Logitech F310 Wired Gamepad Controller Console Like Layout 4 Switch D-Pad PC – Blue

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  • Simple plug-and-play USB connection — works with Windows XP, Vista and 7
  • Customizable with Profiler software (requires software installation)
  • Broad game support—works with popular new titles and old favorites
  • 10 programmable buttons, 8-way programmable D-pad
  • NOTE: Refer the User Manual before use.
  • Broad game support—works with popular new titles and old favorites
  • Customizable with Profiler software* (*requires software installation)
  • 10 programmable buttons, 8-way programmable D-pad
  • Simple plug-and-play USB connection — works with Windows XP, Vista and 7
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6.78 x 2.94 x 8.06 inches

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6.4 ounces

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2 AAA batteries required.

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July 9, 2010



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10 reviews for Logitech F310 Wired Gamepad Controller Console Like Layout 4 Switch D-Pad PC – Blue

  1. Rie Fjohür, Esq.

    I’ve been playing console video games for at least 22 years, right around the time I picked up a SNES controller on the family console for the first time in the early 90s. This continued through the late nineties when my parents purchased an N64, to the early 2000s when I purchased a PS2, 2007 when I purchased an Xbox 360, and continues to this day after I purchased an Xbox One a couple years back.

    Why mention my extensive console gaming experience? PC gaming is a completely different animal. When you grow up on D-pads and analog sticks operated by a single thumb, trying to fit WASD into your head is a tall order. Here’s a good analogy anyone can relate to: let’s assume you are awesome at typing on a QWERTY keyboard, 150 WPM or some such. You get a job as a data entry technician, and when you sit down on your first day… they have DVORAK keyboards. What are the chances you’re going to learn a completely new keyboard layout to do your job? None. You’re gonna go to Wal-Mart on your lunch break and buy yourself a QWERTY.

    Which segues into why I purchased one of these. I needed a gamepad for my PC because I simply could not adjust to the completely different hand placement and movement paradigm that comes with a PC video game. I kept losing my finger positions on the keys and high-stress situations (like attempting to dodge and exchange fire with an enemy on a shooter) were really getting me in trouble because three-finger movement on WASD was taking too long to process.

    Adding to the complications are that my system is Linux, which is usually a no-go from the start because nothing ever seems to work on it. I decided to take a chance on this anyways because with Amazon gift cards and a Prime trial, I got it for $11.

    To begin with, the package this controller comes in is a nightmare. It’s a clamshell with no room to maneuver a pair of scissors or a razor blade around the controller inside, so you have to use the little tab and perforations on the back. Problem is, the perforations end halfway down where the controller is contained, so your only option is to tug on both ends and send your controller flying when the package inevitably bursts open. After collecting the entire contents of the package from the floor, all that’s inside is a controller and two small squares of paper. I seemed to recall the product description mentioning software, so it must be online somewhere I suppose. Either that or I really sent a CD flying and can’t find it.

    But the moment of truth comes later, when you plug it into a PC. Does it work? As a Linux user, the answer is, surprisingly, yes.

    I plugged in the USB connector and nothing happened. This either means the operating system knows exactly what it is and doesn’t have to do anything, or you’re SOL and need a driver or something. My eyes were drawn to the little Logitech logo on the center of the controller, and I decided to push on it to see if it was a button like the XBox Guide button on their controllers. It is! Steam’s Big Picture mode launched and I needed no configuration or messing around with anything to make it simply work. On a Linux system. I was amazed.

    So I decided to push my luck on a ROM using a program called Mednafen, which is a multi-system retro console emulator. Didn’t work so well any more in Xinput or direct mode, though this is almost assuredly due to Mednafen’s programming and not anything to do with the Logitech controller. I searched out the profiler software mentioned by the instructions to attempt to fix this problem, but after finding the Logitech support page I discovered that they only offer software to recent versions of Windows, so you won’t get any help from them if you run another system. About 5 minutes of Google searching later and I find QJoyPad, and now everything is perfect.

    This controller has a total of 12 buttons (2 bumpers, 2 triggers, click analog sticks, select, start, A, B, X, Y) and 6 axes (Dpad X/Y, left stick X/Y, right stick X/Y). The Logitech logo launches Steam Big Picture for me, but I have no idea if it will work on anything else. It has a very similar size and form factor to a PlayStation DualShock controller with fatter feet on the bottom, which I like because DualShocks are bony and poke my palms uncomfortably. You’ll see the form factor is very similar in the attached photos, which I also placed alongside Xbox controllers for contrast and a pack of standard playing cards for scale.

  2. Rebekah Brewster

    Not the most comfortable controller, but works well for pc gaming. Haven’t had an issue with set up or sticking and the cord is plenty Iong. For the price, an excellent value.

