click to there mouse, rather than a loud annoying click that can annoy others around you.

    It comes with a usb dongle that can easily fit inside the back of the mouse when not in use or when traveling, so it’s quite portable with its sleek design.

    It’s had a multiple of dpi modes, for those who like accuracy can go to the lowest settings, and those who prefer fast mouse travel can go to the higher dpi settings. I personally prefer the higher dpi settings.

    It’s rechargeable, so you don’t have to worry about carrying spare batteries and the battery of this mouse lasts a really long time.

    In my opinion, I’d recommend this wireless charging mouse, as it’s really rare to find a wireless silent click mouse that is rechargeable and easily portable.

  13. Lilit

    Everything is great!

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