Logitech G502 X Lightspeed Wireless Gaming Mouse – LIGHTFORCE hybrid optical-mechanical switches, HERO 25K gaming sensor, compatible with PC – macOS/Windows – Black

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  • Icon reinvented: From the legacy of Logitech’s most popular G502 design, G502 X LIGHTSPEED wireless gaming mouse is reimagined and redesigned with the latest innovations in gaming technology
  • LIGHTFORCE switches: All-new hybrid optical-mechanical switch technology for incredible speed and reliability, as well as precise actuation with crisp response, for hours of performance gaming
  • LIGHTSPEED wireless: This wireless mouse features pro-grade connectivity, with an updated protocol achieving a 68 percent faster response rate than the previous generation and improved reliability
  • HERO 25K gaming sensor: Incredibly precise down to the sub-micron for high-precision accuracy with zero smoothing/filtering/acceleration for high gaming performance every time on the computer
  • Redesigned DPI-shift button: This cordless optical gaming mouse features a reversible and removable DPI-shift button for precise customization depending on your grip and preference
  • Redesigned dual-mode scroll wheel: Switch between hyper-fast free spin and precise ratcheting mode, and tilt left and right for two additional personalizable controls
  • POWERPLAY compatible: G502 X LIGHTSPEED computer mouse stays charged, at rest and at play, with our unique wireless charging solution (sold separately)
  • Make your choice: Available in black and white colorways

‎Logitech G



Item model number


Hardware Platform


Operating System

‎Windows 10

Item Weight

‎3.59 ounces

Product Dimensions

‎6.9 x 4.6 x 2.8 inches

Item Dimensions LxWxH

‎6.9 x 4.6 x 2.8 inches




‎1 Lithium Polymer batteries required. (included)



Date First Available

‎August 30, 2022

9 reviews for Logitech G502 X Lightspeed Wireless Gaming Mouse – LIGHTFORCE hybrid optical-mechanical switches, HERO 25K gaming sensor, compatible with PC – macOS/Windows – Black

  1. José Francisco Adán Santillán

    I’ve gone back and forth between a number of mice. I started with a wired G502 (older model) where I was getting some cramping from games. The old 502 is a brick too, over 115+ grams. I’m a palmer that sometimes fingertips grip, 20×10 hand shape, action kind of gamer that plays a lot of MMO/rpg, non fps type games.

    After my G502 I then tried and returned Viper V2 pro (too small, no hump, major cramps), to a Pulsar Xlite V2 – still have, good hump, light 60g, but the side clicks felt shitty, and the sensor was jittery sometimes, felt like I had less control though my cramps were gone, also battery life was iffy and had some problems dropping connection. Then I got the G Pro Superlight (GPX) which was fine but no USB C, the worst side mushy buttons I’ve ever clicked in my life, the coating felt weird for my dry hands, and it wasn’t wide enough so I was getting major cramps when trying to palm so I returned it

    Enter the g502x wireless:

    Went no RGB to lower the weight, though this thing still is a bit heavy & would be perfect if we should shave off 20g to a max of 80 or so.

    Battery is perfect and long.

    I don’t really need the DPI buttons to the left of the left click.

    For the shape, the side rubber feels great to hold though I know based on my old G502 it will wear down and I’ll prefer having the option to add grip tape eventually. The G502x is a bit wider than the G502, very slightly, but noticeable. It also has a slightly lower mid hump which fills your palm less, this I would have preferred to stay. The old G502 hump more comfortably fills out your lower palm when palming or claw hybrid grip. It makes me tense my wrist slightly more as I have less palm squeezing the mouse, but not significantly so. I usually let my ring finger and pinky rest to the right of the right click straight finger not curved in, and there is enough room & rubber that it feels good on the g502x. Also to the grooves/lines in the mouse you don’t really feel them.

    The new clicks on the G502x feel crispy, though are a bit hollow sounding. I’m usually with a headset on so I don’t hear it but they still feel good and should last longer than mechanical switches like the old g502.

    Side button clicks are outstanding, snappy and no pre travel.

    The scroll wheel is tighter than the G502 (not rattly), but doesn’t feel as nice in the infinite scroll when unlocked. Locked it feels fine and tight.

    If you like the g502 you’ll like this refresh but wish it was a bit lighter

  2. Ri

    I’ve never really used a G502 up until now, and the mice I typically used before in the past were from Razer, and this was a stepping stone from the Viper Mini.

    First things I’ve noticed were the lack of a braided cable, and compared to a mouse that I bought two years ago for $25, it’s kind of a shame it isn’t commonplace on a mouse of this price, and honestly I doubt it would’ve costed them that much anyways.

