GoPro Flat + Curved Adhesive Mounts (All GoPro Cameras) – Official GoPro Mount

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  • Compatible with a wide variety of curved and flat surfaces
  • Industrial-strength adhesive ensures secure mounting
  • Removable by applying heat to adhesive bond and peeling off mount
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0.13 x 6.13 x 8.13 inches

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3.04 ounces

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GoPro Camera

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October 21, 2012

13 reviews for GoPro Flat + Curved Adhesive Mounts (All GoPro Cameras) – Official GoPro Mount

  1. M D

    I purchased this because I had started getting into Aerial photography using a kite, airplane and quadcopter. I wanted to have a bundle of little extra adhesives so I could attach them all over my rigs. These work like a charm, the 3M adhesive is pretty damn strong too. I actually put one on the window of my car under the rear view mirror and that thing has been stuck there since I put it there and survived in 100+ F temperatures.

    Great extra mounts to have when you’re fiddling around trying to get the best shot possible. Just make sure you intend to keep it where you place it!

  2. Brian

    i’m surprised it cam with 3 of each mount.
    i’m not sure why i’ll need six of them, but at least i don’t feel like i was ripped off.

  3. Jose Gonzalez

    Let me start off by saying If you want a product with the adhesive power that is capable of securing a house to the foundation I tell you that this product will do it!! Holy smokes I mounted the curved mount onto my snowboarding helmet, even after multiple rolls, falls, and severe impacts to the ground with my go pro mounted the adhesive mount stayed. Even when attempting to remove required 3 full sized rhino to remove.

  4. Chris Sanderson

    Needed some extra pads for a new helmet and these original GoPro 3M pads just give me a better feeling about the security that they won’t just unstick and fly off. These deliver on that promise and hold really well.

    I only knock 1 star off as they should be much cheaper

  5. Martins

    Expensive! But if you need a replacement mount, those are really nice! As helmet mount for gopro still holding after 2 seasons!

  6. Joey Rivera

    Always been one for purchasing quality. Not just because it’s manufacturer name brand. But other brands and knock offs just don’t provide the same quality or peace of mind.

  7. Woodburner

    Used the mounts to secure GoPro 3 to motorbike (flat) and helmets (curved). They are rock solid. Ran a GoPro mounted on the bike’s upper fairing during a track day and camera was stable and secure at over 140MPH!

  8. Pat

    I originally thought it was just 2 of those mounts. I wanted to mount my go-pro in my jeep for offroading adventures. However it comes with more mounts than I have any use for. So I mounted 3 of them in my car. One on the dash, one on the ceiling looking at the driver, and another looking at the passenger. The rest are just going in a box for backup. Incase i find another thing to put a go-pro on.

  9. Plumb

    I used one of these mounts to adhere my camera to my skiing helmet, and it held up for 3 days without issue. The adhesive pad did not have full contact on the sides, as the curve is only in the vertical dimension of the mounts, not the horizontal. I think it would be nice if it also included at least some curvature horizontally as well. Nonetheless, with the contact patch it had, I never lost the mount/camera. I hope the additional mounts in the kit will be useful, otherwise I’ll be storing these extras uselessly.

  10. Ben W

    Came as official GoPro mounts, three of each with m3 mounting tape.

    I’ve attached these to a motorbike helmet and snowboard helmet so have been used in all types of weather and work flawlessly.

    The packaging is a bit ridiculous for 6 mounts but i guess that the “premium” product styling

  11. Alex

    Ok so I want to do a disclaimer that if this is something that you’re using to hold a GoPro on something where gravity is supporting the mount staying stuck on to whatever you stick it to then I’m thinking MAYBE what I’ve experienced 3 times in a row may not happen.

    However, my use case was to use these so that I can mount my GoPro on top of my monitor for usage as a webcam while streaming. So the GoPro is not that heavy. So I have my GoPro mounted on one of those ball joint things and then I have that connected to an adhesive mount that I put on the back of the monitor near the top.

    After about 3 months give or take a few weeks this always falls off and the adhesive is barely sticky.

    So to me that is completely useless, and then each time this happens the camera falls down and goes BONK! Right on its head, because since the camera is the heaviest part of the whole setup it lands first.

    So this to me renders these things completely useless and DANGEROUS! Unless, like I said above you use it to maybe mount to a bike or something but I still wouldn’t trust it even for that because the elements are much more unforgiving than a controlled AC cooled room that is always dry and never humid.

    So I gotta give this one star. I’m gonna use my GoPro as a down-facing camera to do tech reviews and repair live streams, mounted on a boom arm using a GoPro tripod adapter with a boom arm to tripod bolt adapter that lets you hook the tripod mount to the boom arm.

    If I were you reading this I would use a mount that MECHANICALLY adheres to the mount or the device via either a bolt or some kind of pressurized clamping system like for instance, like if you wanna mount it on a bike, you could have a cylindrical thing that wraps around the handlebars pipe and then you can turn a knob to tighten the grip it has on the handlebar pipe. That is reliable. Whatever adhesive they’re using with these mounts is not.

  12. JULIE L.

    When you buy genuine gopro products you get the quality you expect where it counts don’t take chances with your expensive camera by buying cheap adhesive bases.

  13. T.Perraut

    I have this for a motorcycle helmet. So we are talking high speed wind pushing on the go-pro, and I ride year long, so lots of rain, really high heat in summer, and in winter, as low as around 35F of real temperature. I need it to stay and not lose my camera or worst have it cause some accident.

    The previous sticker (older helmet) lasted 3+ years without failing.

    I did buy some 3rd party imitations (with supposedly the same 3M stickers) first, but the plastic felt “wrong” vs. the gopro plastic. Hard to explain, but I suspected it could be more brittle, and I’m not sure about the truth about the adhesive either. (check my other reviews, they will show up with a 3 stars short rating)

    So I paid for this one. Super cleaned the helmet, made sure it was completely dry, applied the adhesive (it’s a one-shot, you cannot move it if you got it wrong, although you can remove it with some floss string but the adhesive will be shot).
    I gave it 24 hours to cure, and so far so good

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