Corsair Dark Core RGB Pro, Wireless FPS/MOBA Gaming optical Mouse with SLIPSTREAM Technology, Black, Backlit RGB LED, 18000 DPI, Optical,CH-9315411-NA

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  • Three ways to connect: sub-1ms SLIPSTREAM WIRELESS technology, low-latency Bluetooth wireless technology, or USB wired.
  • Play with pinpoint accuracy and precision thanks to a custom PixArt PAW3392 native 18,000 DPI optical sensor, optimized for wireless mice with extremely low power consumption and customizable in 1 DPI resolution steps.
  • Hyper-polling technology communicates with your PC at up to 2,000Hz, twice the speed of standard gaming mice, ensuring blazingly fast response times.
  • Charges with an easy-to-use, reversible USB-C connector. Mouse button Type: Omron
  • Comfortable contoured shape with two included interchangeable side grips for a tailored fit.
  • Nine-zone dynamic RGB backlighting, including an integrated light bar with five individually addressable RGB LEDs, offers near endless customization of colors and lighting effects.
  • Get an in-game advantage with eight buttons, fully programmable with custom macros and button remaps.
  • Up to 50 hours of continuous battery-powered wireless gaming, or plug in for wired mode to continue gameplay while charging.
  • High-performance Omron switches rated for more than 50 million clicks.
  • Powerful CORSAIR iCUE software lets you assign macros, adjust polling rate, customize RGB lighting effects synchronized across all of your iCUE-compatible devices, and much more.




Item model number


Hardware Platform


Item Weight

‎4 ounces

Product Dimensions

‎5 x 3.5 x 1.69 inches

Item Dimensions LxWxH

‎5 x 3.5 x 1.69 inches



Power Source

‎Battery Powered


‎1 Lithium Polymer batteries required. (included)



Country of Origin


Date First Available

‎November 29, 2022

13 reviews for Corsair Dark Core RGB Pro, Wireless FPS/MOBA Gaming optical Mouse with SLIPSTREAM Technology, Black, Backlit RGB LED, 18000 DPI, Optical,CH-9315411-NA

  1. Loony Derp

    Like this is a really great mouse.. unfortunately 2 month after use the wheel mouse started malfunctioning forcing me to return it sadly.

  2. Ghyshan P.

    Decided to go wireless after years of using my old G502 Spectrum. I always hated the fact that my pinky would get dragged on the cloth while using the G502. Hence my main motivation to go for the Dark Core.
    Super comfy – fits my fat hand great.
    PINKY SUPPORT – love the pinky rest, provides good stability without fingers touching table.
    Great RGB – Visor effects are pretty cool.
    Polling – 2000hz instead of traditional 1000
    Decent battery life.
    Super smooth aiming
    Heavier than most mouse.
    Sits higher than most mouse and is shorter is length compared to the G502.
    Side Grips are textured plastic instead of rubber like the top of the mouse.
    No left and right click on mouse wheel.
    Left side button is a bit too forward. Hard to use the first button.

    This mouse does take some getting used to. It moves different because of the weight but once i got use to it, i love it. I dont mind the extra weight, i think it makes it more stable. Doesnt lift off the table easily.
    iCue is a love hate thingy. It can be buggy sometime.

    Overall im pretty happy with it and will stick to this mouse until it gives me a reason not to. So far so good 🙂

  3. Jeff S.

    This is the final mouse I am buying from Corsair. I love the company, they make great hardware, but their mouse lineup continue to disappoint me. I have a history with Corsair and buying their mice. From the top, I have bought an M90, an M60, an M65, the Corsair Sabre/Corsair Sabre Wireless, and now this one. The Dark Core is my most recent and it is just confirming I will not buy another mouse from Corsair. They do not have durability. Let me explain my experiences.

    Every mouse I mentioned had an issue.
    My M90 died from a scroll wheel issue with the firmware. You could not scroll anymore with it.
    My M60 stopped right clicking.
    My M65 got stuck in a permanent DPI of 100 (it had a sniper button that eventually got jammed into a “always on” state. You could not change the DPI even through software or using a another mouse to change it.
    My Sabre and Sabre Wireless would always create a ghost “double click” when left clicking. Meaning, if you left click once on something, it had a chance to trigger it twice. I ran numbers on this chance and it was about 30% of the time. The regular Sabre did this, so I rebought a wireless version and after a week it did the same thing.

    And now it comes to the Dark Core. I figured, stupidly, that throwing some more cash at a higher end mouse would remedy my situation, as I would love to continue my loyalty for the company. But no. Absolutely not.
    This mouse is one of the absolute worst mouse I have ever owned. It kind of is an amalgam of some of the issues of my previous mice.

    It triggers the double click issue like my Corsair Sabres.
    It has DPI issues, stuck at a low DPI when I log and and it takes several minutes for it to trigger back to normal, which reminds me of my M65. This is a problem centered on how fast the Corsair ICUE software boots up.
    It has a right clicking issue like my M60. While not completely broken, you have to find the right area of the button to click to make it work.

    But the most aggravating issue of this mouse? The left clicking.
    All of these above issues I can work with, but this is the most egregious.
    The only way to left click on this mouse for me is to click on the very front of the mouse. If you click in the middle or on the top it will not register.

    I’m not going to get into a deeper rant, but I am just going to say this is the last mouse I am buying from Corsair. I could go into how this mouse’s battery life is horrendous, how the Corsair ICUE firmware updates can make or break a device, or how just about how it works with the ICUE software in the first place, as those are also valid complaints of mine, but in hindsight I am always having the worst luck getting a mouse from this company to last at least over a year.

