Logitech M325 Wireless Mouse for Web Scrolling – Black

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  • 2.4 GHz connectivity provides fast transmission and virtually no delays
  • Micro-precise scrolling makes everything you love to do online easier
  • Contoured shape keeps your hand happy through hours of use
  • Unifying receiver allows simultaneous use with compatible devices
  • 18-Month Battery life delivers lasting use without frequent Battery changes
  • 2.4 GHz connectivity provides fast transmission and virtually no delays
  • Note : In case of Wireless mouse, the USB receiver will be provided inside or along with the mouse
  • Micro-precise scrolling makes everything you love to do online easier
  • Contoured shape keeps your hand happy through hours of use
  • Unifying receiver allows simultaneous use with compatible devices
  • Micro-precise scrolling: New designed-for-web scrolling makes searches, shopping and browsing easier
  • Feel-good design: Contoured shape and textured rubber grips keep your hand comfortable even after long hours
  • Long battery life: Up to 18 months of battery life virtually eliminates the need to change batteries (** Battery life may vary based on user and computing conditions.)
  • For Windows, Mac and Linux: Reliable wireless connection with tiny Logitech Unifying receiver that can stay in your laptop
  • Logitech Advanced Optical Tracking: Enjoy point-and-click precision
Standing screen display size

‎2.5 Inches

Item Weight

‎3.28 ounces

Is Discontinued By Manufacturer







‎2 A batteries required. (included)

Power Source

‎Battery Powered



Item Dimensions LxWxH

‎3.73 x 1.54 x 2.24 inches

Product Dimensions

‎3.73 x 1.54 x 2.24 inches

Operating System

‎Linux, Windows 10



Hardware Platform

‎PC, Mac

Item model number



‎M325 Laser Wireless Mouse



Average Battery Life in hours

‎18 months

Number of USB 3.0 Ports


Number of USB 2.0 Ports


Memory Speed

‎667 MHz

Date First Available

‎March 22, 2012

9 reviews for Logitech M325 Wireless Mouse for Web Scrolling – Black

  1. Stubbie

    Had other brands. Sticking with Logi’ Takes years for the switched to wear out.

  2. Amazon Customer

    This is among the top 5 you can find for a laptop. Glad I could snag it for the price. It fits snuggly in ur palm and it’s real easy to use.

  3. Todd Sager

    Great mouse, I like how small and portable it is. If you play games awhile, it might start to cramp your hands/fingers because of how small it is that your hand wraps around it. Recommended for laptops and doing work vs gaming. Gaming, just get a slightly larger mouse.

  4. T

    Bought this mouse at the beginning of the pandemic for our kindergartener for hybrid schooling. We all ended up liking it and using it daily. It has a long battery life and a smooth, quiet scroll. Ordering a second one!

  5. Amazon Customer

    I have purchased countless of these m325 wireless mice over the years, both for myself, family, friends, and for work. Note that the m325c model is slightly different, and I prefer the m325.

    Battery life on these mice is excellent – I’ve gotten well over a year with the included AA battery. I do tend to switch off the mouse when leaving my computer for a while (leaving work, leaving my home PC overnight, etc) but I don’t always switch them off.

    I really like the feel of the scroll wheel on the m325. I turns easily and you can give it a good flick and it will spin on its own. I’ve even turned off the mouse and used the scroll wheel as a stress reliever (sort of like a fidget spinner). After using the m325, I can’t stand the scroll wheels on any other mice.

    One thing to note is that the mouse can become unresponsive for finicky when the receiver is close to some RF signals. For example, if you plug the receiver into a USB 3 port and then plug a USB 3 hard drive into the adjacent port, it will most probably affect the way the mouse works. I usually try to plug the USB receiver into a USB port away from any other cables, and I have even used short USB extension cables to get the receiver away from other wires. If you are finding that this mouse is not working well for you (not moving, jumping, moving slowly or with a jitter) make sure there are no other cables near the USB receiver, and/or try a different USB port.

    The regular color options are all nice – my favorite are the purple and blue ones. The black is unobtrusive if that’s what you need, and they grey/silver is just boring. There are many fancy designs but many of those are the inferior m325c so double check before purchasing.

    Years ago, Logitech had these mice packaged in a plastic package that was almost impossible to open without hurting yourself. They have since remedied that problem, and now there is a tab to pull to open the plastic package. The battery comes installed and you just need to pull a tab. Plug the receiver into your computer and you’re good to go. You don’t really need to install the software just to use the mouse in the regular way. However, if you want to use extra features, have an on-screen low battery warning, or add devices to your receiver, then you’ll need to install it (a painless process and the software runs unobtrusively on your computer without any nagging).

    The mouse is physically a little small, but I have large hands and I don’t mind it. It doesn’t have a crazy amount of buttons like some of the complex ones, and it might be the highest accuracy mouse for gaming or design work. I have used it for Photoshop, video editing, and music workstation (DAW) software and I find it adequate, but these are not my lively hood.

    One last note: I’ve seen the price on these mice range from below $15.00 to over $30.00. Sometimes it depends upon the color, or the seller/store. If you shop around, you should be able to easily find them at the cheaper end of the price spectrum.

    Seriously, this is my favorite mouse. I’ve been tempted with some of the more “capable” models, but ultimately I stick with the m325. I’ve personally purchased, or been the decision maker to purchase over 200 of them. There are at least 8 of them in my house as I write this review.

  6. Sonoma Geezer

    This is the quintessential Logitech Mouse — sturdy, responsive, value priced. I’ve tried other brands, but for one reason or another they are not as good. The last one drove me crazy — it would go to sleep and required a button press to wake up, which I usually forgot about. The Logitech 325 and other Logitech models just work immediately.

  7. ALEXE

    J’adore reçu rapidement et fonctionne bien

  8. wackman

    I’ve had one of these for a while and needed a second one for a different laptop. It’s a Logitech what more can I say!

  9. Kindle Customer scott

    This is a replacement for a previous mouse of the same model because I like it so much.

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