JSAUX 2-Pack Steam Deck Screen Protector, Ultra HD Glass Protector 9H Hardness Easy to Install with Guiding Frame Scratch Resistant Tempered Glass…

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  • 🎮【Only for Steam Deck】Full-screen coverage 7-inch tempered glass screen protector. Edge to edge!
  • ✅【Easy to Install】Comes with a guiding frame that allows you to easily install the screen protector to your Steam Deck without having to repeatedly align the edges.
  • 💎【Ultra HD Clarity】With 99.99% Transparency, you can enjoy the original clarity without any additional blemish.
  • 💪【5X More Durable】Extra-reinforced at 500℃ for several hours, 5X more durable than other regular screen protectors that have been reinforced only once.
  • 👍【Anti-fingerprint】With the oleophobic coating, the JSAUX Steam Deck screen protector will keep your screen clean and tidy at all times.
Product Dimensions

6.83 x 4.19 x 0.5 inches

Item Weight

4.9 ounces

Item model number


Special Features

Touch Sensitive

Other display features



HD Clarity



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Date First Available

June 27, 2022

13 reviews for JSAUX 2-Pack Steam Deck Screen Protector, Ultra HD Glass Protector 9H Hardness Easy to Install with Guiding Frame Scratch Resistant Tempered Glass…

  1. HiredGunSG

    The packaging looks very premium. Everything is contained very well.

    It is super easy to use and apply.

    Makes the Steam Deck look like it has a bit more insurance, especially with a rubber molding sleeve to cover the Steam Deck from falls. This just adds an extra level of protection on top of that.

    Perfect Fit.

    Comes with (2) applications. In case you f**k the first one up (which, I don’t see how if you follow the video tutorial) or you have two Steam Decks and apply them to both with no problems.

    The only real con I can think of is the installation manual that comes with the package. It is so small and really doesn’t do anything for the user applying the screen protector.

    The screen protector is glossy and reflects. Some people do not like this and that’s why I listed it.

    If you really wanna see how it is applied, just follow the video on here where you can see pics on the left. The video is a tutorial on how to apply the screen protector. I did it and followed exactly what the tutorial showed and I was done in about 30 seconds.

    Final Thoughts:
    I know a lot of people do not like glossy screens. This screen is glossy but it still looks beautiful when applied the right way(it doesn’t bother me, IMO). Now, would I recommend this to anyone with a Steam Deck? I definitely would recommend this product to anyone that wants to protect their screen on the Deck and use a product that is super easy to install in a matter of seconds and likes the premium look.

    Great job to JSAUX for making a superb and superior product.

  2. Richard Gosses

    very easy application. no air bubbles.

  3. Luis

    Installed it with the included tool. Made sure to be careful removing the tool because many said it removed the glass. No issues so far. Touchscreen works normally. Looks great. Now my screen isn’t anti-glare, but it is protected. Also, no bubbles. Take your time installing this. I recommend this if you are looking for a screen protector.

  4. Phill Calvin

    I had a few issues when initially installed the first screen protector where I couldn’t clear all of the bubbles which I believe was because of some dust that attracted to the glass very quickly, so I tried to install the second screen protector that had a defect.
    Needless to say I wasn’t thrilled. However, JSAUX reached out to me to make it right.

    They sent me a second set free of charge, and it did install without too much hassle, but given the experience I do have a few thoughts.

    1: As soon as you pull the protective plastic from the screen protector it starts attracting dust from the air, which brings me to my second thought.

    2: Don’t use the guide. It’s pretty easy to line up the side of the screen protector and the edge of the Steam Deck touch screen. The longer the glass is exposed the more dust particles are going to get on the adhesive side of the glass.

    All and all it’s on, it works, and that’s all I really need but I do really appreciate a company that reaches out to it’s customers to make things right when they’ve been found wanting. More than likely after this I’ll be picking up their Deck Case.

  5. shadw_uk

    I purchased and fitted this yesterday and have the following issues to share:

    The instructions supplied aren’t anything to do with the screen protectors, its instructions “for cable” “for charger” this is all that it says, the rest is Chinese. So not fit for purpose.

    The frame for the protector install snaps onto the deck ok, but then you still have to align the protector itself within the frame, whilst its sticky and ready to fit (not easy), The frame is very poor in use as a guide and has a major problem, the protector is the same size as the hole in the guide, so the glass of the protector gets stuck on the edge of the guide frame if you are a fraction of a mm out.. lifting the guide frame then starts to peel the protector back off the deck.

    The protector only has a peel off protective sheet on one side, so after installing mine, i found it was already marked and immediately had to remove it and try again with the other which I felt was poor.

    I wouldn’t buy this again, its poor quality in all respects and I’m going to try and return/get a refund for mine as its faulty/not fit for purpose.

    Lastly its also affected the touch screen sensitivity.

  6. High Power

    The bubble on the edge has been shrinking went away after about 3 weeks.

    I want to like this piece of glass, this is super thin, really easy to install and the coverage is literally edge to edge. But that come with an annoying issue, there will be bubbles forming on the edge of the screen because the edge are usually where the unevenness exists (maybe from the process of rounding the edges). I end up with two corners that does not stick and two long bubbles along the edge of the screen. That’s why usually the screen protectors are slightly smaller than the screen it self or have a black edge (either soft edge or glass edge) to avoid or hide the bubbles.

    I have no doubt that the corner will eventually collect some dust or peel off from there because it is not sticked to the screen. But for now I don’t want to waste the first one just yet. I will wait until the next one to see if the issue was my application or the protector itself.

  7. Mario Lebash

    Guide is nice, but the first one bubbled up a lot so reapplied the second it was better but not as good as protector I used on my Switch OLED, will see how it holds up.

  8. Kindle Customer

    Tried using the guide that comes in the pack with the first screen protector and it just caused problems, ended up not being able to get rid of air bubbles at all because it went on with totally uneven pressure. The guide seems to be smaller than the screen protector so you can’t actually slot the glass down into it. Wasted the first protector, put the second one on by hand and it went on fine like a standard screen protector would.

  9. Liam

    Not sure about all the other reviews, but these are no good for the steam deck,
    Applied one and used it for a few hours, the on screen keyboard does not register touch inputs and literally have to force press the screen to make it register input, take off the protector and it’s perfectly fine, wish I could get a refund, rubbish

  10. 🌸 Ciel 🌸

    has 0 airbubbles, incredibly easy install/no problems with the frame and the clarity is actually better than a naked 512gb model screen
    also! the wipes and cloths provided for install were such good quality?? normally the ones provided w other screen protector brands arent worth using but these worked flawlessly.
    underrated product that id definitely buy again

  11. Dave H

    putting it mildly. The only bad bad thing I’ve bought for the Steam Deck so far, the idea is good but good luck trying to fit one of these things onto your deck screen without having lots of “bubbles” or whatever you want to call them distracting your vision. Not particularly giving JSaux screen protector a one star, this score would apply to all makes of ’em .

  12. Gavyn Starr

    Came with 2 screen protectors in case you mess it up or one breaks. The bracket made it fool-proof and so incredibly easy to install. I literally can’t tell it’s there. It doesn’t interfere with the touch screen, not does it raise above the side of the screen. Best steam deck screen protector out there for sure

  13. nickens11520

    It was quite easy to install because of the slightly raised edges along the steam decks screen.

    This made it possible to use those as a guide, and with ease, I dropped the protector into place. Looks good.

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