Logitech M330 SILENT PLUS Wireless Mouse, 2.4GHz with USB Nano Receiver, 1000 DPI Optical Tracking, 2-year Battery Life, Compatible with PC, Mac,…

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  • Quieter Click: Logitech’s SilentTouch Technology reduces over 90 percent (1) of clicking sounds while ensuring top performance, meaning you can feel every single click but hear virtually nothing
  • Crafted for Comfort: With contoured grips made of soft rubber, the noiseless M330 SILENT PLUS mouse is built to give great comfort to right-handed users
  • Long Life: This cordless mouse has a 24-month battery life (2), and automatically switches to sleep mode when not in use, allowing you to focus on your work without the hassle of changing batteries
  • Advanced Optical Tracking: With a wireless range of up to 33 ft (3), this quiet computer mouse provides high-performance precision and smart cursor control on most surfaces
  • Plug and Play: Plug the USB mini-receiver into your Windows, Mac, Chrome, OS, or Linux computer and forget about it; you can even add more compatible wireless devices without using multiple USB ports
  • Compatible with Chromebook: This product is tested and certified as Works With Chromebook (4), which means it meets Google’s compatibility standards and works seamlessly with your Chromebook
  • Upgrade to Logitech M590 Silent Wireless Mouse: Increase productivity with M590’s USB/Bluetooth connectivity, multi-device functionality, horizontal scrolling, and 6 customizable buttons
Average Battery Life in hours

‎24 months



Is Discontinued By Manufacturer


Country of Origin



‎Dutch, English, French, English




‎1 A batteries required. (included)

Power Source

‎Battery Powered

Item Dimensions LxWxH

‎2.67 x 1.51 x 4.15 inches



Product Dimensions

‎2.67 x 1.51 x 4.15 inches

Item Weight

‎3.2 ounces

Operating System

‎Windows 10, 11 or later, Linux, Chrome OS, macOS 10.5 or later

Hardware Platform

‎Laptop, PC

Item model number




Date First Available

‎September 2, 2016

13 reviews for Logitech M330 SILENT PLUS Wireless Mouse, 2.4GHz with USB Nano Receiver, 1000 DPI Optical Tracking, 2-year Battery Life, Compatible with PC, Mac,…

  1. William C.

    PRO’s: Nice quality feel with nice ergonomics. No bells or whistles you don’t need, which must allow a nice quality mouse at a reasonable price from a company known for quality computer peripherals.

    CON’s: None I can find.

    I haven’t used a mouse for a couple of years as I’ve been using the track pad on my Chromebook. I recently set up a multiple monitor mobile work desk and suddenly found myself wanting a mouse again. After getting lost in a sea of mice options, I almost purchased another one similar to this but with options like running multiple computers, none of which I needed. I really wanted it for the simple, traditional yet ergonomic design and a size that didn’t make it look like a small space craft or art piece on my desk. Then I found this one. Same size, same design, with 2 buttons, a scroll wheel, optical tracking and a USB connection (my research identified bluetooth linked mice can have more latency than USB linked mice). All I need, and even a bit more since silent clicking isn’t a requirement for me, at under $16 meant this was a no-brainer. It functions as expected, being from Logitech, is a great size for me (medium sized hands), and is a great price. I thought about trying one $5 cheaper from a different brand, but at $16 just decided to get one from a brand I know has a proven track record. This didn’t disappoint.

  2. Stan

    I used this product daily on my laptop. It died 2 year and 15 days after purchase. It is comfortable, does not use a lot of batteries. It lived part time in a laptop bag and didn’t seem to mind.

  3. Steven B.

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     My original logitech mouse (M275, the one in the middle) started giving me issues after 1 year of intensive usage so I was temporarily using a M185(the one on the right) but it was torture…I was unable to find a replacement for the original one but thank god I found this one, it’s exactly the same shape and even smoother + it’s so silent!!! I was worried at first the the noise supression technology would lower performance but no it’s just as amazing…I’m so happy !!!!! Listen to the video for sound difference, and no, I did not put less pressure on the last one to the left(which is this product).

  4. Blur

    1. It’s a normal sized mouse unlike the mini mouse and sub-size mouse sold at a lower cost. For folks with above average sized hands this is perfect
    2. Its relatively lighter than other wireless mice I have used, but not too significant for anyone to sense
    3. It runs only on 1 AA battery unlike few other mouse which need AAA or even 2 batteries!
    4. The much advertised silent click is really silent. You barely here it click in a silent room too. So folks who sit in an air conditioned room or library which has ambient silence then this is the best mouse to use! Scrolling is silent too BTW!
    5. The On-off switch is relatively bigger than some models like B170 etc. So its easier to turn it off and on. Additionally the switch glides over a red and green background which is a good visual indicator of the status of the mouse. Small lesser known feature but is very useful! (Check pic)
    6. Another lesser known feature not talked about and not available in some mice is space to store the nano receiver when not connected to any laptop. This is helpful when you want to carry the mouse and the receiver together without the risk of loosing the nano receiver!
    7. The mouse works on any flat surface without need of mouse pad. It doesn’t work on glass though. But I personally use a 3M mouse pad which provides cushioning to the hand (My review of 3M mouse pad is available on Amazon)

