Microsoft Wireless Bluetooth Mouse (2022), Sculpted Design for Ultimate Comfort and Smooth Scrolling, up to 1 Year of Battery Life, 2.4G Range,…

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  • Light, portable, comfortable mouse is perfect for precise navigation on the go.
  • No cords or dongle—connects wirelessly to your device via Bluetooth.
  • Works on a variety of surfaces1 thanks to BlueTrack technology.
  • Sculpted design—sits comfortably in your hand.
  • Available in two new rich colors: Sapphire and Forest.
  • Up to 1 year of battery life.
Average Battery Life in hours

‎12 months



Item model number


Hardware Platform


Operating System

‎Window 8.1, Windows 11, Windows 10

Item Weight

‎5.6 ounces

Product Dimensions

‎5.31 x 3.46 x 1.42 inches

Item Dimensions LxWxH

‎5.31 x 3.46 x 1.42 inches



Power Source

‎Battery Powered


‎2 AAA batteries required. (included)



Country of Origin


Date First Available

‎October 13, 2022

13 reviews for Microsoft Wireless Bluetooth Mouse (2022), Sculpted Design for Ultimate Comfort and Smooth Scrolling, up to 1 Year of Battery Life, 2.4G Range,…

  1. Joolie

    Love the size of this mouse and the shape. You can hear a click although I would say it is on the softer side compared to similar mouses. I like that you can turn it off when not in use. Bluetooth works great.

  2. huwon9

    It pains me to write this review. I may even be banned from the Apple cult. The Microsoft Modern Mobile Mouse is the best mouse that Apple never designed.

    It’s been a week of perpetual motion and the battery is still at 100%. The click seemed heavy at first and the scroll wheel seemed notchy but after a week of wear, it all feels natural, gentle and effortless.

    For comparison, I have Apple, Logitech, Inphic and Tsmine Bluetooth mice. Apple performance is leaden. Inphic is asleep when you least want. Tsmine BT5.0 isn’t recognised by OS X Ventura and needs to be switched to BT4.0. Logitech is clever, expensive, the software seemingly outdated and no matter which model, somehow just not optimal so I have to buy another one.

    The Modern Mobile has similar ergonomics as the Tsimine and Inphic. It’s not a tall curve to fill my palm but enough for my hand to make some skin contact. The teflon pad is thin, circumferential, doesn’t collect dirt, and most importantly, glides smoothly and effortlessly.

    The Microsoft Modern Mobile Mouse is the best mouse I have ever used.

  3. Balaji

    Product is sleek, poppy red colour is awesome. Works great on glass surface too and tracking is very good. Got delivery in less than 12 hours(overnight). But only drawback (for this price of Rs.4200) is that the mouse wheel scrolling does not have a smooth scrolling option ,where you can scroll up and down long docs at high speed. this only has the ratchet type wheel which scrolls line by line like the cheaper mice which you get for sub Rs.1000 level.. at this price they should have provided smooth scrolling option like in Logitech MX anywhere and MX anywhere 2s models. otherwise product is good in all respects so far. Just started using, will post update in a few weeks.

  4. David

    This mouse looks cool and matches the Surface Pro line. But I usually use Microsoft mice that are ergonomic and right-hand oriented. Microsoft generally makes the best mice in my opinion. Better than Logitech. This mouse is a very portable mouse but is more for aesthetic use. It has some very hard edges that will hurt your fingers after hours of use. My thumb hurts holding it at it’s sharp corner edge. My index finger hurts clicking the left mouse button because of the angle. My index finger hurts from scrolling the wheel since the wheel has a sharp hard 90 edge that cuts into my index finger. I can alleviate that by using my middle finger but I shouldn’t have to. For right handers I much prefer the Microsoft Sculpt Comfort Bluetooth Mouse. Microsoft always made the best mice and much more ergonomic than Logitech, but this unfortunately was designed around appearance vs usability. If you are doing a presentation for people, bring this mouse. Use the less expensive Microsoft Sculpt Comfort Bluetooth Mouse for all other purposes. This advice applies only to right handed people. I’m not left handed so perhaps left handed people have adapted to using mice not ergonomic to their hands.

  5. twilight477

    Really happy with this basic wireless travel mouse. Color is a really pretty sage green and the texture feels nice. Though it’s too small for my hands for long-term use, it’s generally comfortable to use. I got this as a travel mouse for my laptop and have been pleased with its performance on a variety of surfaces without a mouse pad. Bluetooth connectivity was simple to pair and has been stable. Mouse is small and not bulky to carry around. I haven’t used it enough to drain the battery yet, so can’t speak to battery life.

  6. Andreea P

    Two stars for looks, but does not feel very good in the hand, and the Bluetooth connectivity is just awful. Pairing it for the first time is easy enough (few steps through settings), but the connection keeps cutting out and the cursor freezes on the screen with no way of getting responsiveness back. The only way to get the mouse functioning again is to re-pair it manually through settings, using keyboard tabbing to access the menus. This happens several times a day. Brutal. Had to return. I DON’T RECOMMEND. Your money will be better spent elsewhere (like Logitech).

