Google USB-C to USB-A 1M Charging/Transfer Cable

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  • With this handy cable, your USB-A devices can be used with the latest USB-C laptops, phones and more for charging and data transfer.
  • USB-C to USB-A cable


Connector Type

USB Type A

Cable Type


Compatible Devices


Compatible Phone Models




Connector Gender


Unit Count

1 Count

Package Dimensions

5.63 x 4.53 x 1.14 inches

Item Weight

2.08 ounces

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Date First Available

May 26, 2020

13 reviews for Google USB-C to USB-A 1M Charging/Transfer Cable

  1. MoonShell

    Tried several other cables for data transfer from Pixel 4a to PC without success. This one works.

  2. Scott B.

    Good quality cable, reasonably priced. Had to purchase as not included with Pixel 6. Genuine product

  3. Ross the Boss

    I had tried a few different cables in my car for Android Auto, but all had various issues. The best I’d found before this was one that worked for the display but didn’t charge my phone. It’s annoying to have to spend so much on a cable, but it does work. My android auto has never connected faster when I turn my car on and my phone actually gets a charge instead of draining during my trips.

    The cheap cables seem to work fine for other circumstances, but if you are having issues with them you need to stop messing around and get the real deal.

  4. jim

    I had used a USB-A to USB-C cable that I had in my supply drawer to connect my Android phone to my car. It would not recognize the phone. According to the opinion on the Internet, it had to be a compatible cable, usually the one that comes with the phone. I found a genuine Google cable on Amazon that should have come with my Google phone. It worked great. My car recognized the phone immediately and allowed Android Auto connection from phone to the car.

  5. Kindle Customer

    Works great. I have charged from a lenovo docking box using one of the usb outs that has the battery sign and from a car usb out on a trip.

  6. Kurt Jacob

    Works like it says

  7. Richard and Linda

    This cord is awesome! It allows Android to operate at lightning speed. Love it!


    Good quality

  9. Mr. Robert D. Ware

    Good, cable to charge Google Nest Doorbell.

  10. Enrique

    Ha llegado en el plazo que se indicaba y al probarlo funciona correctamente los conectores entran sin ninguna dificultad con otros cables hay que forzar mucho los conectores y este entra perfectamente

  11. Erik

    One of the better cords I’ve found and so far has no issues especially with android auto

  12. Stefan

    Trustly as soon as I opened the package as see the cable in one of them zip lock style bags other cables come it kinda pissed me off due to say Google in product title I expect something a little better. Anyway I unpack the cable and headed to my bed room to test the cable as I have spent a good chunk of money try to find usb c to usb charge for Google pixel 4 as it special and not ever cable work with it. Well after plugging cable it phone start to charge right away.

    It’s not slow charge rate so that’s a plus point its charging at max speed. I will be order a few backs up of this cable when i am paid.

  13. DeAnna

    It charges quickly. I didn’t realize how my older cord was underperforming, and that cord was from the Verizon store!

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