Google Pixel 3 64GB Clearly White Unlocked (Renewed)

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  • FDD-LTE: Bands⁷ 1*/2*/3*/4*/5/7*/8/12/13/17/18/19/20/25*/ 26/28/29/32/66*/71 TD-LTE: Bands 38*/39/40/41*/42/46. GSM+CDMA unlocked
  • 5.5 inch Display, Snapdragon 845, 4GB Ram
  • 2915 mAH battery + Qi wireless charging
  • 12.2 MP dual-pixel
Package Dimensions

7.6 x 4.21 x 2.05 inches

Item Weight

6 ounces


1 Lithium Ion batteries required.

Is Discontinued By Manufacturer


Wireless communication technologies


Connectivity technologies


Other display features


Other camera features

Rear, Front


Clearly White



Date First Available

December 3, 2018

8 reviews for Google Pixel 3 64GB Clearly White Unlocked (Renewed)

  1. DR

    While the phone seems to work fine and I like it’s performance, the bettery condition is not quite the 80% quarantined as an Amazon renewed phone. And it’s condition, while good, has noticeable wear on the back so it’s not the like new or good as new condition also advertised for renewed phones. I’ve got 90 days to decide to keep, so we’ll see. . .

  2. LLG MO

    Received the phone promptly and packaged carefully. The phone was renewed, so I was unsure of the exact condition to expect. I could not find any indication of previous use of the phone. It was absolutely pristine.

    I took the phone to Sprint to get an appropriate Sim card and was told that they could not activate it on their system. I made a phone call to the seller. The customer service reps spoke to his technical staff, who reentered information in a database and told me that Sprint would now be able to active the phone. I was sceptical, but was very pleasantly surprised that the activation went smoothly. I can’t say enough for the professionalism and effectiveness of the customer service.

    I am thrilled with the operation of the phone. Call and sound quality is very good. The display is sharp and bright. Exactly what I expected. Configuration was easy. I chose to not migrate anything to ensure that any aspects of the configuration of the old phone, which was slow and full of glitches were not introduced to the new phone. The processor is quick, and battery life is very good. It can run all day on a charge with regular use and constant playback of audio books.

    The phone would be a great deal at the full price. However, with the lower price due to it being renewed and not being the latest model, I feel that it is an exceptional value. Best choice that I could have made.

  3. pitufinafaniam

    I bought two phones from this store. This one works the other one didn’t. This one was supposed to be unlocked but it wasn’t completely unlocked. Thatwans i was able to set it up but not via an ESIM card because Verizon locks that for somw reason and I use Mint mobile. Anyway, it works with a physical SIM card so i kept the phone. So far, no other issues.

  4. Sean

    My first order unit was defective: the charging usbc port doesn’t work and the phone won’t charge. Asked for a replacement. The second unit arrived early, took 3 days from the vendor. The phone functions as expected. The OLED screen is burnout a little, which is normal for used devices but it doesn’t impact its performance. Battery life is a little short, barely made a normal day. Overall for this price though, not much to complain. Four stars.

  5. E. Rensi

    I lost my last phone on the side of a steep hill while hiking and wanted a nice replacement and this fit the bill perfectly. You won’t find a phone with a processor of this quality (Snapdragon 845) and as cheaply as a used/refurbished Pixel 3. Anything new is gonna either cost way more, or be way not as good.

    Also I want to address the potential hardware bug a few people have mentioned in the reviews. It was something I was very concerned about since it seemed so cheap. Apparently there is a bug where the camera is jittery. There is a YouTube video that shows what it looks like. The phone I got arrived in two days and did not have the camera bug. Yay 😁. I have been enjoying my new refurbished phone for a week now with no problems. In fact it even came with one of those glass screen protectors on it. I got mine through BuySPRY, if that makes a difference.

    The packaging was apparently from some other device and the charger that came with it was cheapy but I already have a nice charger so that was fine.

  6. Drew400

    I’m a Pixel convert, having come from 3-4 Motorola phones. Was very happy with them though the G7 was lacking in memory and processing power. The pixel 3 experience has been A+ so far. Easy setup, with direct transfer of all programs and files via USB-C cable. The processing speed and memory are excellent. The camera quality is amazing, in all light levels. Easy to see why it rivals the iPhone for best smartphone camera. The more I use Google Assistant the more I’m liking it. The squeeze to activate feature is handy. I miss a couple Motorola quick actions for camera and flashlight activation, but the background song recognition on the lock screen has been more useful than I expected. Build quality is what you expect from a flagship phone. Rear fingerprint scanner has worked flawlessly except for needing to be reset once randomly. The phone is a bit slimmer than my last one but maintains overall screen size.
    Bought this phone refurbished (Amazon certified) and it’s an amazing value for the phone quality and features.

  7. Amazon Customer

    This looks and feels like new. Settings show battery lasts 20 hours and I usually turn my phone off while at work, so I’m not sure if modest battery life is due to this not being new or if it’s just the way the Pixel is programmed. Either way the camera is amazing and it was incredibly easy to transition from my destroyed Pixel 3a.

  8. John Chen

    My first Pixel 3 had worse battery life than the Pixel 3 it was replacing. Also one of the speaker grills was badly dented.

    I quickly ordered a replacement. The second phone had slightly better battery life but now with both grilles bent. Nevertheless, my main reason for replacing my existing Pixel was battery life and charging port issues so I accepted it anyways.

    Weeks later, I noticed this Pixel had groups of dead screen pixels in the right corner. Also messages and phone calls wouldn’t go through. It would require restarting the phone in most cases. The phone also crashes constantly.

    Stay away from any of these phones. They’re not refurbished in the slightest. There’s a reason why they were traded in.

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