Lizsword Wired Gaming Mouse, PC Gaming Mice [Breathing RGB LED] [Plug Play] High-Precision Adjustable 7200 DPI, 7 Programmable Buttons, Ergonomic…

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  • 🎄Charming Breath RGB Backligh:16 million color options for the backlight setting make your gaming mouse look cool.The RGB lights is more vibrant than basic light up mice.Turn it off when you unwanted.
  • 🎅🏻High-Precision DPI & Polling Rateh:gaming mouse run flawlessly with optical sensor and avoids random clicks.adjust DPI 1200-7200,polling rate125-1000Hz to provide precise cursor movements for gameplay.
  • 🎁Seven Programmable Buttons:Mouse have 7 buttons,can set for more functions like rapid fire,macro etc.Software is initial setup.side buttons are default as forward,backward for efficiency surfing.
  • 🤶🏻Ergonomic Design,Less Fatigue:The ergonomic contour makes gaming mice fit in any hands.Texture of mouse is a super-fine rubber that feels comfortable and less your fatigue during multiplayer sessions.
  • 🎂Plug & Play, Build Quality:As a plug-and-play wired mouse,easy to use and work with Windows,Mac OS,etc.You can feel the solid construction of all buttons.They are responsive,won’t squeak or get stuck.
Package Dimensions

5 x 3.46 x 1.93 inches

Item Weight

6.4 ounces

Date First Available

December 9, 2021



8 reviews for Lizsword Wired Gaming Mouse, PC Gaming Mice [Breathing RGB LED] [Plug Play] High-Precision Adjustable 7200 DPI, 7 Programmable Buttons, Ergonomic…

  1. Blake Josey

    I very much so enjoy this mouse. I love when they have adjustable sensitivities on the mice themselves! Very accessible for people. The light just looks awesome and it’s hefty, not light like maybe an office mouse. I very much so enjoy this product and use it every day.

  2. H. Buehrer

    I don’t play games competitively… but I think that this mouse does it’s job very well!

    I’ve bought two of these for my two PCs and I would recommend this mouse to anyone wanting to upgrade from a regular mouse.

    It’s simple to reprogram the two programable buttons on the top, and feels fairly comfortable in the hand (I have fairly large hands)

    It has a nice RGB affect as advertised, and can be customized via the software.

  3. Marley Kim

    I’m very happy with this mouse for my gaming on my laptop. Thanks

  4. R. Stone

    The mouse wheel developed a squeak gradually since purchasing it about two months ago. It was periodic and quiet at first but now it sounds like nails on a chalkboard every time I use it. I work in an extremely clean area, no smoking and no dirt or grime build up. I’ve done some digging inside the mouse to make sure nothing got inside stuck. It all looks clean as a whistle.

    Unfortunately there’s no obvious solution other than just shoddy build. It’s driving me crazy. Getting another mouse.

    Giving it four stars because the mouse seems to work fine otherwise and I may have just received a dud.

  5. Jeffrey K. Krogue

    I had a old but very nice logitech lazer gamin mouse, my dog at the cord off it so had to get a replacement. I was tempted to get another logitech because well I knew it was a sure thing. Anyways I saw the reviews on this mouse and thought it looked awesome so I thought I would give it a try. Well it does indeed look awesome and feels good in the hand. My old mouse was weighted and kind of like the feel of the heft but I’m pleased with this new one and so long as it doesn’t fail on me would say its definitely worth the price. I would have had to play something like a First Person Shooter side by side to get a real idea how they compare on precision but this new mouse seems fine. Again my logitech was probably more than 10 years old so I can’t compare to a new one. If I had to guess they based the button placement, size and shape of this mouse off the logitech, don’t know.

  6. John Nichols

    The mouse was a good purchase. With Win 11 the extra buttons were not working and I am glad it came with a mini disc with the software. My new PC does not have a CD rom drive so I had to move the driver files to a jump drive. They should put these files on a tiny jump drive instead because it was hard to try and find a website that holds the necessary drivers needed. The mouse lights up and is bright, so if I want to leave the PC on over night to download large files I just put a cover over it. I have found the side buttons a bit hard to reach and think that the mouse if it were a bit longer would fit my hand better.

  7. Stormster

    I play a lot of completitive games and I have used many mice throughout the years some by logitech some by razor or corsair but I always came back to these mice. I have a mouse from the same company that looks the same and feels the same (not the same mouse as its a slightly diffrent color) and it lasted me a uncountable amount of years. I just want to say I wont switch anytime soon

  8. Amazon Customer

    The previous one lasted for year and a half. This one is an upgraded model.
    Comfortable and very responsive. Like how it sits in a hand

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