  3. Flavio A.

    Entrega exatamente o que promete. Um controle decente, com detecção automática pelo windows e compatibilidade total com steam e w10, como se fosse um controle de xbox.
    Boa construção, bom tamanho de fio, bom material. Fica entre as duas melhores opções para controles de ótimo custo benefício, seriam ele F310 e o Redragon G807, duas excelentes escolhas tendo como diferença apenas o preço e a qualidade do D-Pad e botões superiores que são superiores no modelo da Logitech.
    Com o F310 com preço em baixa ele é a melhor opção do mercado, principalmente na amazon com o frete grátis.

  4. A Nunez

    I’m an 80’s kid and have loved gaming since the original Nintendo came out but took a break while raising a family. I recently got back into gaming after a few years and decided I’d try online gaming rather than buy a system to run the classic NES and SNES games that I love so much.

    I started playing emulator games online and was looking for a controller that world work with online games but once I actually looked into it I realized very few controllers will work with online emulator gaming sites but, I’m happy to report that this one does!

    I read the reviews before buying and it seemed like it might work and since I own several Logitech accessories for my PC and love them I figured this would be my best bet at finding a compatible control so, I’m so glad I bought it!

    There’s little to no lag time, the controller was immediately recognized by my laptop. I didn’t need to install a driver or anything. The cord is a good length for PC gaming, and I’m all around happy with my purchase.

    I expected high quality with Logitech and that’s what I got. It just arrived today but I’ll update and report back after a few months of use to let you know how it holds up over time.

    If you’re looking for a controller for online emulator or steam games, I highly suggest getting this controller and for under $20 you can’t beat the price and value.

  5. M’Kay

    So, this review is going to get updated over the next few days to weeks as I use this controller more. Here’s what I have to say about it so far.

    First of all, It’s really actually more like a 3.5/3.75 stars out of 5 stars. I know I know, I could just pick 3 or 4, and I did in some ways as you can see if you look at the features stars and such. But… overall it’s kind of just ‘good enough’. It’s not really worthy of being called 4 stars, but 3 stars is kind of too mean. Almost.

    Here’s the problem.

    1. The dpad has a little too much play to it for my liking. What do I mean by this? When I hold the dpad in my fingers, I can rotate it slightly back and forth. This may seem like a good thing to some people for… whatever reason… but for me, it’s a controller sin. D-pad should be solid and stable in a way that makes it so that each button press is exact the same every time. This way when you are trying to do things like combos in a fighting game for instance; you can actually re-perform the move consistently any time you need to. With a d-pad that has play in it, you have no idea if the plastic housing is going to be in ‘just the right spot’ each time.

    So far, it’s been ‘good enough’ in this respects, but only just barely.

    2. The Joy sticks are actually just slightly off center. Both of them, exactly the same way. Both are just a tad to the top left of dead center. It’s not noticeable looking at the joysticks, but when using a calibration setting in some games/emulators/steam/etc, you can see that they are indeed just a tiny bit off center to the top left of dead center. This is painfully obvious in steams calibration settings. If you want to decrease the deadzone to the closest possible point to the center of the joysticks, you are left with a crescent moon essentially instead; where the joysticks actual center is red, but the stick itself is in that other spot, making the red ‘dead zone’ look like a crescent moon.

    To be perfectly clear, the controller still works and is totally ‘good enough’ in this regards as well, but it’s kind of annoying considering how much Logitech puts an emphasis on making things ‘the best’. This is not… the best. Not by a long shot.

    But considering I got the thing for about 30$ rounded up… I can barely complain too hard. Hence why it’s a ‘good enough’ controller.


    It has a switch on the back that lets you swap from direct input to x input. This is amazingly important for a lot of games out there, as each will work better with some than others.

    Fable for instance… Default setting of direct input just works. No problems. It. Just. Works.

    But X input? It’ll work, but you’ll have to remind it of a few settings needing to be different… and steam seems to think that it needs to skip over things when in x-input. It’s weird.

    But it’s nice to have, because there are plenty of games and emulators that use one or the other, or both. And your mileage may vary on either setting. So it’s nice to have both.

  6. piggy

    The Controller is Good But Not Good For (FPS) Games!!! I Played Fortnite And Pubg With This Controller… The L2 And R2 Triggers Are Strong Its Like You Have To Give Extra Pressure In Building Battle in Fortnite And Shooting With Those Keys In Pubg Was Very Difficult I’m Not Saying The Controller Is Not Good I mean It’s Not Suitable For (PVP and Battle Royale) Games !!! For Casual Games, Its Okay Tested It with GTA5 and Dying Light!!! Thanks to Amazon They Accepted My return!!!! Hope This Helps You Guys Before Buying

  7. Nicholas Vance

    It’s consistent, which helps. I’ve used them before, and for 2D games, it’s pretty great. However, the primary control stick is designed like a D-pad due to the Switch function, meaning that it’s pretty awful for 3D games that weren’t designed with a dpad in mind.