  7. Johnny

    I drop in my laptop bag to use in the go. Connects perfectly by Bluetooth with Windows 11 laptop. It has a flat profile so easily fits in bag. Good quality finger wheel too.

  8. CeCe Bee

    I have two of these mice, one at home, and one at work. They gave me a traditional bulkier mouse for work, and I decided I needed an upgrade. I spent my own money to buy this mouse for work, since I like the one at home so much. This mouse is low profile, so my carpal-tunnel prone wrists feel OK by the end of the day. The clicks are easy and responsive, and the tracking of the cursor is very responsive. The scroll wheel is easy to use.

  9. Robin Persaud

    I purchased this mouse for occasional use – I wanted a wireless mouse without (1) Spending a small fortune on a Logitech MX wireless desktop (I have six sets distributed everywhere) and (2) needing to use another USB port on my computer.

    I was pleasantly surprised with this mouse.

    – BATTERY LIFE: The website claims “up to 12 months typical usage” – I purchased mine (three different colours) in February 2020 and have been using the black mouse as my daily driver – 100+ hours on Windows 10, and the battery is still going strong. To extend the battery life, remember to push the small button on the bottom of the mouse (press, then release – do not hold) to turn it off when you are not using it.

    – NUMBER OF BUTTONS: This is an excellent productivity mouse, with a left and right mouse button. If you are a gamer, note that there are no side triggers or programmable buttons. Also: this mouse is wireless (using Bluetooth), which will decrease your response time in FPS or twitch games.

    – FUNCTIONALITY: This mouse connects via Bluetooth and does not ship or require that a USB dongle. The mouse works with Windows, MacOS, iPad OS and Android.

    – BUILD QUALITY: Nice, clicky buttons and metal scroll wheel feels “solid” when scrolling using it.

    – Black mouse is a fingerprint magnet (walk with a microfibre cleaning cloth in your bag).

    – Gestures are not supported – this is an “old-school” 2-button mouse with a scroll wheel that happens to support Bluetooth connectivity to your devices.

    – There is no battery gauge on the mouse (Windows 10 users: Access “Bluetooth & Other Devices” in the Control Panel to check the battery life).

    – This mouse remembers ONE device at a time – you cannot connect it to multiple devices and expect it to work (the mouse remembers the last device you connected to it, but nothing else). If you are purchasing this mouse to connect to multiple devices, consider purchasing multiple mice (in different colours).

    If you are an office or knowledge worker and want a simple, robust and reliable wireless mouse – without having to use up *another* USB port – look no further. This is your mouse.

    Purchase with confidence.

  10. Óscar Téllez

    El envío fue rápido a pesar de ser de importación. Gracias tío Amazon. Tras un par de días de uso, te digo mis impresiones.

    1. Es necesario, para tener una mejor precisión del cursor.

    2. Me encantó lo rápido que se vincula al equipo. Prácticamente quitas el plástico de seguridad que trae el mouse y se activa el emparejamiento con la computadora.

    3. No me gustó el ruido que hacen las teclas.

    4. Es un mouse caro, por lo que si tienes posibilidades de pagar unos pesos más igual comprar el nuevo, ya que ese tiene los gestos que trae el mousepad del teclado.

    Leí comentarios de que la rueda de metal se descompone al mes. Aún no llegó a ese tiempo, pero hasta ahora no me ha dado problemas.

  11. s s.

    Nice and slim, packs nicly into my bag, easy to use, easy to change batteries

  12. MistaSmart

    I use it for work. Very energy efficient, works well with my Dell and Apple MAC.

  13. gerriab

    I like the form and function of this mouse, but it won’t work for my purposes unfortunately. Thought I’d help others make a more informed decision through this review.

    The mouse works great and it’s comfortable to use but the lack of an on-off switch is a deal-breaker for me. The documentation says the battery life is good, so it must have a built-in power-saving mode, but always being “on” is a problem. My laptop has a built-in touchpad that causes problems when my palm brushes it while I’m typing. There’s no option in the laptop to turn off the touchpad while using the keyboard but there is an option to turn off the touchpad when an external mouse is connected. So, for light/brief use, I use the laptop and deal with the touchpad issue. If I’m doing any significant typing, I use the external mouse. My old mouse had an on/off switch. I could take it out and turn it on and that disabled the built-in touchpad and made me more precise with the mouse. With this mouse, when I turn on the laptop, it connects even though it’s still in my bag so the built-in touchpad doesn’t work unless I take the batteries out of the mouse to turn it off. Other than that one missing feature, I have no complaints about the product, which is why I gave it four stars. Haven’t decided whether I’m going to return the mouse or use it elsewhere, but I’m definitely buying something else for use with my laptop.

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