Logitech Lift Vertical Ergonomic Mouse, Wireless, Bluetooth or Logi Bolt USB receiver, Quiet clicks, 4 buttons, compatible with…

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  • Lift yourself up: When the desk life gets you down, lift yourself up with Logitech Lift Vertical Ergonomic Mouse – a great fit for small to medium right hands
  • Raise your hand into comfort: Rest on Lift upright mouse throughout the day, with a softly textured grip and snug thumb rest for level-above cosiness
  • 57 degrees of sooooothe: Lift’s vertical shape helps wrists feel like “ahhh” at work, and promotes a more natural posture in the forearm, for day-long comfort and productivity
  • Relax into focus: Settle into work with a cordless mouse featuring easy-to-reach customisable buttons, whisper-quiet clicks and a SmartWheel for smooth, seamless scrolling
  • Ergo-certified: Lift wireless vertical mouse has been designed, developed, tested and approved according to criteria set out by leading ergonomists
  • Connect your way: Connect via Bluetooth Low Energy or Logi Bolt USB to Windows, macOS, iPadOS, Chrome OS, or Linux, and enjoy up to 2 years battery life
  • Plastic parts in Lift include certified post-consumer recycled plastic (Graphite: 70%, Rose and Off-white: 54% – excludes plastic in receiver, battery, printed wiring assembly (PWA), FFC cable, and packaging)
Average Battery Life in hours

‎24 months



Item model number


Hardware Platform

‎Laptop, PC, Mac

Operating System

‎Linux, Chrome OS, Windows 10

Item Weight

‎4.4 ounces

Product Dimensions

‎4.25 x 2.76 x 2.8 inches

Item Dimensions LxWxH

‎4.25 x 2.76 x 2.8 inches



Power Source

‎Battery Powered


‎1 Lithium Polymer batteries required. (included)



Country of Origin


Date First Available

‎April 19, 2022

8 reviews for Logitech Lift Vertical Ergonomic Mouse, Wireless, Bluetooth or Logi Bolt USB receiver, Quiet clicks, 4 buttons, compatible with…

  1. biojazz

    so I ordered this mouse because I was looking for an ergonomic mouse. I originally purchased a similar design of a cheaper quality so when I saw Logitech was selling something similar and being Logitech… Well why not?

    at first site / feel this was exactly what I was looking for. when I connected and started using the mouse I noticed it to be jumpy and erratic. Thought maybe the battery? new battery. Same issue. Thought maybe my pad. new pad, same issue. Installed driver. same problem.

    Returned the product and exchanged for the same thinking maybe faulty unit. second unit, same issues. quite disappointing.

  2. Marcos M Hasegawa

    Fiquei muito satisfeito com o mouse Logitech sem fio Lift Left Vertical pois uso o mouse tanto com a mão esquerda como com a mão direita. Até o lançamento deste modelo, a Logitech só tinha mouse vertical para destros. Com as dores no pulso causados pelo mouse convencional, acabei tendo que buscar um mouse vertical. O melhor que encontrei até então, foi o Logitech sem fio MX vertical que comprei juntamente com o teclado ergonômico Logitech Ergo K860 que também recomendo. Mas infelizmente o mouse Logitech sem fio MX vertical só tinha a versão para destros. Com o recente lançamento do Logitech sem fio Lift Left Vertical, a Logitech finalmente atendeu a demanda dos canhotos: mouse vertical para canhotos. Afinal, não é possível ter mouse vertical ambidestro. A minha única sugestão para melhoria é a área emborrachada que poderia ser total, tanto no contato dos dedos polegar e mínimo como na palma, a exemplo do Logitech sem fio MX vertical. Eu tenho uma pegada do tipo Fingertip e acabo tendo que adotar uma pegada do tipo Palm para movimentar o mouse. De qualquer forma recomendo o Logitech Lift Left Vertical sem fio. Agora posso alternar o uso do mouse vertical entre as mãos esquerda e direita.

