Mechanical Gaming Keyboard,RGB 104 Keys Ultra-Slim Rainbow LED Backlit USB Wired Keyboard with Blue Switches,Durable ABS…

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  • 【Mechanical Keyboard: Responsive Blue Switches】RisoPhy keyboard features clicky keys which offer you higher accuracy and quicker response with an enjoyable click sound when typing.This keyboard is more comfortable to type on since it features deeper key travel,greater feedback,and more space between keys.For those who prefer keyboards with a more tactile and “clicky” feel,our keyboard with BLUE switches is a nice choice.
  • 【Rainbow Backlit Keyboard Illuminate Your Desktop】With 9 different backlights,5 levels of light speed and brightness,our gaming keyboard enriches your gaming experience and improves your mood greatly,which is a great addition to your desktop,especially in the dark.Plus,the ultra-durable double injection ABS engineered keycaps provide crystal clear uniform backlight and greatly improve your typing accuracy at night.
  • 【High-End 104 Keys Full-Size Keyboard】The Win lock function frees your worry about mistyping when gaming(Fn+Win).Keycaps are pluggable and easy to clean,saving you much unnecessary trouble.We designed 4 hydrophobic holes for this keyboard,allowing water to flow away quickly to prevent damage to the keyboard.No longer afraid of accidents.(✦Include a keycaps puller for cleaning or other needs.)
  • 【Advanced Ergonomic Comfort】This gamer Keyboard adopts a scientific stair-up keycap design that keeps your arms in the most natural state to minimize hand fatigue for long time use.In order to improve your posture and make you more comfortable during use,the wired keyboard comes with 2 strong foldable rear kickstands to slope it.Moreover,the keyboard is non-slip enough because there are 4 rubber padding underneath the keyboard.
  • 【100% Anti-Ghosting & 12 Multimedia Combinations】100% anti-ghosting gaming keyboard allows all keys to work simultaneously,no matter how fast you type.12 multimedia key shortcuts allow you to quickly access to calculator/media/volume control/email.RisoPhy mechanical gaming keyboard with the number pad greatly improves your productivity.This ultra-durable keyboard with up to 50 million keystrokes life works well with Windows 7/8/10/XP/VISTA/95/98/XP/2000/ME/VISTA and Mac OS Xbox etc.
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17.48 x 6.38 x 1.93 inches

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1.74 pounds



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March 2, 2022

13 reviews for Mechanical Gaming Keyboard,RGB 104 Keys Ultra-Slim Rainbow LED Backlit USB Wired Keyboard with Blue Switches,Durable ABS…

  1. Chris Pombiere

    Bought this to replace the membrane keyboard at work. It didn’t try to install any custom software on the computer, works well with windows drivers, and types fairly well. Good value for cost. Keys are clicky and have good tactile feedback, but not as “nice” as the Razer green switches on my gaming rig.

    Backlit keys are not “RGB”, they are fixed in the colour shown in pictures. However the keyboard has a number of brightness and light pattern settings. Most importantly, the keys are quite legible with the LEDs off.

    This is a rebranded “T dagger” keyboard. Peeling back stickers reveals the original branding. If you’re looking to see more reviews of the brand or get more info on the product, maybe that detail will be useful.

    I didnt realize how accustomed i had become to wrist rests until i started typing on this keyboard. It is rather tall and took some getting used to without a wrist rest.

  2. iestey

    I needed a new Keyboard and went looking for a nice old school mechanical KB… The prices were very high for brand names.

    I landed on this one that was $37 dollars (CDN) and decided to try it. When it came it was well packaged and worked perfectly. It feels good, has a nice LED light. Not fancy but nice and for 37 dollars nice is GREAT.

    I have only been using it for a few days so we will see if it durable in time. 🙂

  3. Ravi

    I use this for my work not gaming. I am not a gamer but enjoy working with this keyboard. This is a good blue key keyboard. Very noisy and sometimes the spring is heard too much. I am planning to get some rubber washers to get the spring noise away. My wife asks me why am not working if she doesn’t hear the keyboard.

  4. Nathen &Kendra Welch

    Love how this keyboard performs. My first mechanical keyboard at home. I have previously used others and this one takes the cake.

  5. Chris

    I researched the sound on these and thought this is what I wanted, but this was just SO loud it actually hurt my ears. I had to return it. The keys were also slightly concaved upward (even though the keyboard itself slanted down, with those tabs on the back to elevate the back), so it felt a little weird. It was great IF you want something extremely loud. I thought I did because I like the clicking typing noise but this was intense. The lights were pretty… If you want something loud, this is it. Great price too.

  6. Riley Coleman

    The keyboard i received was the exact same as the picture other than that is instead of saying “mechanical” above the arrow keys. it has a soft shaped triangle with a T in the middle.

    other than that if you’re shopping for a keyboard and trying to spend as little money as possible i think that is is a great option for a high-value low-cost KB.

