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  • Built-in 4900 mAh battery lets you capture a full day of activities by combining with your camera’s standard battery to triple the normal battery life
  • Integrated camera buttons give you easy one-handed control of your camera: power on and off, start and stop capture, and switching modes
  • Flip-out tripod legs and additional battery power provide a stable shooting platform and the battery life needed for extra-long time lapse events
  • Wireless control turns Volta into a remote control for your camera when it’s mounted up to 98ft (30m) away [1]
  • Weather-resistant construction with a specially designed cable/door seal keeps your camera protected from splashing water, snow and rain
  • LED indicators make it easy to check battery life and the current camera mode at a glance
  • Retractable mounting fingers make it easy to attach Volta to GoPro backpack straps and other mounts to provide mountable power and capture versatility
  • Standard 1/4-20 mount built into base adds even more mounting options
  • Swivel mounting fingers let you rotate and tilt your camera to find just the right capture angle
  • Media Mod compatible for vlogging and enhanced audio capture
Product Dimensions

10 x 9.02 x 2.99 inches

Item Weight

13 ounces

Item model number



1 Lithium Ion batteries required.

Date First Available

April 14, 2022



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13 reviews for GoPro Volta – Official GoPro Accessory

  1. Keta

    Worked great with my gopro! This is a good quality product and it’s very sturdy as well

  2. Vicente

    Trípode con batería para alimentar la cámara GoPro, viene con la puerta de batería necesaria para la conexión de carga alambrica y como ventaja protege contra salpicaduras y polvo. El trípode en si es muy práctico, suelo usar la cámara unida a la cinta de la mochila a la altura del hombro para grabación en primera persona, este trípode trae las clásicas “patitas” GoPro para unirlo al captado de hombro sin necesidad de desmontar la cámara, lo cual me pareció perfecto para poder utilizar la cámara en mano para vlog. El Volta se comunica con la cámara vía Bluetooth permitiendo su manejo con los controles del trípode. La batería de la GoPro da escasamente 50 minutos, con el trípode grabe por aproximadamente 4 hrs de video, el trípode lo veo especialmente útil para hace time-lapse. También observé que puede conectarse vía usb-C a una batería externa (de esas tipo cilíndrico que parecen una extensión del trípode), así logré 7 horas de uso con todo conectado y la cámara trabajando. Solo me gustaría señalar que existe un gimbal para GoPro que también alimenta por cable a la cámara, duplicando el tiempo de uso. También lo compré y los comparé, hallé que ambos son accesorios útiles y como ya señalé, el tripié Volta excelente para fijar al hombro o al pecho para grabación de primera persona y para time-lapse (conectando el tripié a una batería externa); el gimbal más para grabación a mano, porque aprovechando ese extra de estabilidad se pueden hace tomas bajas o desde otro ángulo muy estables, además de cualquier toma a baja luz o nocturna, ya que la GoPro para estabilizar requiere de muy buena iluminación de la escena. En la fotografía tengo la cámara dentro de una jaula para poder utilizar un filtro tradicional nd variable cuando la uso en modo cinematográfico.

  3. Amazon Customer

    I really enjoy using this devise for my daughter’s wedding, it keep my video going without stoping and not missing any moment, except is a bit expensive after all.


    Great accessory for GoPro. It acts as powebank, remote, selfie stick and tripod. Great build quality.

  5. Dhaidan

    The media could not be loaded.

     Easy to use and flexible

  6. ramon perez esquivel

    Calidad muy buena, pero creo que esta aun muy elevada de precio

  7. itsjoe157

    So I love the Volta itself. It’s sized perfectly, and provides great battery life extending ability to your GoPro (which anyone who has used one knows how badly is needed). It has a standard 1/4-20 tripod mount on the bottom, so it can be used to mount the whole GoPro+Volta assembly onto something else. The built-in tripod legs are great for time lapse, or anything else you’d want the camera stationary for. Once you mount the GoPro on the head (standard GoPro mount with thumb screw), you can rotate it in 90 degree increments in any direction. The opposite side of the cord/charging port has an additional pop-up GoPro mount. You can use this for additional external accessories like an external battery pack or to mount the who GoPro+Volta assembly to something else that has a GoPro mount, like a shoulder/chest mount. This is super convenient and gives you the ability to use the Volta with other accessories for additional battery life and shooting time.