  3. Angela C.

    I went from a larger technet ergonomic mouse to this one. My mission was to find same shape but better quality. My pinky was ON previous mouse. I thought I was upgrading as this mouse is 3x’s the money spent. This is much smaller and the slight angle difference makes my hand feel like I am shaking a baby’s hand and not an adult. My hand wants to slide down the mouse onto the mousepad. So my hand is not resting as much and is pinching inward more. Whereas the other much cheaper mouse was more slanted and my pinky didn’t touch the pad and it felt more like it was in a resting position handshake of an adult. If I could offer this advice to Logi, it would be much more comfortable if a person’s pinky wasn’t touching the mouse pad. If there could be some kind of pinky rest or wider base? I don’t know maybe I am too picky and simply need more time to get used to a slightly different mouse. I will be sure to come back and update my review after using it for a week. Hoping I get use to this one and it doesn’t tire out my hand.
    The Pro’s so far: I really LOVE the texture of this mouse and how smoothly it runs. No lag time. It’s not jumpy. I got the pink one. Love how it looks. It works great! Love the slider wheel. Should last for years and love it has a battery and not relying on a cord to charge it. But that’s my preference bc my last one stopped working as it would not charge no matter what cord I used. my hand is medium in length, I am 5’3, long fingers.

    UPDATE: I love the mouse now that I am used to it. My arm/hand is NOT tired and I work on my computer all day. So thankful! I got use to my hand resting on the mousepad and barely need to move the mouse around. Now that I am use to it – if you change to this one and feel frustrated like I did, hang with it!!! It’s a great mouse and I would purchase it again. No regrets. Very happy and love it!!!!! 5 stars now!

  4. Lemon

    This is the best ergonomic Mouse I’ve ever used! I should know because I’ve used many different designs in my job performing ergonomic assessments for office and industrial workers. Of course the whole point of ergonomics is that everyone is different, so you have to find something that works for you. One size does NOT fit all! Here’s why I like this one for me.

    * This mouse feels very comfortable in my hand
    * It allows my hand to be in a “handshake” position when using it- vertical instead of horizontal pushing a mouse across a desktop. This feels more natural, especially when scrolling with my index finger.
    * I use my whole forearm to move it instead of just the tiny muscles in my fingers and wrists. This is better to prevent repetitive trauma
    * It is made for people with small hands like me. People with medium sized hands will still find it comfortable. (Logitech makes model with similar design for those with large hands.)
    * Best of all, it comes in a version for left-handed people! This is exceptionally hard to find an ergonomic mice!

    The only Improvement I would make for this design is on the magnetic cover for the battery, located on the underside of the mouse. The magnets need to be stronger. Since this mouse is tall, I have accidentally knocked it off of my desk several times and the little magnetic cover goes flying off (usually under the desk where it is very hard to retrieve without using a stick or grab-it tool). I have now taped it onto the mouse body so that doesn’t happen anymore.

    My advice for all ergonomic tools is to try to go someplace where you can put your hands on them to see if it is a good fit for you. They do carry these in my local office supply stores. I always try everything out whenever I see it because even if I don’t need it at the time, perhaps a client will, so I know where to direct them. I really hadn’t planned on replacing my mouse back then, but now my mouse and keyboard decided to stop working and I needed something immediately. That’s why I ordered it from Amazon and it came quickly. I would order this again in a heartbeat without hesitation. In fact, I’m thinking about buying another one to have as a backup.

    Hope this information is helpful to others.

  5. Giselle

    The media could not be loaded.

     A minha mão tem um tamanho médio, então ficou perfeito no encaixe. É um mouse leve e até um pouquinho mais sensível, mas não me incomodou pro meu uso normal do dia a dia.

    A parte que encosta na mão é emborrachada e por isso, pega um pouco de sujeira.

