Daxceirry RG552 Handheld Android System Game Console High Speed EMMC 5.1 and 16G Linux System Built-in 6400 mAh Battery with 5.36in Touch Screen…

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  • 【 RG552 Handheld Video Game Console】: The RG552 is a great change from previous machines, with better overall performance. RG552 not only a game console, but also a small computer.
  • 【 5.36 Inch HD Touch Screen】: An impressive 5.36 inches OCA full lamination screen has excellent anti-seismic and anti-knock performance, which greatly improves the overall safety, reliability, durability and aesthetics of the touch screen, and effectively maintains the stability and long-term use of the touch screen.
  • 【Intelligent Chip RK3399】: The CPU of RK3399 adopts big.LITTLE core architecture with Hexa-core 64-bit (A72×2 + A53×4) processor. The RK3399 chip also provides full support for systems compatible with Android and Linux operating systems.
  • 【 Android and Linux Operating System】: RG552 the biggest feature of this handheld game is to support dual system operation. You can play various Android games. Supporting vibration motor, WII, NGC, NDS, SATURN, N64, DC, PSP, PS1, openbor, CPS1, CPS2, CPS3, FBA, NEOGEO, NEOGEOPOCKET, GBA, GBC, GB, SFC, FC, MD, SMS, GG, MSX, PCE, WSC, transplant games etc. 20 kinds of games format. In addition, support users to download the relevant format of the game.
  • 【 Daxceirry Professional After-sales Service】: We provide 1 year warranty, during the warranty period if you encounter any problems, please contact us in time, we will give you a reply within 24 hours, we serve you wholeheartedly.
  • 【 Notice】It is recommended to use the official charger in the box, because the machine is only partially adapted to the charger, not adapted to the charger charging may cause the yellow light to flash and thus stop working.
Product Dimensions

7.87 x 3.35 x 0.79 inches

Item Weight

1.65 pounds

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8 reviews for Daxceirry RG552 Handheld Android System Game Console High Speed EMMC 5.1 and 16G Linux System Built-in 6400 mAh Battery with 5.36in Touch Screen…

  1. David O.

    Very nice screen; HDMI out is nice; Good build quality and controller feel; Good software compatibility (although underpowered for some games); PSP / PSX games work well; 8 and 16-bit platforms work well; Moonlight streaming works but is limited by the 2.4Ghz wireless of this device. Also, no Bluetooth, which would be great for using the device as a TV box.

  2. Vladimir Soto Torres

    Buen producto, buenos materiales, a jugar se ha dicho

  3. Britt

    Took unit out of box, noticed there was a click clack sound like something was loose. I deal with sensitive/delicate electronics as a hobby, so I opened mine and found the heat sink + fan was not mounted to the main board! I mounted it and everything is working great! No Bluetooth is a bummer but being able to play games from many old systems that I played as a kid is awesome! Great device and Linux works better now (there’s an updated image) but make sure there’s nothing loose inside your unit. Great sound, good performance in Linux, Android is cool (hopefully the update brings newer than 7.1) and it works pretty well. Yeah an Odin Pro is better (higher price point) but this is literally at your door in two days

  4. Amazon Customer

    The RG552 is a decent little piece of hardware capable of emulating games up to Dreamcast. It might say that it’s capable of playing Gamecube games, but it really can’t. In fact, your mileage also varies depending on which OS you play on. If you insert both SD cards into their slots, then you activate the Linux OS (As long as one card has a modified Linux version installed), which boots into Emulation Station. Just like the RG300 series, the reality is that you can only play games up to PS1 without a hitch. It’s unfortunate, because choosing games through the Emulation Station UI is easy to use and doesn’t require swapping through apps.

    However, in order to get any improved performance for anything up until Dreamcast, you will need to modify settings in order to make improvements to the framerate, which will still have terrible lag in the end. Your option is to take the Linux OS SD card out and leave one SD slot in. This activates the Android OS which plays games at a much better framerate. Here, you can play games up to Dreamcast and DS well enough. From the games I played, none really had any issues, but this is where you really have to question Anbernic.