  7. Sarah

    I love mechanical keyboards. This one has some pretty colors, not sure I can turn them off but they aren’t super bright. Feels good to the hands, good sounding keys and not very heavy or huge.

  8. Alek Balash

    Im on linux, so the keyboard doesn’t fully function the way it is, took me a few days to actually get use to it and figure out the key bindings and what not. I’m able to play the games that i can with ease.

    Changing modes:
    FN + INS changes the modes. try them out. FN + PGUP resets it back to default.
    FN + UP/DOWN changes the brightness.
    FN + LEFT/RIGHT not exactly sure as they work differently on each setting.

    Different modes ( FN + INS changes it)
    shortcut keys work as they should for the most part on Linux
    Yes it has holes underneath, but not sure how that will actually help against liquid spillage on it.

    RGB doesn’t actually change, they are static on that key just like the images
    no instructions come with it at all
    no wrist resting at all, keyboard is a bit high for my liking but i got use to it right away.

    Sure the keyboard is nice, but for what it actually does. price doesn’t really worth it. as i been reading it’s a bought keyboard and sold increased with their product name on it. The mechanical sticker… doesn’t feel right at all.

  9. Kelly Potvin

    The media could not be loaded.

     This mechanical keyboard is amazing for gamers looking to pick up a high-quality blue-switch mechanical keyboard. When I consider and review this product, I keep the following factors in mind:

    Functionality and Use – 5/5
    The overall functionality of this keyboard is perfect, leaving me with minimal complains as a high-frequency and intensity user. As a proficient typist, I frequently type over 120 WPM and use combinations of hotkeys to complete tasks efficiently. This keyboard has supported this level of use during work/office settings, and feels highly responsive and crisp during high-intensity gaming moments, due to the blue key-switches creating a noticeable “click” with each keypress. If you have roommates or family, you may want to consider the clicking sounds of this keyboard while typing. The fact that they will likely hear your typing due to the pure “clicky-ness” of the key switches may present itself as an issue to some. Personally, this is not a factor that applies to my circumstances.

    Build Quality and Durability – 5/5
    After 1 Month of intensive use, I have not noticed any issues so far in terms of key-press responsiveness, structural integrity, or wiring/USB issues. The keys hold in place well and the LED’s have stayed consistently bright.

    Product Design – 5/5
    The design of this keyboard is minimal, but effective. Exactly what I was looking for when shopping for a keyboard within this general price range. The all-black style allows the LED backlights to really *pop*, even in bright light/daylight. The inclusion of a “Fn” key allows for the same hotkeys and macros most would be used to with other keyboards, such as volume control and media playback, amongst other things.

    QoL Features – 4.5/5
    This keyboard comes with 9 different LED-backlighting effects, such as lighting per keypress, “breathing” effects, WASD + Arrow Key backlighting, and more to complement a variety of use-cases. It would be nice to have the option to customize the LED backlighting colours themselves, as the backlighting options are pre-set; however, the crisp glow and colour choice are visually appealing and I am happy with the options provided.

    Value for Money – 5/5
    Overall, I am highly satisfied with the purchase of this Keyboard and would recommend it to any gamer, office-worker, or avid tech geek like myself. For such a low price-point, you are getting a physical product that is equal in quality to that of a name brand like Razer or Corsair, without paying for the related bloatware and branding. Anybody looking to pick up their first mechanical keyboard, you cannot go wrong with this!

  10. pepe

    Did not know mechanical keyboards existed. The description reminded me of the IBM typewriter I learned to type with. I found this one inexpensive enough to buy and hope it worked. I love it! The feeling is a pleasant comparison. The click, click helps you feel you’re busy. The mechanical keys are stiff enough to feel the pressure on your fingers and make you aware if you’ve missed a stroke. And the colorful keys are a great help in low light. As for gaming, I couldn’t tell. As per a productive work tool, I recommend it. Plus the price is right!

  11. Brandi Chapman

    Great value for such a good keyboard! I love the mechanical feel and they multi function of the lights. Paired easily and immediately threw away my old keyboard, I will never use another design again!

  12. Dalton Davenport

    Was looking at high end gaming keyboards due to my sudden interest in getting back into pc gaming. Computer and display done. Now for keyboard and mouse. All the high ends seem to have constant same problems. Found this under Amazon’s most recommended. I’m like aint no way a 30$ keyboard is out doing an msi or a corsair. Dammed if it does. Very clicky and I like it. Takes hours of abuse. Awesome light modes and helps me see the letters in the dark lol. Yea worth it.

  13. K9

    Fantastic keyboard for price. Will hv to see how it holds up long term as been only a few weeks. Key feel is great ,perfect weighting and not as noisy for blue switches. Only bummer is fixed rainbow color and no option to switch to a single color mode for all keys.

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