GoPro Grab Bag (GoPro Official Mount)

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  • Expand your mounting options, or use as a resource for spare parts.
  • Includes curved and flat adhesive mounts, two mounting buckles, a 3-way pivot arm, Plus a variety of short and long thumb screws.
  • Compatible with all GoPro cameras.
  • Includes 1 Year GoPro Manufacturer
  • Mounting Type: Usd
Product Dimensions

6.1 x 1.7 x 9.4 inches

Item Weight

4 ounces

Item model number


Is Discontinued By Manufacturer


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Included Components

2x Mounting Buckles^1x 3 Way Pivot Arm^1x Flat & 1x Curved Adhesive Mount^1x Long Thumbscrew^1x Short Thumbscrew^1x Small Thumbscrew


GoPro Camera

Country of Origin


Date First Available

June 26, 2016

13 reviews for GoPro Grab Bag (GoPro Official Mount)

  1. Andrew wilson

    I work with gopros, Sony FDR’s everyday now, and I hate ( HATE ) the ” cheap ” versions of gopro mounts, their always loose fitting when it comes to the curve or flat mount, (causing camera shake) my local stores have stopped stocking the ” grab bags ” from gopro.

    very happy with this order, legit gopro parts, yes they are more expensive, but with you want to secure your £500 + camera use these!.

  2. Ian Andrews

    Genuine Go Pro are never cheap compared to the Chinese equivalents but you get what you pay for in my opinion. These were actualy very reasonable and the delivery was very quick too

  3. Russell

    These do a great job of giving flexibility for where you want to mount cameras.

  4. Ethan Coston

    Great selection of mounts so you should find the one you want. The sticky pads are good as well, not quite 3m but still very strong.

  5. Tyler J. Gilbert

    The tabs/ears held up well. I feel like I would have snapped them on a knockoff version.

  6. Arni

    Perfect price and quality

  7. Erok

    Exactly what I needed!

  8. Candace Trew Camling

    Great little kit essential for a GoPro. We haven’t used all the parts but a few have come in handy for the accessories that we have.

  9. Simon Carin

    Very handy little grab bag. Very well made as you’d expect from GoPro but quite expensive – you get what you pay for.

  10. 317G Deere guy

    Great bag of mounts

  11. HikerBiker

    I’ve bought non-GoPro mounting hardware before because you can get twice as much stuff for the same money. But it’s just not as good. The cheap knockoff mounts are made of inferior, squishy plastic. The tolerances are poor and don’t line up correctly.

    Buy your mounting hardware from GoPro. It’s super rigid and everything slots in where it’s supposed to and doesn’t flop about. You can crank up the tension without worrying about cracking some cheap piece of plastic. It’s clearly higher quality.

    This kit comes with flat and curved adhesive pads, low and high profile snaps, and a 90 degree mount. It includes long and short bolts. I bought it to attach my drone’s controller to a GoPro mount on my bike’s aerobars. I will be using the curved adhesive pad and the low profile snap. Works a treat.

  12. Cassandra C Fertig

    In use this for my dirtbike helmet and has made it through crashes and stayed on does what I need it to

  13. Just Josh

    This is a nice little set of various pieces and spare parts that is handy to keep around when you’re trying to build that perfect GoPro mount. The set includes a curved mounting base with 3M VHB tape, a flat mounting base with 3M VHB tape, a standard height mount, an extended height mount, a pivot arm that consists of two pieces, two small thumbscrews, a standard length thumbscrew, and a shorter thumbscrew.

    If you combine the curved mounting base, the standard height mount, and the normal thumbscrew you have a duplicate of what usually comes with a GoPro camera. Then you’re left with the flat mounting base, the higher mount, and the pivot arm. Combining those parts gives you a nice raised arm that can pivot both back and forth and side to side so you can get a level shot even if you need to mount the base at an angle.

    The set includes a shorter thumbscrew that can be used when you don’t want the thumbscrew to extend beyond the edge of the camera. This is useful if you are tilting the camera at a 90 degree side angle as it allows a full tilt without the thumbscrew impacting the main part of the mount. The only downside is that the tolerance is very tight and it will be hard to fully tighten the thumbscrew so you may need to use a screwdriver to tighten it down if you need it to be completely locked in place.

    I mainly got this set in order to get the extended height mount and the pivoting arm. Combining these two things will raise your GoPro about 3 inches off the mounting surface and provide a different perspective versus the standard low mount. I’m using a GoPro mount in my car and the standard mount results in video that doesn’t give a good view of what’s directly in front of the car. Using this kit allows me to raise the camera up higher and angle it down a bit to get more of the ground in front of the car in the frame.

    All of the pieces seem very sturdy. I’d much rather pay a little more for the genuine GoPro accessories versus having a cheap knockoff fail at a bad time. Highly recommended set if you’d like to add some versatility to your setup!

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