    Second, is the material quality and texture, with this feeling firm feeling and also being smooth to the touch, and this in turn makes it incredibly easy to get smudgey after a while of use. Not really a dealbreaker since it is a mouse after all. Ergonomically, it does feel comfortable with the rubbery bits on the side to help retain grip, so you shouldn’t really need grip tape unless you have slippery or smaller hands.

    Third is the sound, and I think it’s a tad bit louder than I’m used to, but I’m unsure whether or not in time this will break in and become quieter or softer. I do trust these to be much more durable as these do use optical switches, so there shouldn’t be any double clicking business going on here. The scroll wheel is the main reason why I bought it, but the scroll lock button/switch is a bit loud, but it does do the job and work fine.

    Finally to wrap it up, I think this is a fairly good mouse for the price, even with some of the faults and issues I’ve mentioned in this review. It does well for gaming, office tasks, and generally is just a great all-rounder if you want a mouse without RGB, weights, and just something that works out of the box without much configuration.

  3. Steven Precourt

    My review is for the Gen 2 mouse. I have used the Gen 1 for almost 10 years as my primary mouse, and while it was great in most ways, it had some flaws like the defective switches which eventually made the mouse unusable, and also the excessive weight. The Gen 2 keeps everything that was good about the Gen 1 and improves everything that was wrong. The new switches feel great and super responsive, and because they’re optical, there’s no risk anymore of unwanted double clicking or getting stuck down. The weight of the mouse has also been reduced so it makes your response time and fatigue lower. I think the grip pads on the sides are more comfortable than the old model. I have big hands so using a “normal” size mouse is painful for me and the Gen 1 and Gen 2 are the only mice I’ve used that fit well in my hand. I can put my whole hand on the mouse up to my palm and my hand doesn’t overhang the mouse. The Logitech software is also great and easy to use and lets you manually set DPI and rebind every button on the mouse which is amazing. So in summary, I think the Gen 2 is the best gaming mouse available.

  4. Bront

    I’ve been a long time user of the G602 and G604, but both were heavy, and the 604 replaced the 602, and has since been discontinued and not replaced. So after searching for mice with extra buttons near the thumb but also comfortable with a lot of the features I’ve loved in the 604. While the G502 X didn’t fill all those needs, it’s been a great choice.

    – Ergonomic – It just fits my (rather large) hand well in a few different positions, and is so light I’ve found my wrist fatigue has been reduced significantly. Unlike the 604, I can press every button easily without looking for them, particularly the scroll wheel, DPI adjustments, and 3 easy to find thumb buttons is great. It also feels comfortable, which is hard to describe, but the material feel is what I want in a mouse.
    – Light – I mentioned this in the ergonomic part, but its super light. Apparently it’s around 105 grams, which can be heavy for an ultra-competitive mouse, but for most gamers or folks just looking for a light wireless mouse, it’s great.
    – Great button feel – The older Logitech mice used to have a weird mushy click and my old 602 and 604 both had issues where the button would stop working well. The new G502 X models have a new mechanical click that feels amazing. Very much like a mechanical keyboard as far as consistancy and feedback. Not every button has the same feel, but they all feel very tactile and reliable.
    – Great battery life – I can get 3 weeks on a full charge at 1000 hz poling rate. Don’t bother with smaller polling rates, as when the mouse isn’t being used it’s not a power issue, and when it is in use, it’s still not a huge power issue. You might get a few extra days at best, but if 3 weeks isn’t enough charge time for you, I’d be shocked.
    – USB-C charging – Sad that this is still a plus, but USB-C cables are so much better. Glad we’re finally starting to no longer see Micro-USB cables.
    – Works Wired – Forgot to charge it? You can use it wired, or use it while charging (Either works).
    – Great sensitivity – The mouse is so adjustable, I found I could turn it down from my usual DPI and get both great responsiveness and accuracy with a near default config.
    – Customizable – Logitech G software has flaws, but it does allow some pretty good versatile configurations. Every button can be remapped and remapping can be done on a per-app basis.
    – Logitech Support – I’ve had multiple issues with Logitech mice long into their service but under warranty, and Logitech has always been easy to work with to get a replacement or help. This sounds like I’m saying Logitech has a quality issue, and I’m not, I know stuff happens, particularly with high use products, so it’s good they stand by them.

