JSAUX Kickstand Protective Case for Steam Deck, PC0102 TPU Cover Protector with Stand Base, Protective Cover Case Compatible with Valve Steam Deck…

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  • 【Unique Design】Specially designed for Valve Steam Deck (2022 Release). Easy to install and remove. [❌Note: 1. If you attach protective skin decal, the case will not fit prefectly; 2. Not compatible with JSAUX Docking Station.❌]
  • 【Protective Case with Stand Function】Perfect combination between a protective case and a stand base, has the advantages of both products. With this unique design, the steam deck becomes more convenient to play and adds more possibilities.
  • 【Fit Perfectly】All cutouts are aligned and every port or button will not be blocked by the case, half wrap design make it easy to install and remove. Behind the Steam Deck, the opening holes solve the heat dissipation problem excellent.
  • 【Ergonomics Design】The ergonomic design for this Steam Deck case made it more comfortable and easy to grip for extended gameplay, a texturing design on two sides for non-slip can bring a better hand feeling.
  • 【TPU Material】TPU case effectively solves annoying fingerprints and the accumulation of dust and oil.
Product Dimensions

11.81 x 1.61 x 4.8 inches

Item Weight

6.7 ounces

Item model number


Date First Available

May 25, 2022




Shenzhen Wuyishi Technology Co.,Ltd

Country of Origin


10 reviews for JSAUX Kickstand Protective Case for Steam Deck, PC0102 TPU Cover Protector with Stand Base, Protective Cover Case Compatible with Valve Steam Deck…

  1. Avatar of Amazon Customer

    Amazon Customer

    Overall, it’s not a bad case. It makes the deck feel a lot more solid in your hands – my naked deck sometimes creaked a little when I held it one handed, with this case on it doesn’t. Gives me peace of mind and the textured grip is a lot less slippery than a naked deck. It does add a bit of weight to the deck though.

    And it also includes a built in kickstand. Prior to getting this case I had no idea how useful that one feature would be, but now I use it practically all the time. I definitely wouldn’t buy any protective case that doesn’t include a kickstand after experiencing this one. The kickstand doesn’t have multiple elevation levels or anything, but it’s simple and it seems sturdy.

    It’s got cutouts for everything and doesn’t affect thermals any, but it fits very snugly in the official carrying case, so if you’re concerned about your sticks pressing against the top of the carrying case, you may want to invest in a larger one.

    If I had to choose the biggest thing I don’t like about it, I’d say it’s the power button. Specifically, the cutout is really too small for your finger to press it, so you need to use your fingernail. Still, that’s a fairly minor quibble. My understanding is that there’s a revised case from this company that addresses these concerns, but this one’s flaws doesn’t bother me enough to upgrade.

  2. Avatar of Ray P.

    Ray P.

    The only part that don’t get a 5 star for me is the fit on top of the screen as you can see in the pictures. It has a small gap and doesn’t sit flush with the system. It’s plastic so small drops will protect the Deck but don’t expect it to be like a phone case. It does include a kick stand which is a plus. It has a little bit more of a grip so I’m hoping that it can tackle my hyperhidrosis (sweaty hands/feet). It feels good in the hands and don’t add extra weight or bulk. It does not have anything extra to protecting your triggers after your done playing, something you should consider when buying. It does fit inside the case the Deck came in. All in all a decent minimalist case. Will update to see how this holds up with my condition. Enjoy

    Update: Very nice case but it did not hold when my hyperhidrosis kicked in. Also, the power button on top is more recessed due to the case. Have to use my pinky to reach it. It’s still a 5 star case in my book.

  3. Avatar of Jason C

    Jason C

    It’s a good balance in terms of offering protection without being overly bulky. It feels good to hold and there’s a slightly rough grip which makes it feel secure in your hands.

    The downsides are – it’s too big to fit in a Jsaux dock – so you have to remove the case to use the dock !

    The stand seemed like a good idea but I haven’t used it at all as I’m either holding it or it’s in the dock – if you’re using gaming mode exclusively it’s pointless.

    Overall I’m happy from a protection and feel perspective- it’s a shame Jsaux haven’t redesigned their docks to accommodate their own cases.