    Eu ia comprar o MX Vertical, mas estava achando muito caro e quando vi esse, resolvi arriscar e gostei bastante pelo ótimo custo-benefício.

    Ele tem versão para canhotos, conecta até 3 dispositivos Bluetooth e ainda tem conexão USB e a pilha segundo o fabricante dura 2 anos.

    Pra mim super valeu a pena!

  6. Wayne

    This review is primarily for the left handed version. When Logitech introduced the left handed Mouseman in 1991, it was the first and only ergonomic mouse for left handers. Merchants refused to dedicate shelf space to it, so it was short lived.

    The latest version is leaps and bounds above the original and is the most comfortable and natural feeling mouse that I’ve ever used. At first, it was awkward to use. After about 20 seconds, it felt natural, and traditional mice started feeling very awkward. This mouse lets you keep your arm and wrist in a natural position, whether you are using it as a desk mouse or a couch mouse.

    The primary button is the index finger button, whether you use the left or right handed version. The Logitech software doesn’t have a true setting for swapping buttons, and uses the Windows setting. So if you had your buttons swapped for your old mouse, you need to unswap them. It also means that your old mouse becomes a right handed mouse on that computer. There’s no way of having both set to left handed.

    There’s a switch to change the sensitivity. The normal one lets you do work needing fine movements, such as drawing programs. The other setting makes it more sensitive to movement, which means more mouse movement with less hand movement. It’s also a good feature if you have limited desk space or are using an airplane tray. This lets you avoid having to use the setup screens to change sensitivity.

    The scroll wheel is smooth and accurate. It also works for horizontal scrolling if used in conjunction with one of the buttons on the thumb side. It takes getting used to, and is still awkward for me. Those buttons are forward and back buttons by default, so don’t use it while editing something on a web page until you are used to it, or you could end up losing everything. A problem is that their Logi software doesn’t let you set the scroll increment. It can be done with the Windows mouse settings, but you shouldn’t have to go two places to set what the mouse does. Pressing the middle button changes from moving the pointer up and down to scrolling the page up and down. Unfortunately, there’s no speed adjustment. The round symbol that pops up should really be a longer vertical symbol that allows greater control over speed.

    The mouse includes a Logibolt receiver that can plug into a USB port, or you can use the mouse directly with your computer’s Bluetooth if it meets the specs.

    If you use it with your computer’s Bluetooth, you remove the tab from the mouse so the battery connects, and then use your computer’s Bluetooth configuration. That will save you a USB port. If you need to use the mouse to set up Bluetooth, use the receiver, and then store it inside the mouse once you have your computer’s Bluetooth set up.

    If you use the receiver, plug it into a USB port first, then pull the tab. If you want to be able to use both, there’s a button on the bottom to let you set it for up to three different devices. So if it’s set for your computer’s Bluetooth, and want to set up the receiver to use on another computer, plug in the receiver, touch the button on the bottom of the mouse (the light will move from 1 to 2) and you will be paired. You can also use the third setting for another device. If you paired it to both using the same computer, you can unplug the receiver and use the button to go back to setting 1.

    If you have a desktop computer, you will want to have the receiver paired, and can use it if you need to change a bios setting, since Windows won’t be loaded. So it’s good to pair it, even if you will just store it inside the mouse. It would be good to pair it anyway with any computer, so it’s ready to go if you ever need it.

    There’s no instruction manual included, nor do they give you a link to one in the configuration software. The QR code takes you to the software download page, but doesn’t give a link to the online manual. So some of this wasn’t clear to me without searching online. Their original Mouseman came with a 148 page manual and a 48 page getting started guide. The new one comes with pictorial printed on the cardboard it’s wrapped in. Something in between might have been nice, even if it were just a link to the manual.