    That’s where the good stuff ends, and the challenges begins. I know this mount is new, but at least as of the time of this review (late June 2022/Hero 10 Black firmware 1.42), the control/connectivity issues make we want to huck the Volta in a lake (don’t do this by the way, it is water resistant – not waterproof). 1.42 for the Hero 10 says it fixes multiple Volta issues, but there remain multiple usability issues. If you don’t plug the Volta in to your camera, the Bluetooth controls seem to work fairly well (connections – pair Volta). It has to be unplugged to pair. Once you plug it in, the shutter/mode control buttons on Volta stop working. I’ve reset the Volta and connections on my GoPro so many times it’s maddening. Once it randomly does decide to work while plugged in, it will most of the time decide to stop working once the camera powers off and back on, whether this is manual or through the power off timer settings. I ended up turning the screens off after 1 min in display settings, even though I find this annoying to have to touch the screen to wake it while recording to see what’s in frame if you record over 1 min. I did this because I complete disabled the auto power-down so once I got the Volta working, I didn’t have to worry about the camera powering down and not being ready to record when I needed to. I’m hoping future firmware fixes this, but wired control should just work between two GoPro devices and no one should have to deal with the way the Volta works right now – in a word, it’s just “unreliable”. It has a mind of its own, won’t stay paired, won’t control you camera when you need it to, and you’ll be cursing what could be an amazing device as your constantly resetting connections and repairing it when you expect it to “just work” and it doesn’t. I will update this review if/when an update makes the Volta reliable.

  8. JP Lawrence

    I haven’t played with this to its full extent, but I got it in order to be able to do astro timelapses with my GoPro Hero10. With the regular battery, I can go about 2 hours before it dies. I had hoped that this would extend it most of the night. When I went on a backpacking trip, I set it up with the Volta, pointed it, and let it go. Checking the following morning, I was disappointed that I only got about 2 hours before the battery died, while the Volta remained charged. Not sure if this is a setting issue or what, but it’s annoying that I wasn’t able to get this to last longer. At the moment, I’m going to go with user error rather than product inadequacy.

  9. Rakesh

    Loved this multi functional charger cum holder great for time lapse videos

  10. Prepared Guy

    Like most gorpro products this is just a lot of money for average quality product that lacks function. The tripod function is just dumb. This thing is basically useless. The c-type cable pulls on the camera and it’s made so that it will fall apart sooner than later. I don’t hate it but I don’t love it. It does what it’s made to do. The battery life is decent.

    The 2 things I hate are the stand and the c-type cable.

    The 2 things I love is the battery life and the way it feels when you hold it. It feels nice.

    Over all it’s only worth about $80 at best. $130 is a disgusting cash grab.

  11. Christian

    Todo bien muy versátil y la batería rinde más de 4 horas👍🏼

  12. Ryan

    This device really came in handy for me when filing for hours on vacation. Absolute must buy I think. There will be a moment you thank yourself for having a charger when you want to film something amazing.

  13. Mendonca F.

    I absolutely love using the Go Pro Volta. It makes traveling with a Go Pro so much easier! When doing day trips, I never need to carry extra batteries again and don’t have to worry about the charge on the Go Pro running out. I took this on a trip to Iceland and even in cold temperatures the Go Pro did not lose power as easily with the Volta attachment. It also makes taking selfies and video clips from up close easier. I just wish it was there when I purchased the Go Pro as I would not have purchased all the extra batteries I did at the time.

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