KLIM Chroma Wireless Gaming Keyboard RGB New 2022 Version – Long-Lasting Rechargeable Battery – Quick and Quiet Typing – Water Resistant Backlit…

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  • INSTANT CONNECTIVITY: Plug the USB receiver and use the keyboard instantly, up to 30 feet away. No need to install any drivers!
  • LONG-LASTING BATTERY: Use the keyboard for many days thanks to its integrated rechargeable battery and save on disposable ones.
  • STUNNING RAINBOW BACKLIGHTING: Bring your desktop to life! Select static or breathing mode, or disable the lights completely if you prefer. Note: colors are not customizable.
  • IMPROVE YOUR TYPING SPEED: The membrane keys have a short travel distance to make typing a quick effortless action. Thanks to a new generation wireless transmitter, it performs as well as a cable version.
  • UNBEATABLE DURABILITY + 5-YEAR WARRANTY: The frame is made with highly-resistant ABS plastic and the keycaps feature a special coating to protect the keyboard for may years. We offer 24/7 support and a reliable 5-year warranty!
Product Dimensions

17.32 x 5.67 x 1.14 inches

Item Weight

1.1 pounds



Country of Origin


Item model number



1 Lithium Polymer batteries required. (included)

Is Discontinued By Manufacturer


Date First Available

July 15, 2018

13 reviews for KLIM Chroma Wireless Gaming Keyboard RGB New 2022 Version – Long-Lasting Rechargeable Battery – Quick and Quiet Typing – Water Resistant Backlit…

  1. Avatar of Jennifer Fields

    Jennifer Fields

    I purchased this keyboard last year in November 2021 and have been very satisfied with it’s performance. It is comfortable to type on and the different color backlighting is cool, but it would be better if the sleep mode didn’t take effect so soon. This is an issue when in a dim room because it can be a bit difficult to see the opaque lettering before pressing on that first key to activate the lights.

    Additionally, recently the keyboard was only staying on if it was connected to the charging cable it came with, and last week, it began shutting off intermittently even while connected. That should have alerted me to the fact that it was a cable issue and not a battery issue, but it didn’t and I contacted Klim’s customer service. Lolita, the customer service agent, responded quickly and one of the suggestions given was to try a different cable. But she also reiterated that there was a 5-year warranty should none of the suggestions resolve the issue. Charging with a different cable that I already had in my possession worked and I am now utilizing the keyboard again without having to be connected.

    I am extremely happy with this product and their customer service and would not hesitate to order one of their other products should I need one in the future.

  2. Avatar of God Is Good

    God Is Good

    Battery built-in usb to charge, can’t change, if need long get one that you can change the battery they last month’s not days. But I like it 🙂

  3. Avatar of Elan2016


    I like how the lights come on and turn off by themselves. I also like the battery life, considering I am always using the lights, 2 – 3 days is pretty good.
    I don’t like the buttons, they seem kinda stiff. And for some reason I consistantly find myself. Pressing v for b And e for r. Its gotta be something with this keyboard. Because I have never-ever experienced this problem before.
    All and all its a decent keboard ( 4 stars ).

  4. Avatar of Amazon Customer

    Amazon Customer

    My 10 yo bought this himself 2 years ago, been working great! He likes the design and colors. Last week it didn’t charge, I emailed customer service, they responded the next day, tried their suggestions and it worked! Give the excellent customer service, good product and 5 year warranty we will buy from this company again!

  5. Avatar of R. Kansara

    R. Kansara

    Fantastic Keyboard for the money. I did not actually realise it’s rechargeable which is a massive bonus.
    The keyboard feels sturdy and is really responsive for gaming. It looks VERY cool in the dark too.
    The only tiny negative is the length of the USB-C cable for charging, it’s a little on the short side, especially if you have a power board with USB sockets.
    Don’t go spending hundreds of $ on a keyboard, this one works wonders without breaking the bank, trust me you will be impressed.

  6. Avatar of ravi kanth

    ravi kanth

    The media could not be loaded.

     I usually don’t buy unbranded ones. But this time I thought I would give this one a try as I desperately wanted a keyboard with caps lock light, which this one has.
    As with any new keyboard it usually takes time getting used to. So I accidentally press unintended keys. Which is expected.
    So far haven’t seen any key misses. I have directly connected the usb to system port than in usb hubs, I have observed that usb hubs tends to not respond properly and miss keys in branded kb too.
    Gaming experience has also been good with low latency, have attached a sample video.
    Can’t really comment on the battery life as I have a habbit of putting everything in charge before going to bed. Have used it for 9 hours continuous wit various activities without loss of power or functionality, which is good for for me. Length of charging cable is optimal not very small and not long either.
    Edit: removed one star as control+shift+any other key doesn’t work. It may be a drawback in some games, but it affects a bit while coding. Will update as and when I find other stuff.

  7. Avatar of Rudner L.

    Rudner L.