    1. The one thing which I have never seen but indefinitely want with a premium mouse is a mouse case. This is not available with any mouse even if you buy a 5k worth mouse and I wonder why. Am still using a logitech mouse cover which came with one of the logitech mouse I bought in the US a decade back (check pic). What will it take for manufacturers to realize that a need for such mouse cover exists in the market?!
    2. Warranty of only 1 year!! I have experienced that only if you are lucky does the mouse last you more than 2 yrs 🙁

  5. cc

    Pictures on Amazon are inaccurate ! The M330 mouse I received does not have a rubbery surface with indented triangles under the thumb, just quite a smooth plastic surface with poorer grip ! Definitely prefer the one with the rubbery grip (which is what I am using now). Upon doing more research online, it seems like the one with rubbery grip is usually sold as M331. Attaching pics of what I received vs what pics shown on Amazon.

  6. Tessa

    So my intention on buying this was to have pure silence when i clicked.
    This mouse indeed succeeded on that, sometimes I wonder if I actually clicked.

    Now to things I noticed , this mouse is on the small side. Its okay because I have small hands, but this may be a problem for others.

    Not able to check longevity of the battery since I just hooked it up.

    But for now I do recommend this mouse.

  7. John Groner

    Feels great and button clicking is truly silent which is actually quite nice. I would buy one again and recommend it

  8. Ronmazon

    – It works.
    – Clicks are quiet.
    – Wireless with Logitech Unifying nano receiver.

    – The scroll wheel is loud! It’s interesting how this mouse is advertised as a silent mouse, even if you see the video presentation from Logitech. Yes the clicks are quiet. But the scroll wheel is way worse than a regular mouse. The scroll is worse than the Logitech M510.
    – Size is in between a desktop mouse and a laptop travel mouse. Shorter than M510.
    – Width is also in between a desktop mouse and a laptop travel mouse. Narrower than M510.

    Without the quiet scroll wheel, it loses it whole marketing spell: “It’s a quiet mouse!”
    If you already have working mouse, it will beg the question, why do you need this mouse?

  9. Tom W.

    There are a few things I don’t like about this mouse. It’s about 75% of the size of a regular mouse. It had no side buttons, or any extra buttons of any sort. If it was a regular mouse I would have returned it as there are much better options out there.

    But I didn’t buy it because I was looking for a regular mouse with bells and whistles–I bought it because I needed something quiet. And I will say that it absolutely delivers in that regard. I’m guessing anyone reviewing this and saying it is too loud has completely unrealistic expectations of what a quiet mouse should be, or has a superhero level hearing ability. It does make some sound when you click, yes. But compared to the sound level that any other mouse I ever used makes, the difference is night and day here–this thing is quiet.

    I can click away at my computer if I need to work late that is setup right beside my bed while my wife sleeps and she doesn’t even stir, and I have to say she is a real light sleeper.

    If you don’t need a quiet mouse, buy something else. However if you do, give this one a shot.

  10. mc127my313

    I needed a mouse that was quiet while clicked and this worked perfectly.

  11. J. White

    It does what a mouse should do and it does it quietly! Feels good in my hand and it glides smoothly on my desktop. Recommended!

  12. Janice Strong

    Work great. Sleek, smooth and quiet
    I don’t do any gaming except for some online jigsaw puzzles so can’t really comment on that. Very happy with this purchase!!

  13. DethElf

    When you’re in an area where you don’t want to go disturbing others, like your living room, or the cube farm at work, this is a great mouse to have. I’ve got about 20-30 in-use by the employees at my workplace, and they love them.

    The only downside to the mouse itself is that while the mouse can be paired with a Unifying Receiver, the receiver it ships with is NOT a Unifying Receiver! This means that once you pair it with the same receiver as your keyboard, the receiver it ships with basically becomes worthless.

    The biggest problem I have with this mouse, however, is its packaging. Instead of coming in eco-friendly cardboard, it comes in the same plastic clamshell that you’d expect to see in a brick and mortar store for loss-prevention purposes. Considering that’s not an issue with online retailers, it’s really frustrating.

    Lastly (and this is more of a Logitech-wide issue), there is still not a USB-C Unifying Receiver available. This means if you have a newer laptop, you can’t plug the receiver in and forget about it. Instead, you’ll need a USB-A to USB-C dongle/hub, which is one more thing to carry, and one more source of wear and tear on the fragile USB-C ports of a laptop’s motherboard.

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