    – Large – It’s not a small mouse, so if you have small hands, it could be a little large for you. It also means it’s not easily portable, though honestly mice aren’t that large in general, so portability isn’t a major concern, and you can always get a mouse case if you travel a lot and want to protect it.
    – Logitech G Software sucks – I mean, it does OK, it can auto-sense games, you can copy profiles, but it has several general flaws, including if it detects a new game it generates that game’s default setting that you CAN NOT CUSTOMIZE ahead of time. If I have a known default mapping/DPI setting I know I like in most games, why can’t I make that the default? Also, making button changes and navigation of the US is very unintuitive. Like one of the worst UIs I’ve worked with on a major brand’s software. It also by default likes to spam notifications that is harder to turn off than I would have liked (Otherwise, every time the mouse gets touched, you get a windows notification or 3 about the mouse and DPI changes). Their old software (pre 2015) was easy to use, and worked in the UI was nearly the exact opposite of this. Fix your software Logitech!
    – No backup gliders – Not a deal breaker, as I know I’ve not had a mouse with glider issues in the past 10-15 years, but it would be nice, particularly on a gaming mouse where if the pads wear it could be noticeable for some. I don’t need stickers Logitech, I’d rather have a replacement pad set.
    – No pinkie rest – Some mice have a nice pinkie rest that helps you relax your hand a bit. This mouse does not. That’s definitely a personal thing, and honestly most gaming mice have moved away from this due to weight, but with a large hand, I like mice with them.

    Overall, it’s a great mouse with a lot going for it. I’m enjoying using it, have found my hand/arm feel better after a day of using it vs my old mouse, and love all the features it offers that I can look past any small shortcomings.

    Who do I recommend this mouse for? Artists who need finite DPI control. Office workers who want a bigger mouse (there are cheaper options, but it’s a solid productivity mouse). People who use their computer for a significant time. Casual gamers. Competitive gamers who want an all in one mouse. It’s a good mouse for a lot of use cases, which is why I’m giving it a 5 star review. It’s not perfect, but very few products are, and it’s strong where it needs to be.

  5. Dave Piston

    1) Distinct metallicy click sound when using main mouse buttons (love it or hate it, I love it)
    2) Cool looking design and colors
    3) Buttons feel good to use and have good response times
    4) Mouse is light and easy to maneuver when using
    5) Good selection of buttons
    6) App is easy to use

    1) The mouse is rather long so those with smaller hands or those that prefer a smaller mouse should look elsewhere. It took some getting used to and I still wish it was about half an inch smaller for better button access.
    2) The cord can be annoying but that was the tradeoff with the price so it balances. Know what you’re getting into. No batteries and great respone time but you’re physically tethered.
    3) As far as I know you can’t reprogram the DPI adjustment buttons on the top to the left of the main mouse button. I rarely need to adjust DPI on the fly and would rather program them for specific games but I don’t think that’s an option.

    Overall good design and performance. You sacrifice freedom of movement with the cord but I think the value and the lack of batteries and bluetooth hassle are worth it.

  6. Jelena Petrovic

    Muy bien producto, le dura mucho la bateria

  7. Roberto R.

    The media could not be loaded.

     they get what you pay for scenario, and you get a lot for your money with this bad boy. It is feature packed I could go on forever talking about it, but you can find all those features listed elsewhere. Ergonomically is very comfortable to use for long periods of time and has excellent battery life in real world usage As well as being fully programmable/customizable. I’ve had some pretty high-end mouses in my day from Razor and other companies and not much if anything can out compete this, if so it’s by such a slim margin you would never notice. The coolness factor is off the charts as that’s the first thing people notice in my entire set up full of the coolest gadgets like a Divoom Time Gate and stuff like that everywhere so much that my media room/man cave Is a tech gadget Wonderland of tasteful items and almost 20 sets of Almost everything Govee lighting has to offer to top it off. just keep an eye out for sale as it’s obviously not the most affordable mouse on the market, but nobody ever regrets purchasing the best quality product, you’ll never sit there months later thinking, boy I wished I had a lower quality mouse, as you will forget about the price pretty quickly, but you will be stuck with whatever most you buy, So depending on the application get the right mouse for the job so you have no regrets..

  8. Amazon Customer

    Llego hoy y es usado, marcas de desgaste incluso comida dura en los botones.

  9. Ri

    This mouse is fantastic for a plethora of various uses. It fits in your hand just right and there is a weight to it that just adds to the comfort in using it. The chord itself is long enough to accommodate any desk set up, and the sensitivity can easily be controlled to suit your needs. This mouse is smooth and effortless to use. The programmable buttons on it are easy to assign and use. Overall, beautiful mouse!

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