Logitech G Cloud Gaming Handheld , Portable Gaming Console with Long-Battery Life, 1080P 7-Inch Touchscreen, Lightweight Design, Xbox Cloud Gaming,…

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  • Cloud Gaming System: The best of cloud gaming in your hands, play hundreds of AAA video game titles, up to 1080p 60fps with no downloads or hardware upgrades via WiFi and cloud gaming subscriptions
  • Multiple Cloud Gaming Services: Integration with Xbox Cloud Gaming (Beta) and NVIDIA GeForce NOW, with access to more cloud services through the Google Play store app
  • Remote Play: Use this handheld gaming device to remotely play your games with the Xbox Remote Play app and Steam Link app
  • Immersive Gaming Experience: Gaming handheld device with 7-inch Full HD 1080p touchscreen with 60Hz refresh rate and full screen 16:9 gaming experience
  • Unanchored and Handheld: 12+ hour battery life and ridiculously lightweight portable gaming system at 463 g you can comfortably play all day
  • Native Gaming Design: Gaming console with gaming-grade controls that rival the best console controllers with haptics, gyroscope, and remappable controls
Release date

October 17, 2022


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Product Dimensions

10.11 x 4.61 x 1.59 inches, 1.02 Pounds


Video Game



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Item Weight

1.02 pounds



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2 Lithium Polymer batteries required. (included)

Date First Available

September 21, 2022

3 reviews for Logitech G Cloud Gaming Handheld , Portable Gaming Console with Long-Battery Life, 1080P 7-Inch Touchscreen, Lightweight Design, Xbox Cloud Gaming,…

  1. Henyachi

    UPDATE: After using this for a bit longer I felt like this had to be dropped down a star. At this price point, it definitely should be a little more powerful. Also, how is there no HDMI out?! Some of the cheapest handhelds have that. Lastly, the d-pad is terrible. You have to press down a lot harder if you want to move diagonally.

    While it may be a tad overpriced, this thing does a great job as what it’s advertised to do! It streams games from my PS5, PC, and Xbox perfectly. Only the occasional wifi lag but hey, that’s on my end. I experienced the same quality streaming to my phone!

    I also dabbled in emulation and was able to run PS1, PSP, and PS2 games almost flawlessly. Unfortunately, some PS2 games are too much to handle on this device.

    A couple examples would be Sly 2: Band of Thieves. Everything would be in slow motion if there was too much on screen. Crash Twinsanity ran great but since it was already a glitchy game, it would either freeze or I’d fall through the map.

    BUT, some other of my favorite PS2 games like The Simpsons Hit & Run, Spider-Man 2, Crash Bandicoot, and Tony Hawk’s AW run great!

    All in all, the screen is great, I love the battery life, and it’s probably the most comfortable handheld I’ve ever owned.

  2. Joe

    Logitech GCloud review

    My two weeks with the Logitech GCloud has been wonderful.

    1. Short and Sweet Review:
    The Logitech GCloud is a great portable gaming handheld if you use services like Xbox Game Pass, Steam Link, GeForce Now, PSPlay, or some google play Android apps (emulators or basic games).

    The Logitech GCloud is meant for cloud gaming or remote play gaming and should be treated that way. If you want a console that has the games locally, I would recommend a switch or steam deck.

    The performance on this device for cloud activities is amazing. Xbox Remote Play and Xbox Cloud play are buttery smooth and it’s jarring to me how I can play games this well.

    Highly recommended.

    2. Longer, More In Depth Review:

    Continuing off my shorter review, the GCloud is a great device. Logitech is known for creating mice, keyboards, and other great computer accessories, so when it comes to user experience – they definitely know how to provide a device that just FEELS GOOD.

    A. The Device Itself:
    The grips feel like I’m holding an Xbox controller. The triggers feel like Xbox triggers. The analog sticks are rubber and fit on my larger hands nicely. The touch screen is responsive and smooth. The buttons remind me a lot of Nintendo DS/3DS buttons. They aren’t “clicky” like say, a BackBone device, but moreso a smooth button push that feels hollow. The USB-C and headphone jacks are welcome additions at the bottom of the device, and it’s also nice to get a micro sd card slot for expandable memory.

    The device is also not heavy at all. The GCloud is very light, and feels lighter than my Nintendo switch. The device is also thin. It’s thin in the center, and then bulks up on both sides for the controller aspect. Imagine taking a tablet and putting two halves of an Xbox controller on both sides – but somehow making it feel great and weigh nothing.

    B. The Operating System
    The GCloud’s operating system reminds me of the Nintendo Switch. Which is actually a good thing. Using a Nintendo inspired UI makes the Logitech’s OS feel familiar while still feeling independent.

    When setting up the device, you actually get the choice between the OS being an Android look and feel OR the Logitech Gaming Menu. That was a nice surprise to me because it’s nice that Logitech isn’t blocking out Google or the Google Play Store. You can download google play apps to this thing and sign into google play all out of the box.

    The operating system is very user friendly and easy to work with. I do recommend updating the device as soon as possible, however. Out of the box, there are some OS quirks that get resolved in an update. Just make sure to update asap.

    The GCloud’s OS doesn’t seem to allow multitasking. Only one app can be open at a time. Which isn’t a bad thing. The Nintendo Switch is very similar.

    Overall, the operating system of the GCloud is user friendly and easy to use.