    They retailed a system for a very high price, but with very little return. You see, when you compare the system with other competitors such as the Retroid Pocket 2+ (an updated version of the original), the AYN Odin, and even the cheaper version of the Steam Deck, they all provide way more value than the RG552. The Retroid Pocket 2+ is sold on its website for 100 dollars and is capable of at least running a decent number of Gamecube games, has a better processor, and also includes Android 9 versus Anbernic’s option to include Android 6. AYN’s Odin retails for around the same price as the RG552, but also includes a faster Snapdragon 845 processor versus the one included in the RG552. For Wi-Fi, while other updated versions of these Chinese handhelds include 5 Ghz Wi-Fi, Anbernic only manages a 2.4 Ghz.

    Oh, going back to the OS, Linux is really bad to the point where even the HDMI options are terrible and laggy. You’re better off doing that on the Android OS. Anbernic didn’t really do much in terms of QA and it’s almost as if they knew they can throw a half-baked console for people to buy. Not everyone will get custom firmware or updates just to offset the terrible release version of one of the operating systems.

    Anbernic’s screen and build quality do not justify the cost anymore. Unfortunately on Amazon, so many sellers sell the RG552 that the “bad” reviews will likely be outweighed by the number of five star ones. Again, there’s MUCH better options for either price or power. Anbernic really needs to step up. The edge that Anbernic has? The RG552 is sold on Amazon and is convenient. However, the competitors tend to only have their current handhelds on their website, which might make shipping take up to a month.

    However, it’s worth it to invest your money in something else and even the RG350 series of handhelds if you’re not planning to play Dreamcast games or even N64. If Anbernic sold this at around $150 USD? It would probably be a lot better.

    Pros: Good screen, build quality
    Cons: Bad OS options, too expensive, outdated hardware

  5. Andy

    Nice device, but overpriced. Go buy an Odin.

  6. joe

    Fast loading. Touch screen is nice. Triggers when playing feels awkward. Screen nice and colorful n64 games look great and ps1 games run pretty flawless. The ANDROID side of things is cook the device has wifi can use Google play store very nice. I was able to play stardew Valley on the device no problem. Adding games very easy plug and move files into SD card. Buttons and joy sticks feel nice. Fan not to loud. Battery SOLID life. I think this is a nice device to play some classic games you love.

  7. David A. Cowdrey

    This thing is simply amazing! I’m a bit of a gadget nerd and this handheld suprised me with its ease of customization. The fact that it boots whatever’s installed on one of its two TF card slots makes it really easy to use custom firmware without overwriting anything, but the stock firmware is pretty good too. Booting into Android (this happens when there’s no card in the first slot) lets you easily manage the games on your second card. Mine came with Android 11 installed and even has a few different web browsers. Would have been better if it had the Play Store, but I can live without it I suppose. Moonlight allows me to use it like a sort-of steam deck when I’m on my home network. Overall a great little system for those who like to tweak their gadgets.

  8. Amazon Customer

    Where to begin……. I took the “Youtube reviews” and other reviews on Amazon and decided to purchase this. The build quality is ok as the buttons are concerned. The screen though…… After about 3-4 hours of use, lines began to appear as if the screen was scratched, but more of a scuffed look. I used some polishing compound (very light), but that has nothing to do with the issue. It almost looks like glue marks or something going across about 10mm across (see photo). The screen quality otherwise, is decent.

    Second is the atrocious battery life. Just playing Chrono Trigger for the SNES app, it lasts about 2 1/2 – 3 hours. That is horrible in my opinion. I have a couple of Switches, GPDWin’s w/ an i7, few laptops, and the OG Nvidia Shield devices, and all of them last a hell of a lot longer. Finally, as this literally happened about 10 minutes ago, I was going to just give it away to a co-worker. Now I see that it won’t charge and bounces between 0w and 1w on my USB device that shows how much power is going to the device. So it may be bricked.

    Finally, I know I can upgrade it to a custom firmware of Android as it’s only running Android 7. (Why in this day and age, I have no idea). Maybe it has something to do with the China / US restrictions is my guess.

    Again, do not buy this product. Save your money as your money will come in much more handy in the age of Bidenomics and just get a used phone w/ a Razer controller to be added to it.

    Totally, not impressed whatsoever.

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