    This one I bought a few months ago and has delivered a underwhelming and frustrating experience.

  4. Maria

    Produto excelente.

  5. Mr. M

    Quality brand and moves very smooth. Ergo is OK. If the mouse had a higher height then yes it be a 5 star. I bought this used and condition is brand new. The box was torn but inside is all new and mouse is clean condition. Great discount deal. This is my 2nd Corsair mouse I bought used and it worked out great.

  6. Reba

    Have big hands this is the only mouse I can find that I find comfortable because you can easily rest your fingers on the side pieces where as every other mouse my finger would drag on the mouse pad

  7. Your Average Consumer

    I recently had to get rid of my wired Corsair M65 Elite mouse because of its notorious double-clicking issues. Neither firmware, or deep clean, or MacGyver solution could fix it, so I decided to give Corsair another chance with one of their wireless ones.

    So far, so good. The wireless dongle that it comes with has to be paired on iCUE for you to be able to control the lighting on the mouse – or you could also choose to have it connect via Bluetooth, which I think might be the better solution. The charge on it is pretty good (2 days of constant use and still haven’t had to recharge it) and it automatically goes to sleep if you haven’t moved it in a while.

    All-in-all, I’m happy with it for the price paid. I’ll update if it starts to fail on me – at which point I’ll be switching to another brand like Razer or SteelSeries.

  8. David Kozbial

    This new Corsair mouse replaces a work-issued Logitech M310 wireless, very old Microsoft Natural 6000 wireless (ergonomic but not precise), and HP basic USB (precise but not ergonomic).

    It’s Bluetooth-paired to my work laptop. Slipstream wireless USB dongle in my home PC. Cable-connected to the PC when needed for charging. Works flawlessly, easy to switch among the 3.

    It’s bigger than all my current mice, but not by much. Based on other reviews I was expecting much bigger. I have average size hands and it feels great. More comfortable than conventional mice, not as tall and tilted as the old MS6000. The long tapering tail feels much better under the palm and heel of my hand. The extra width, incl thumb and finger rests, also feels good.

    It’s not noticeably heavy at all. Weighs a bit more than my M310, but much lighter than the old MS6000. Sides are textured but only somewhat grippy, not as grippy as my M310 and MS6000, but just enough for secure repositioning.

    I don’t notice a difference between the high-speed low-latency Slipstream wireless, and Bluetooth wireless. Gaming on the home PC, and office productivity on the work laptop are both smooth and precise. I sped up the pointer tracking a little on the laptop, and selected a DPI setting for both. Otherwise, factory-stock settings mostly work fine for me.

    I run 8-9 hours a day on Bluetooth + a couple hours more on Slipstream, and battery life is very good. With the RGB still partly enabled I recharge it just under once a week. With the RGB fully turned off I should get more than a week of combined use from a charge.

    Quirky things to note, not showstoppers for me:

    It has side-scrolling, but not how I expected. Rather than tilting the wheel left/right to side-scroll, the wheel just one-clicks left/right to enter side-scrolling mode, you then move the whole mouse left/right to scroll. Clicking again exits side-scroll mode. IMO conventional tilt-wheel side-scrolling is great for spreadsheets, the Corsair method… not so much.

    It takes a little longer to wake up than the M310 and MS6000, around 1-2 seconds.

    Scroll wheel needs a light touch. It’s easy to trigger a wheel click, when I meant to just scroll.

    Corsair software is the only way to control the RGB. So I have to bend the rules on my work laptop.

    That software behaves differently on my home PC vs work laptop, even though both are Win10 Pro.

    Software RGB brightness slider has no actual gradient, it’s just on/off.

    Turning off RGB (to save battery) also disables the on-mouse low battery warning light???

  9. Ghyshan P.

    Muy buen producto

  10. Amazon Customer

    I got this mouse because I like having an array of thumb buttons, but dislike the feeling of having a grid of 10+ buttons where I’m trying to grip the mouse.

    I play various FPS and RPGs and this mouse gives me a decent grip with plenty of customizability. But that is where the positives end.

    This mouse seems to left click on it’s own, but only when using an internet browser for some reason. It never seems to happen in a game, but it makes surfing extremely frustrating.

    This mouse constantly drops profiles and software. Every time it goes into sleep mode, it wakes up as the factory default profile and I have to reopen the drivers to fix it.
    The mouse also frequently seems to forget its firmware version, often completely dysfunctional until I plug in a spare mouse, and update the drivers that way. This happens at least every other day, sometimes 3-4 times a day.

  11. P. Canter

    The sensitivity is perfect

  12. Alex

    I like this mouse a lot. Everything about it is good. The only negative thing I have to say about it is that I wish there was an option to turn the LEDs off. I’d rather have a bit longer lasting battery than a bunch of lights on it. They do shut off when it goes to sleep, but wish you could turn them off while using it as well. Battery life is decent though, and it’s very ergonomic. Works great!

  13. Miles M.

    I’m so happy corsair is finally making mice with side-scrolling mouse wheels, I just wish it also had a lock to let it spin freely or not. the mouse itself is very light and easy to configure and pair. if you get this with something like the k70 mini, be aware that they run on two different versions of icue and that can be confusing to navigate. my only real complaint with the mouse is about the power switch. it has a 3 position, sliding toggle switch on the bottom where left is the dongle mode, middle is off and right is bluetooth mode – If I want to turn the mouse off without having to flip it over and shine the infrared laser in my eye it’s difficult to feel the middle position and you can easily flip back and forth between the dongle mode and bluetooth mode. the switch should go off > dongle > bluetooth in my opinion.

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