    C. Performance of Games and Services:
    The GCloud shines here. Microsoft worked closely with the GCloud in making sure that Xbox Cloud Gaming and Xbox Remote Play work smoothly and efficiently.

    If you have Xbox Game Pass with Xbox Cloud Gaming, cloud games work very, VERY well. Just make sure you’re on a decent WiFi or similar connection and you’re good to go. I’ve played games like The Sims 4, Hello Neighbor 2, Fortnite, etc and they all work great with little to no issues.

    Xbox Remote Play is a true star as well. My Xbox is set up in my office, and sometimes I just want to play games on the couch. The GCloud lets me remotely play my Xbox in any room of the house comfortably. This is super convenient. Remote play is amazing.

    Steam Link works similarly to Xbox remote play and I’m able to play my entire steam library on the go as well. Steam Link on the GCloud lets you enable a mouse cursor mode, and it’s super cool being able to play mouse oriented games on the GCloud.

    NVidia’s GeForce Now is similar to Xbox cloud gaming but it feels more like a launcher if you have pre-existing connections like epic games, Steam, etc. I haven’t touched it too much.

    Google Play Store is convenient on this device. I’m able to download and install most mobile games and they run fine for the most part. I love emulators and it is very cool being able to install GBA, SNES, NES emulators with some of my favorite childhood games.

    The GCloud does a great job functioning as a full fledged Android tablet and gaming device.

    D. Critiques and Limitations:
    The GCloud is a cloud device. Any local content is limited unless you have a WiFi connection or some kind of connection to work with. That is also dependent on your interment speed.

    If you are for whatever reason unable to connect or have a limited speed, then you’re stuck with local apps – and that’s where this device has limitations. Emulators work great. But some apps that are more graphically intense will chug a bit. The graphics card inside isn’t necessarily meant for local intense gaming – so keep that in mind.

    While I personally haven’t had issues with the hardware, the device does have a limited manufacturer warranty that covers some parts and services. I would definitely read it over just in case you have screen pixel issues or drifting analog sticks. Again I’ve had no issues personally. Logitech does have a good customer support from what I’ve read.

    The operating system is constantly getting updated which is great. But keep in mind that there are some issues out of the box like volume controls being on max level and remote play not allowing input at all. Again, this gets fixed with software updates and I highly recommend updating before playing anything at all.

    The asking price of $349/$299 (when on sale) is a bit much for a device like this. For $50 more ($400) you can get a 64gb steam deck or even a Meta Quest 2 virtual reality headset. Hell, even a Nintendo Switch!
    In my personal opinion, a price of about $199 to $249 more suitable for a device like this.

    I know that Amazon sells their tablets at a loss but makes up for it with software sales and purchases. Logitech doesn’t exactly have that luxury. I think Microsoft should consider partnering up with Logitech and make this a flagship portable Xbox console, maybe then Logitech might be able to price this more competitively.

    E. Overall Thoughts:
    The Logitech GCloud has changed the way I see gaming. I love that the device lets me remote into my PC and consoles and lets me play anywhere. I love cloud gaming. I love the Android google play availability.

    I find myself grabbing my GCloud more than my Nintendo Switch. I’ve used Game Pass way more than I’ve ever used it because of my GCloud.

    I do recommend this device because it really is an experience. BUT keep the limitations in mind before purchasing.

    Amazing device and I hope That Logitech continues to support and update it. This could totally be Microsoft’s Flagship “Switch” if they play their cards right.

    Thanks for reading!

  3. Dalton Rooks

    After being able to spend a couple hours playing on all the different Cloud gaming services preinstalled on the G Cloud I feel that there are some issues with connection to internet. On any other of my wireless devices that are using the Wi-Fi they get incredible connection but yet whenever I try streaming any game from the Xbox Cloud I get very intermittent connection with alot of screen tearing not to mention while using the Steam connect the input lag is almost nauseating. Im hoping that in the next couple weeks that there are some firmware updates to improve upon the small things.

    -The way the handheld controls feel in my hand blew me away. Very much appreciate the offset analog stick set up that is more like an Xbox controller so once I had it in my hand it felt incredibly natural.
    -Button response is incredibly snappy and I dont feel that there is any play whatsoever so as soon as you hit any button it reacts.
    -The screen resolution for only being a 1920x1080p display still feels incredibly easy on the eyes and I didn’t feel I had any eye strain from being on any of the apps.
    -This device is every bit as big as the Nintendo Switch if not just slightly bigger but after holding it you wouldn’t even come to that conclusion.

    -As much as I appreciate the HUD I do feel its kind of lacking based on the fact that with it being an Android OS there is so much more customization options being left out.
    -(EDIT I’m just blind there is an option POG) There is no way on this device in order to check and see what your storage capacity is unless you go into the Google Play Store which feels like an incredibly annoying aspect because if you are needing to make sure that you don’t run out of the 45gb of storage HAVING to go into the google app feels like wasted time as opposed to just having it in the main options list.
    -The fact that the main volume button doesn’t ALSO involve navigation of the main menu is odd. You could potentially have the volume all the way at 1 for the system but the navigation sound is still at a 10. There is a slider in the options to adjust this but I feel that they should both work hand in hand.

    -I very much enjoy the device and look forward to seeing how the device performs in the next couple months as all of the small little bugs and QOL improvements are made. I don’t think buying it right now is a bad idea but just be prepared to deal with some things baring in mind that Cloud Gaming as a whole is still in its early infancy stages.

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