Glorious Gaming – Model O Wireless Gaming Mouse – RGB Mouse with Lights 69 g Superlight Mouse Honeycomb Mouse (Matte White Mouse)

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  • Model O Wireless has the lowest wireless latency of any wireless mouse in its class. The state-of-the-industry technology provides responsive, crisp clicks and no unexpected double-clicking.
  • Wired & Wireless Modes: The model o wireless mouse comes with a flexible USB-C Ascended cable for nonstop performance. While plugged in the wireless model o becomes a perfect usb c gaming mouse.
  • Model O Wireless has the highest battery life of any mouse in its class. Up to 71 hours of playtime so you can go all night without recharging. Complete with fast charging to get you back in the game.
  • Honeycomb Mouse: The honeycomb shell helps reduce weight while maintaining build quality. This helps create a lightweight mouse that is perfect for gaming and everyday use.
  • Ultimate Wireless RGB Mouse: Complete with customizable RGB mouse lights and side buttons, this is the mouse for gaming that you need to complete your battle station.
Product Dimensions

5 x 2.6 x 1.48 inches

Item Weight

2.4 ounces

Item model number



1 Lithium Ion batteries required. (included)

Date First Available

July 6, 2021


Glorious PC Gaming Race

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12 reviews for Glorious Gaming – Model O Wireless Gaming Mouse – RGB Mouse with Lights 69 g Superlight Mouse Honeycomb Mouse (Matte White Mouse)

  1. Avatar of Calebe


    Não tem latência nenhuma como esperado, vem com dongle extensor justamente pra garantir que você possa garantir a conexão mais estável possível com seu computador, a pegada é muito boa se você for palm, mas n gostei de usar ele com claw, produto bem sólido, construção passa confiança, carrega rápido e a bateria dura muito se desligar o led, e até com o led ligado garante 3 dias de jogatina sem ter que carregar.
    O software é meio fraco de personalização no geral, infelizmente n tem como desabilitar outros estágios de DPI, caso você queira usar apenas 2 estágios você não tem essa opção. Recomendo colocar o debounce time no máximo caso você queira a menor latência em ms no mouse

  2. Avatar of Marisol


    A pesar de que la marca tiene bastante hate yo te puedo decir que llegó en perfecto estado, es un mouse bien armado, si lo quieren agarrar de martillo obviamente se va a romper, excelente sensor se nota la modificación de Glorious al pixart, muy ligero y tiene los mejores gskates, slides o como los conozcas del mercado, vengo del razer viper ultimate y tambien abandone el logitech g pro por ser demasiado orientado a palm, en cuanto a software tiene mas personalizacion que otros softwares, por ejemplo el debounce time puede ser bajado a 0 para que te de doble click, el rgb, los macros, practicamente todo y no me ha dado problemas como synapse, definitivamente mi main mouse,

  3. Avatar of Cecilia


    The model o wireless has been the best mouse I’ve used ever since i replaced the glossy model o. The software is amazing and i had a fun time using it. Best quality and no screws, so if it ever pops out the frame just pop it back in! The battery life was great and with my use, I would only need to charge it once every week! The rgb does drain your battery drastically so make sure you keep it low.
    Unfortunately the mouse didn’t make it into 2023, since for some odd reason my mouse wouldn’t turn on, it just died. The customer support tho was extremely helpful and offered to send a replacement!
    The mouse dying was probably my fault as i had food all over the mousepad. But either way i loved the mouse. I recommend it to any person that is looking for one! 9/10!

  4. Avatar of Paul Le

    Paul Le

    Overall very solid nice mouse. For context, I play Apex, Valorant, and other AAA fps games. Lightweight & wireless allows me to flick across my desk without restriction. You could ask, “can’t most gaming mice do that?” Yes, but this one kinda does it better, subjectively of course.

    Price: Usually for gaming peripherals at this price point, you should know what you are buying. If you like the shape, style, and weight of this mouse, go for it if you are not afraid of the price, because I feel like it should be a little cheaper for what it is.

    Performance: It’s a great mouse but don’t expect to become Aceu the moment you unbox it, hit the aim labs if you want to get better.

    Comfort: I use a moderate claw grip and my hand rest quite nicely. I would prefer more hump on the rear but I’m fine with what this mouse is like.

