Misxi [2 Pack] are apple watches waterproof Case with Button for Apple

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are apple watches waterproof
are apple watches waterproof
for Apple Watch Series 4/5/6/SE/SE2  -3
for Apple Watch Series 4/5/6/SE/SE2  -4
for Apple Watch Series 4/5/6/SE/SE2  -5
for Apple Watch Series 4/5/6/SE/SE2  -6
for Apple Watch Series 4/5/6/SE/SE2  -7
  • are apple watches waterproof Suitable models: The case is compatible with Apple Watch Series 6 SE Series 5 Series 4 44mm, and there are 2 cases in total, 1 black and 1 transparent.
  • Waterproof: The case is equipped with a built-in waterproof sealing ring that acts as a barrier to prevent water from getting inside. This feature ensures that moisture does not enter the watch’s interior when engaging in activities like washing hands or daily routines. And please note that the case is not suitable for diving.
  • are apple watches waterproof All-around protection: The complete protective case made out of high-quality hard PC material and equipped with a built-in screen protector can offer your Apple Watch all-around protection. It can effectively safeguard your iWatch from impacts, accidental drops, scratches, dirt, dust, and other potential damage.
  • Excellent visibility & touch sensitivity: The screen protector of the case maintains a high level of clarity, allowing for almost the same visual experience as using the Apple Watch without any cover, and providing excellent touch sensitivity.
  • Helpful tips: If you find any problems of our products after receiving, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are committed to providing you with a satisfactory resolution.


Item model number


Item Weight

‎0.635 ounces

Package Dimensions

‎4.06 x 3.31 x 0.67 inches


‎1 Black + 1 Transparent



Date First Available

‎June 29, 2023

13 reviews for Misxi [2 Pack] are apple watches waterproof Case with Button for Apple

  1. Amanjot Kaur

    I bought the combo of this glass protector and the product is tough.
    But I cant able to touch my I watch screen. Its like a plastic product.
    Not happy with that. Everytime I need remove the protector to touch the creen, then whats the use??
    The alcohol wet wipes which came with this was all dry.

    Not gonna purchase again.

  2. Corey

    Brought because it was scratch resistant but scratched as soon something touches it

  3. Mitch

    This Apple watch cover works well. The water proof feature is a nice plus – even if it is not totally water proof. It is scratch resistant. They don’t last forever so the 2 pack is also a plus. I recommend this cover highly.

  4. Montreal Gary

    This case is great!

    I decided to buy a case after my first watch (version 8) stopped working after a few months of use. Apple replaced it, but there were lots of questions about whether I had exposed it to a lot of water. It also had at least one pretty serious scratch on the face.

    Given the concerns about water exposure (which is NOT supposed to be an issue), I bought this to protect my new watch. Especially since I wear it swimming a few times a week and also banged up my prior version 3 watch pretty well over the years.

    Interestingly, the manufacturer of this case suggests roughly the same level of “water resistance” that Apple promises, but I bought it anyway as a first level of protection. One odd thing: the black version seems much better than the transparent version of the case! I bought the transparent version first (2 cases). The first case screen cracked within a month…but my watch was fine – so that’s all good. That was the point of the case. The second case starting allowing water in after a few swimming sessions. I removed the case, dried everything, and then replaced the case – but it just never worked the same after that. On a whim, I decided to try the black version of the case and I’ve been wearing the same one for a few months now 🙂 It has remained waterproof (or at least no water has penetrated the screen) and works well. Maybe it’s the difference in quality is due to some other random factor, but so far the black version is far outlasting two of the transparent versions!

  5. SJO_K&S


  6. David

    Super easy to install and the touchscreen works flawlessly. I like that it’s made from a solid material (I believe it’s PVC), it feels very rugged. Also super sleek and looks expensive. The turn wheel becomes flush with this which I like since it’s protected, maybe makes it just a bit harder to turn it. Great product and for the price an amazing value!

  7. Colleen Henneman

    The item is exactly as advertised. The color was a little darker than my iPhone made it appear, but I assume that’s the difference between phone cameras and lighting. I haven’t had it long but so far I’m very happy with it. It fits tightly yet easy enough to remove. The built in screen protector I’m loving as it’s crystal clear and no rainbow effects. The touch is very good. I will repurchase this item in the future. Thank you for a very nice item at a reasonable price.

  8. M. Dillon

    This was very easy to put on and it feels well attached so it offers nice protection.

    I’ve experienced zero issues with the screen protection interfering with the use of the watch face.

    The one thing I’m not thrilled with is the case makes it a little difficult to use the Digital Crown.

  9. Paul

    A rock struck my watch face and the screen protector did its job; the protector cracked and the watch was untouched. The 2 pack allowed me to quickly swap to the backup. I’d definitely buy again.
    Excellent fit. No water gets under the screen cover. Crown a little hard to turn but you get used to it; I can’t imagine another design that would also provide protection. Screen protector does smudge easier than the watch itself, but wipes clean pretty quickly. Highly recommend.

  10. Sydney S.

    I recently purchased the Misxi [2 Pack] Waterproof Case for my Apple Watch Series 9 (2023) Series 8 Series 7 41mm, and I couldn’t be more impressed with the level of protection it offers. This case provides an excellent fit, seamlessly covering my Apple Watch without compromising its sleek design. The installation process was a breeze, and once on, it provides a secure and waterproof barrier, safeguarding my watch against the elements.

    What sets Misxi apart is the thoughtful engineering that allows full access to all watch features, including the touch screen and buttons, without compromising functionality. The crystal-clear clarity of the case ensures that the vibrant display of my Apple Watch shines through without distortion. The waterproof feature adds an extra layer of security, making it perfect for outdoor activities and water-related adventures. The fact that it comes in a pack of two adds even more value, allowing me to switch between cases or have a spare on hand. If you’re looking for reliable, stylish, and functional protection for your Apple Watch Series 9, Series 8, or Series 7, the Misxi Waterproof Case is a five-star choice.

    In conclusion, Misxi has exceeded my expectations with their attention to detail, durability, and overall design. Whether I’m swimming, working out, or just going about my day, I have full confidence that my Apple Watch is well-protected. This two-pack is a fantastic investment for anyone wanting to keep their device safe without compromising on style or usability. Highly recommended!

  11. Dream

    Such a great case for my Apple Watch Series 9!

    It doesn’t fog up (from the cold weather/snow) or dampen my ability to use the touch screen at all. It has done a great job at protecting the screen and the edges from my accidental swipes at the wall while sleeping.

    The screen looks clear and the case isn’t bulky, highly recommend! I will be buying this again once I go through both of the cases for my watch.

  12. Peter

    I had my Apple Watch 9th generation all of two weeks before I decided to purchase this excellent fitting, stylish, and good quality protective snap-on case. Why did I purchase this case after two weeks, you ask? Because on day 11 of the new Apple Watch, I permanently scratched my watch’s screen face while putting a cargo box on my car. Not wanting to damage my watch any further, I researched the available options available on Amazon and purchased this protective case. It only increases the watch’s size a little bit, but adds a huge amount of protection. I had used a similar, but not as nice, watch protector on my old Apple Watch 4th generation. When that watch’s battery finally gave out and needed to be recycled, I took the protective case off and found the screen face to be like new. I only wish I had made this purchase on Amazon 10 days earlier than I did.

  13. Charles R. Petty

    Product keeps Apple Watch safe from damages like being dropped a water resistant, looks cool and very easy to install.
    • Recommended seller because of fast shipping, honest price & description of item was 100% right on

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