  7. LJ

    Synopsis: Big fan of Logitech mice and the MX vertical is my daily driver, but I was looking to get another when I noticed the Lift. I always found the MX to feel a tad large in my hands, so I thought the Lift might be the perfect fit. It’s a good mouse, but not as good as the MX. It has a similar shape, but is a little smaller, lighter, and has quieter buttons that don’t have the same tactile feel. I thought it might be the perfect fit, but in the end I still prefer the MX vertical – it just feels more substantial, and it actually fits my medium hands better than the Lift which is a tad too small in height for my hands. I’ll explain further below.

    I’ll start with the basics, then move on to performance, fit and final thoughts.

    Connection: Bluetooth or included Logitech micro dongle. Nothing new year, both work well, and no issues. You’re also capable of paring to three separate devices using the little button on the underside of the mouse, similar to other Logitech mice in the mx series and such.

    Feel: Material and build quality are very good, as would be expected from Logitech. However, it’s very light, which may appeal to some, but feels a little too light for me. That said, it’s something you just get used to, and after using it for a bit will be indifferent to.

    Power: Requires one AA battery (included) which should last about 24 months with ‘normal’ usage, but your mileage may vary. MX Vertical is rechargeable via USB C. Given the excellent estimated battery life, the difference between them is largely moot.

    Performance: excellent performance and have no issues at all, but it’s not what I would call a premium mouse experience, and different from the MX vertical, and other mice in the MX family. Has all the typical buttons you’d expect – right, left, wheel button, wheel, forward, back, and a DPI button. Same as the MX, except the DPI button is behind the wheel as opposed to on top with the MX vertical. The biggest different between them is that the Lift’s button actuations are almost silent, whereas the MX has a very audible click and a more tactile ‘feel’ to it. You can really feel and hear the MX button actuations, whereas the Lifts are quiet, and feel comparatively soft, almost mushy, with just a hint of tactile response. Still a good experience but doesn’t feel premium feel like the MX.

    Fit/Size: Noticeably smaller than the MX vertical. Initially, in the first minute or so, I felt it fit my medium hand better. However, after actually using it for a bit, I’ve noticed that it’s a bit shorter in height, which causes my pink finger to rest on the desk, where it sometimes strays away from the mouse (see picture). This feels awkward and feels like it crowds my metacarpals a bit, which requires me to readjusting my grip to get my pinky back on the mouse. This doesn’t happen with the taller MX vertical, where my pinky sits comfortably where it belongs. So, while I find the length and palm area of the Lift a nicer fit, the height doesn’t accommodate with width of my hand properly. Given the two, and my medium size hands, I’d say the MX vertical, while a tad large, is still a better fit. As such, I’d recommend the MX vertical for medium – large, or wide hands, and the Lift only for smaller hands. However, the Lift also comes in a left-hand variation, so if you’re left-handed, it would still be well worth considering given the lack of reasonable alternatives.

    Final Thought: Very comfortable, but for smaller hands only. Those used to a more premium experience, and tactile click and feel to their mice, may be disappointed but those looking for a light and quiet experience will be happy. As for fit, if you have wide or medium-large hands then I’d recommend the MX Vertical over it, but small hands will likely be happy. As for ergonomics, I can say hands down (or sideways) that vertical mouse are much easier on your wrist and forearm as a daily driver. Good mouse, but not premium, and not as good as the MX Vertical. P.s. as for gaming, it’s possible but definitely not optimal. Rating ~ 3.7/5

  8. Paula Brito

    O que mais gostei, além de toda adaptação personalizada via App Logitech, é o quão ergonômico e confortável ele é. Tenho o MX Vertical, também Logitech há dois anos e senti uma melhora extraordinária das minhas dores por ficar o tempo todo no computador devido ao meu trabalho. Isso melhorou demais com as novas linhas de mouses verticais, e é incrível ver que está ainda melhor com o Logitech Lift. Prático, conecta em vários dispositivos ao mesmo tempo, silencioso em seus cliques e acabamento que aparentemente vão durar bem mais se comparado ao MX Vertical. Indico à todo mundo!

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