  8. Edward

    I own a Gulikit (anti-drift sticks), 8BitDo SN30 Pro, Xbox 360 controller, and this Logitech F310. Per-dollar, this $15 F310 was the best purchase. I love the solid clicks of the X Y A B buttons, even if they still feel membrane. The sticks are reasonably accurate but have more deadzone than the Gulikit and SN30, but less-to-equal to the Xbox 360. The palm fitment for me is great with large palms and short fingers, it holds comfortably.
    Out of all the above controllers, I reach for this one first. No bluetooth to fiddle with, no batteries to charge, just grab and game. Wireless is nice and all but there’s a convenience cost as well as an increase. If you’re looking for a controller to use and wireless isn’t a hard requirement, this one is really hard to go wrong on. If you need absolute dead-nuts accurate sticks, maybe look at a hal-effect-sensor “anti-drift” stick gamepad, but otherwise I’d recommend this one.

    A side note, there’s a button that swaps the D-pad and the stick. Using that, the d-pad will handle movement and the stick will handle directional buttons. Weird, not sure why, but definitely a thing you can use to semi-kinda-sorta convert between PS twin-stick style, and Xbox offset-stick style. The D-pad however is not a stick, so your movement ends up with 8 specific directions rather than full analog movement.

    Edit: Forgot to talk about the triggers. They’re meh. The feel isn’t great, the throw is fine, the accuracy is fine. Can definitely make do with them, perfectly fine for weapon triggers in games. Can make do with them in racing games. I like the resistance of them more than the Gulikit which is too light, but less than the 360. Again though, perfectly serviceable and would not hesitate to recommend this controller in the slightest

  9. Lanre

    I just received this in the mail and have been trying it with various PC/ steam games for the past few hours on a Windows 10 machine. So far, I have tried out this controller with: Overwatch, Hyperlight Drifter, Overcooked, Stardew Valley, Fez — all of which have had no issues, and I’m sure this controller will work with any PC game that support controllers. Additionally, since I don’t think it’s specified on the Amazon item page, the chord length is 1.8 meters (6 ft) as indicated on the box when it arrived. Not the longest, but corded means no lag with gameplay and no batteries needed.

    – No drivers are necessary, it’s just plug-in and play despite another reviewer that mentioned needing to install it on Windows 10. I personally did not need to install anything – everything just started working ASAP.
    – Controller-supported games will detect and change control modes right away, which is really convenient! The only game I’ve had be a bit more finicky so far is Hyperlight Drifter and Overwatch, where you cannot use your mouse + keyboard and the controller at the same time or else it gets a bit glitchy.
    – Holding this and using this feels exactly the same as using a Playstation controller, but works fine for any Xbox controller supported games on PC. Of course, the only difference is the swapping of the D-pad and joystick location, but that’s to be expected.
    – This controller is light but sturdy. Well built and doesn’t feel like it’ll fall apart any time soon. Each key is very responsive both joysticks are very smooth with a nice textured grip. Found out that the joysticks can also be pressed down as a melee attack on OW.
    – Download of the Logitech Gaming Software is completely optional. This is only useful if you want to program the buttons on your controller, or if you’re playing a game that doesn’t have controller support but you want to use the controller anyway. Otherwise, you can just keep your controller set to X mode.

    So far, I haven’t found anything problematic. And honestly at this price, how can you really go wrong? It’s Logitech good, which is a consistently reliable company vs. those various esoteric brands that I’ve never heard of showing up all over Amazon nowadays…

    I haven’t tried it on any browser-based games yet, but if you have questions and would like me to try and review one for you, feel free to send me a message! If you have any other questions, feel free to ask me as well — reviews help me greatly in determining which products to purchase, so I hope this review can help you too.

  10. hitesh thakur

    if you are confused about buying it or not then you are at the right place.

    this game-pad is absolutely masterpiece from from a trusted brand logitech.
    after 3 months of heavy use i feel that this product is worth it.
    you will get used to it and will feel comfortable within a week because many people have posted that analogs are hard .
    the quality seems to be too good as expected by logitech.
    please dont compare this to redgear.
    i think redgear is nowhere near logitech. i have encountered number of people having redgear and their complaints are too much .redgear controllers get many problems within months.
    if you can put 100-200 extra then definitely go for it . it does not have vibration feedback which is quite bad. redgear provide you with vibration feedback , but i think you can get that in 250rs controllers also . logitech provide you with very very long warranty service 3 year.

    i bought this for around 1020 rs -effective cost. it was sale time and rate was 1200 and there was 15% cashback by amazon.

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