DLseego Stripe Steam Deck Protective Case Silicone Soft Shell Shockproof Cover Full Protection Non-Slip Scratch Resistant Skin – Green and Black

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  • ğŸŽ®COMPATIBILITY — Special design for Steam Deck. Precise cutting, 1:1 real machine mold opening, accurate of the holes. All functions and buttons can be used normally when the case is put on.
  • ğŸŽ®All-ROUND PRPTECTION & FOOD GRADE SILICONE — The soft cover is made of high-quality silicone material to provide better protection for your steam deck. All-inclusive design, add a layer of console protection, protect your Steam Deck from daily scratches, shocks, fingerprint and other impacts.
  • ğŸŽ®USER FRIENDLY & ANTI SLIP DESIGN– Easy to install or take off; The bottom of the handle design with non-slip groove, enhance hand feel and hold stable; The raised dot design on the front of the handle, anti-slip and sweat-proof, massage palm.
  • ğŸŽ®HEAT DISSIPATION — The Unique steam deck shell does not cover the cooling vent, which does not affect the heat dissipation of the console.
  • ğŸŽ®NICE GIFT & SERVICE — The brightly colored is a special gift for Steam Deck players. It is also a great gift for Christmas Day or Valentine’s Day. If you have any problem, please contact us, DLseego will reply you within 24 hours.
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Item Weight

‎5 ounces

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‎12.95 x 4.96 x 1.22 inches

3 reviews for DLseego Stripe Steam Deck Protective Case Silicone Soft Shell Shockproof Cover Full Protection Non-Slip Scratch Resistant Skin – Green and Black

  1. Jonathan Myers

    I have tried many cases like this now. Of all of them, this is the lightest. Believe it or not, I prefer a little extra heft in my Steam Deck profile. Though this case is lighter, it has all the quality I have come to associate with DLseego’s products.

    My biggest concern was how brittle the hard plastic back was going to be. I also had concern for the kickstand.

    The plastic panel far exceeded what I expected. It is not brittle at all! I also came to realize the reason this case is so ligjt is actually because of the plastic panel.

    The kickstand is another story. When deployed, the adjustable kickstand works fine. It is the deployment mechinisum I have the problem with. When you pull it out of the back it flops out lose. If you wer to accidentally pop it out, unaware, it could be banged on something accidentally and possibly break off the kickstand. For that I had to deduct one star. Otherwise, this is an awesome case, even if the kickstand were to break off.

    I gave it to my wife to try on her own Deck and give me her impressions. As an testimonial to its comfort, it took me a week to get it from her to take photos. Even then she made me promise I wouldn’t take it of! The photos I have provided are axtually of her Deck, not mine. This makes me grin and add back the star I removed for the kickstand.

  2. SWright

    This case is fairly sturdy and it looks decent. The fit is not 100% perfect, but it is far from being bad. (I had ordered a different case, but it was a very poor fit and a lot less substantial) It seems as if it would help in a fall, but I hope not to test that. Ports are accessable. Grip sections felt weird at first, but grew on me.

  3. Tyler Bushman

    This redesign by DLseego on their steamdeck case has many important improvements. To start, the cut outs for the vents, headphonejack, power cable, and air intake are cleaned up and now line up perfectly with the cut outs on the steamdeck itself. Likewise, an issue I had with the cases previous version has been addressed as well. That being the height of the plastic around the triggers. The trigger cut outs are more flush with the deck body, which still offers considerable protection but also makes it feel like you still have full access to the triggers pull.
    Another improvement comes from the strength of the case’s body. The added hard plastic on the inside of the case makes the case flex less and overall feels more secure. The added kickstand also has many uses. I often find myself using it when I’m downloading games or updates as the deck needs to remain on the entire time. The stand allows for the deck to keep passive airflow while allowing for me to check statuses at a glace without picking the deck up. Overall, the improvements are appreciated, and while I don’t think they warrant buying a new case if you already have the original. If you are need of a case or value the kickstand I believe it more then pays for itself.

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