    Battery: No issues so far except for battery life. I expected it to be a lot longer but it lasts me about 2 days of hard gaming and then I have to charge it (can still use it wired). I leave RGB on 50% brightness and have it go to sleep after about 5 minutes.

  5. Avatar of Joe Davis

    Joe Davis

    I see many YouTubers with this mouse, and I figured I would get it because I was in need of a new, lightweight mouse that would last me a long while.
    This product really adds to the aesthetic of my gaming setup and it is one of the best gaming/work-related mice I have ever used, especially for such a genius price.

  6. Avatar of Mac


    TLDR: Fantastic mouse for the money. Good RGB, Program could be better, great feel, good battery life.

    -If you can’t afford or just can’t bring yourself to justify a $150 mouse like a superlight or viper ultimate id highly recommend the Model O wireless.

    -Good color and quality
    -Battery life
    -USB-C charging
    -Comfortable feel
    -Great buttons
    -Good RGB
    -Good Program for customization

    -It’s a con and a Note IMPORTANT!!!! DO NOT USE THE “MODEL O” PROGRAM!!! For whatever reason it doesn’t work 90% of the time and it’s a well-known issue HOWEVER USE THE “Glorious Core” program off their website and this mouse works just fine!
    -I hate to say it but there’s really no cons to the mouse, if there is it’s a personal and opinion based one, objectively there’s nothing wrong with the mouse.

    The Long:
    For better understanding of my review id like to preface that I’m a full-time video editor and I do play games heavily too. I’m also not the richest person so when I buy something I’m looking for what makes sense for the money and value. I searched for months for reviews between the top three mice in the game and industry and those are the Logitech Superlight, the Razor ultimate and this the model O. Now when I saw the price tags at the time respectively $150~, $120-100, $80~ I just couldn’t financially bring myself to spend over $100 BEFORE tax and shipping on a mouse I just couldn’t justify it. I spent $98 total for this mouse and online all the reviews put it in the same class with the “best gamming mouse ever made” the superlight. And I mean from my analysis its literally the competitor like if you compared a GT mustang to a Challenger and Charger classed cars respectively it would come to user preference. Any complaints on this mouse were nit picky at best about, 3-5 grams of weight (something I highly doubt a regular person would ever notice) or the specific “things” it comes with. I mean the superlight gets hated on for not having USB-C. So, here’s my honest opinion from what I can deduce.

    —–If you have the money and simply just want the best thing to say you have it, then buy a super light, if you want that but in Razer for some reason for their awful program that takes over you computer? Then buy the ultimate. BUT! If you’re a “normal” person who can’t justify spending over $100 on a mouse, then this is the bets you’ll ever do. The fact that its sub 100 and is in the same class ass the other two means something! I daily this thing and I went from an old cool master to a razor viper to this and I fell in love. For refence I have big meaty hands and the only downside is that for right-handed people the right side where your pinky rests is thinner then a viper so it took some time for me to get used to a “hour glass shaped” mouse. For $80 at the time, you get beautiful RGB, I do like it I mostly keep my turned off because it saves a bit of battery life as I use mine all day every day, the color of the mouse is a nice “matt” white, so it has this premium look to it like the color and texture they choose is beautiful. The clicks and center wheel are fantastic. As far as I can tell its light weight. I don’t personally notice the honeycomb so that’s a personal preference miles may vary. It comes with the charging cable that’s long enough to act as the mouse cable if you need to charge while you play and it’s a braided line so its almost like its not there HOWEVER you wont even use it long! Because this is USB-C it charges in a matter of minutes. I’m not joking, if my mouse gets to 30% ish ill plug it in and no lie walk away to get water come back it’ll be at 50% ill maybe google something watch one video or que for a match and it’ll be at 100% like its insane and as to why Logitech doesn’t use USB-C I can’t for the life of me understand its so useful. The Dongle it comes with is good quality and I usually leave it plugged in on my desk so when I need to charge ill just unplug the dongle and plug the remote in and done. The program is what sold this for me. Now, throw back to my previous note the “model o” standalone program just dose not work. No one knows why and it’s been an issue for years, the “glorious core” program works perfectly fine and recognizes the mouse with no issues and has plenty of customization. Some specifics, you can move your DPI sliders you get 5 I believe, and they can be color coded to what ever colors you like I usually set my blue to 2000 DPI and just keep it there but you can set them where you like and depending on what your doing you can adjust the DPI on the mouse and the color under the mouse will indicate which DPI setting its on. You can adjust the color brightness in increments which is insane to me I’ve never seen RGB where the brightness is a slider!! And the best part you can separate the RGB from the mouse “plugged in” or not, let me explain. If the mouse is plugged in you can tell the program what percentage of RGB brightness you’d like it to be and if its unplugged what you’d like it to be for example when my mouse is un plugged I have it set to 0% (again I run mine all day so I like to keep the RGB off ) but, I have it set to 60% when plugged in so while its off when I’m using it the second I plug the mouse in to charge the RGB kicks on. I just think its super cool, you can set it for battery life to if the battery gets to low you can have it adjust the RGB. As for battery life it works for days without charging. I haven’t killed it yet but I also frequently forget to turn it off, the mouse does have a setting for sleep mode so if you don’t use it for a while it “sleeps” itself saving your battery life this is annoying if your in game and don’t move for a while you have to jiggle the mouse to get it to turn back on BUT this setting can be adjusted or turned off so no worries! Again, with me frequently forgetting to turn it off ill only have to charge it maybe every 3 days at the worst. The longest I’ve gone is 5 days no charge. Again, that’s someone using it all day every day and then when I need to charge it I usually find a coinvent spot like if I need to go to the bathroom or make food that’s when ill charge it and its always done when I come back it’s like charging isn’t even an issue that I’ve ever noticed, I’ve never been annoyed by it.