  4. Avatar of Tim Neuf

    Tim Neuf

    I wanted a case with a kick stand, and this one does the job nicely. It fits snugly on the steam deck, the ports are aligned fairly well, slightly off center on the aux port but everything is totally useable with a reasonable amout of space around each port. My only disapointment is that the kick stand doesn’t stay out with a click or anything. The kickstand friction fits in the case, and when you flick it out, it can swing open and closed. I was hoping it would stay firm when opened all the way.

  5. Avatar of Some gamer

    Some gamer

    Pros: Feels solid and alright to hold: Good texture where the hands go to maintain a good grip while maintaining good access to the back and shoulder buttons

    Cons: Top of the case not as well planned: Top of the case is very loose and doesn’t snap securely to the deck, and the recess for the power and volume buttons is too deep which makes it difficult to push

  6. Avatar of Thomas Feno

    Thomas Feno

    I purchased this protective case since it was listed under Amazon’s Choice and I can see why: This is the ideal protective case for your Steam Deck!
    So far, I’ve been using it to watch YouTube or Twitch streams after winding down from work instead of guzzling power from the pc and the kickstand, despite how thin or flimsy as it may appear, has never once collapsed on me even while standing on the bed!
    As pictured, there are holes around the vents to allow for proper air flow all the while designed to look like part of the console instead of just an attachment.
    For streaming, I could see a fringe use for the Steam Deck as a secondary monitor to view chat while propped up with the kickstand, just be sure to adjust the power settings so it won’t go to sleep for when you need it.
    My only real gripe with the case would be to have a slightly larger hole for the power button, but that’s probably because I have large hands, and shouldn’t really necessitate any adjustments to compromise on it’s form factor.
    So yeah, if you need a reliable and cheap Steam Deck case ($20 w/coupon at the time of writing), then look no further!

  7. Avatar of Michelle Hyams

    Michelle Hyams

    Case didn’t find around the top so sent back

  8. Avatar of samuelson


    This is the only case you need to look at.
    feels so nice in the hand with a real premium rubber construction, that adds extra grip and frosted plastic insert on the rear.
    All the ports line up perfectly and comes with a built in stand like the Nintendo switch.
    With the clear back if you fit a skin it would show through and look amazing.
    I’m really liking the brand Jsaux and will be looking to try there dock as my next purchase.
    10 out of 10.

  9. Avatar of Matt Ponton

    Matt Ponton

    I’ve been rocking this case for almost a month.

    * The texture of the case feels good, not too smooth and not too rough.
    * The case is easy to slip on, and feels secure when done.
    * The kick stand has greatly helped my experience when wanting to use a Bluetooth device or passively watch my deck.
    * The transparent backings let me create artwork to put between the Steam Deck and the case, which lets me add a bit of flair to it without having to deal with skinning my deck itself.

    * Although I do have larger hands than the normal person, the power button access is the only button access I have frustrations with. Normally I have to power it on with a finger nail as my finger is too big to fit in the access space.
    * The kickstand mobility feels ‘soft’ or ‘squishy’, and there’s no locking mechanism to ‘snap’ it into the fully opened position.
    * Related to the above, but a separate con point, the kickstand has given me some annoyance when trying to either open it from the closed position or trying to fully close it. That is, it typically requires my finger nail to pry the kickstand open from the closed position, and I typically have to press harder than I’d expect to make sure its fully closed. That said, the kickstand doesn’t fall open or anything, it’s just tougher than I’d expect to pop it open. Basically, transitioning between states is more annoying than it should be, but when it is in the fully open/closed state I’ve had no issues.

    Edit/Update: I feel I should mention that the Steam Deck won’t fit in the Valve Steam Deck Dock with this case on. However, I’ve found that removing or putting on the case is not a difficult task.

  10. Avatar of d i tinkler

    d i tinkler

    Fits really well to the deck and has a quality look and feel to it. All controls and ports are accessible and vents aren’t obscured. It fits in my Mcbazel Steam dock but is almost sat upright at 90° to the dock which is fine for me when I connect it to a monitor for use.

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