    This is an update to my review below. I have to say I am very impressed by the customer service that I have received.

    When I initially contacted the company, they quickly replaced the keyboard even though I had it for about a year and a half. The replacement worked well for a week or so, and then I started to have the same issue. That was when I realized it was probably my fault, as I was using a different cable than the one they provided. They confirmed that this would cause the issues with the keyboard. Despite that, they provided me with another replacement.

    I love the keyboard and am very impressed with the service. Thank you!!
    I really like the keyboard and would have given it 5 stars but after a year and a half, the battery no longer holds a charge. I am hoping the company will do the right thing and replace it.

  8. Avatar of Ethan Molter

    Ethan Molter

    Dont take off the keycaps because they will crack and be uncomfortable when you put them back on. Tried cleaning my keyboard and took off keycaps only for like half of them to crack and be uncomfortable to use. Its still a cheap and easy keyboard I have used for about a year and I just bought a new one for replacement. It runs out of battery fast tho so expect to charge daily. Other than that it gets the job done well and I just plug a usb c when it gets low while gaming and it never disconnects.

  9. Avatar of Dean C. Mumme

    Dean C. Mumme

    I bought this keyboard more than 2 years ago and it finally died. The battery stopped taking a charge. When I examined the unit, I saw that the seam along the top was split and it appears that the battery had blown up in size like as lipo’s do when they die. I have used the unit about 40 or more hours a week so I feel I got my money’s worth.

    I needed an immediate replacement and after shopping around on Amazon I found myself back looking to buy it again. It was priced at only about 60% of what I had payed for the first one. When I got the new one I was amazed at how much the quality had improved. The original one had moderately sloppy keys like a lot of cheaper keyboards. Sometimes when typing, especially a wider key, the key would be pressed at an angle and it would want to ‘jam’. Not often, but still a bit annoying.

    The new one’s keys are much more precise in their movement than the first keyboard’s keys ever were. There is NO cocking sideways, or jammed movement. The keys are still light to the touch but they have a much more solid feel–no sideways play. This time I bought a 4 year warranty for it only to notice later that it already has a 5 year warranty (which I still haven’t read). So I should attempt to get a replacement for the first unit which should still be under warranty. I plan to update this review with the outcome of that endeavor.

    So buy it already. In addition to the good price it has that long warranty and plenty of good features–numeric keys, wireless re-chargeable, sleep-mode, and the colorful back lighting. I have not used it for gaming or other ‘high speed applications’ but it should do well by you.

  10. Avatar of Brian N Roman

    Brian N Roman

    It seems you have to press certain keys with more force than others. Otherwise its been working fine. The backlighting is helpful and remains on for a minute or so before going dark.

  11. Avatar of Brandi S.

    Brandi S.

    I originally ordered this keyboard just over 2 years ago and was (and still am) very happy with the product. The product is lightweight, the keys feel nice and they are pretty quiet. I like that it has the separate number pad but the whole keyboard is not too large or bulky. The (rechargeable) battery lasted longer than I expected so I was able to take advantage of the wireless feature. When the battery does die, you can still use the keyboard while it is plugged in and charging, and the battery light on the top right corner turns off when its charged. The rainbow colour lights behind the keys are a nice touch, too! I am not a gamer though, so I have no comment on its features for that purpose.

    Just recently the battery started to die more frequently and I had to plug it in more often, which was not the end of the world for me, as most keyboards require cords anyway. However, the battery eventually started to expand and the keyboard warped and became unusable. I went back to my Amazon order and checked to see if there was a warranty – and there was, 5 years! I reached out to customer service via email with pictures of the keyboard and my original invoice. They responded within the same day and offered me a replacement!

    I have the replacement now and I still love it. The company has provided exceptional customer service – they were very responsive and they stand behind their product. They even checked in with me to make sure that I received the replacement and that it was working as expected.

  12. Avatar of Sidney W Gould

    Sidney W Gould

    Not suitable for gaming, word processing or general use. The left shift & ctrl keys (for example) cannot be pressed together with another key; this renders many shortcuts unusable and is problematic in games as well. The keyboard response is sluggish, and it does not do well with multiple repeated presses of the same key; for example ‘well’ or ‘presses’ in this sentence each required multiple attempts (though attempts did not). The keyboard is very light, which makes it unstable on many surfaces and the overall quality is very poor. DO NOT BUY.

    If you want a better version of this product, get the Logitech K800 instead. When my K800 suffered a mishap and needing replacing, I thought I’d try this keyboard. Big mistake.

  13. Avatar of Shelby


    First I wanna say that, I was very iffy about this reading the reviews. But I must say, I was very happy with this purchase.

    The battery life is amazing, it lasted almost a whole month before it needed to be charged again. It charges really fast and it’s so soft and easy to type on. The only complaint is that it can’t be one color, but other than that, it’s an amazing keyboard. Definitely give this a shot!

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