  7. Avatar of Jinfrey


    One of the standout features of the Model O Wireless Gaming Mouse is its design. The mouse has a sleek and modern look, with a black and white color scheme that is sure to appeal to gamers and enthusiasts alike. The honeycomb shell provides a unique and stylish appearance, while also providing a comfortable and lightweight grip. The mouse also has customizable RGB lighting, which allows you to create a personalized and dynamic lighting experience.

    Overall, the mouse is a high-performance and stylish gaming mouse that provides a comfortable and precise gaming experience. The mouse is well-designed, responsive, and versatile, which makes it a great option for users who are looking for a top-performing gaming mouse.

  8. Avatar of MK


    My teen says this is good for gaming plus the lights on it are cool. Averages 20 clicks per second. But, I’m told there are many ways to click so this varies.

  9. Avatar of sara


    I love this mouse. It took me some time to get used to it, but it was worth it.

  10. Avatar of Josias Motta dos Santos

    Josias Motta dos Santos

    É o melhor mouse que eu já tive a oportunidade de usar. Ele se encaixou bem na pegada da minha mão, os feets que o acompanham são excelentes e deslizam muito bem sobre o mousepad, os cliques são ótimos sendo bem firmes e tendo uma boa sensação tátil, o scroll tem uma resposta bem agradável na rolagem.
    Todos os itens que acompanham o mouse dentro da caixa são de extrema qualidade, o cabo usb é paracord e eu acredito que tudo indica que as pontas são banhadas a ouro para evitar interferências ou qualquer outro tipo de problema.
    A aparência dele eu nem preciso comentar, é um dos mais bonitos que tem no mercado atualmente.

    Super recomendo!

  11. Avatar of Aaron Henrique

    Aaron Henrique

    Para qualquer pessoa que já procurou sobre produtos custo benefício ou até premium para periféricos já se “deu de cara” com um produto da glorious, e como sempre, o model O wireless entrega o que promete, leveza, precisão, ergonomia e beleza.
    Sobre a compra em si, não fui taxado, preço extremamente atrativo e quem quiser comprar, pode ir em frente.

  12. Avatar of Alexandre Lino

    Alexandre Lino

    Chegou em 1 semana em Guarulhos.
    A percepção que tive do mouse:
    Skats deslizam muito;
    Não possui a forma de fazer Double click;
    Cabo muito maleável;
    Não notei delay nas ações;
    Bateria com grande potencia.

    Só estou estranhando o shape de ambidestro, pelo motivo que eu usava um mouse ergonomico(G403)

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