Movo XL Diving Rig Bundle with Waterproof LED Lights – Compatible with GoPro HERO3, HERO4, HERO5, HERO6, HERO7, HERO8, HERO9, HERO10 and DJI Osmo…

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  • SOLID CAMERA RIG WITH RUBBERIZED HANDGRIPS – Strong aluminum alloy tray with yellow rubberized handgrips that are corrosion resistant and provides stable shooting on underwater dives as well as on land
  • MULTIPLE MOUNTING OPTIONS – Features two cold shoe mounts for LED GoPro light, microphone, monitor and other gear, as well as a central action mount. Works well with GoPro super suit and other scuba diving accessories
  • 1-YEAR WARRANTY: We’ve got your back. Our products are designed to ease your technical woes, not add to them. Our friendly US-Based support is here to help
  • BUNDLED WATERPROOF LED LIGHTS – Two powerful 700 lumen lights that works up to 130 feet underwater. Each light features a long-lasting, rechargeable battery and a USB power adapter
  • THREE LIGHT SETTINGS – Bright High Power mode, low output Power Saver mode, and flash strobe SOS mode. Includes 3 attachable color filters for white, orange, and purple lighting
Package Dimensions

10.83 x 10.31 x 2.44 inches

Item Weight

2.18 pounds

Item model number



2 Lithium Polymer batteries required. (included)

Is Discontinued By Manufacturer


Date First Available

June 1, 2020



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8 reviews for Movo XL Diving Rig Bundle with Waterproof LED Lights – Compatible with GoPro HERO3, HERO4, HERO5, HERO6, HERO7, HERO8, HERO9, HERO10 and DJI Osmo…

  1. CP

    I bought this for a diving trip to get better lighting at depth and at night. It was simple to set up and that’s probably part of the problem.

    While on the boat both the camera mount and one of the lights loosened to point where if I had not noticed would have lost both. They just do not stay tight I noticed after a few dives. So before the next dive trip, I will be adding security cords to both lights and the camera.

    Also I would recommend using if before some big once in a life time trip and get used to the point of aim. Some of my videos were a little off.

  2. dogdaysindurham

    This rig worked great for my Insta360 X2 with dive case. I did replace the quick lock LED attachments based on prior reviews with another product as the ones that come with it don’t hold as securely as I would like.
    The lights worked well for a mid day dive with 6-10 ft of visibility. No rust on the frame or any of the screws so far. I never felt the camera mount wobble or get loose. I think for folks with the Insta360 X2 and R One with the vertical dive cases will appreciate that there is enough clearance for the case. There are a few 1/4”-20 threaded mounting points around the camera. The yellow plastic over molding is grippy and securely attach to the rig with no sliding when in use.
    The LEDs gave me about 2-4 ft from the object worked well and roughly inline with my camera focus point. It will be interesting to use on a night dive.
    A great starting underwater camera rig for a beginner.

  3. Jim Parker

    Good product and reasonable price

  4. Imperialdog

    This compact little package is just right for a non professional underwater videographer. However, as previous reviews stated, which I did not pay close attention to, there are two weaknesses. After 7 days diving in Belize, I captured some really good video. But, the lights are not all that bright at depth. Even in clear water, they will only illuminate objects within 3 or less feet. The real annoyance is the thumbwheels that attach the lights to the shoe. Since they are plastic, it is hard to get them tight enough by hand. They often loosen during the dive, so you have to monitor them, or risk losing a light. I decided to go with the Home Improvement method, and used pliers to tighten them. That worked well for a few days, until the plastic thumbwheel cracked, because it’s plastic. Then it did not tighten at all. So like some other people, I ended up doubly securing it with a zip tie. I would be willing to pay an added $5-10 for aluminum or stainless thumbwheel assemblies, which would be a vast improvement over the plastic. Other than that, I like it very much. May add some photos or video later.

  5. F Stewart

    As a novice to underwater photography I wanted something that was inexpensive, light, easy to handle and had the ability to be adapted to my needs. This unit met all those criteria.

    Highlights: The lights lasted throughout my 3 dive days. A little silicone on the seals ensured they were water tight down to 110 feet. The additional mounting points allowed me to customize the lighting configuration and add a 3rd light which gave me better saturation. The defusers that come with the lights are really helpfull to soften the highlights and are easily removed if sharper light is needed. The addition 1/4 inch threaded mounting holes allowed me to mount stainless steel eyebolts to mount the rig to my BCD on retractors for quick access, they also allowed me to mount the lights in different locations for ease of adjustment and better line of sight.

    Down sides: I will replace the lights that came with the unit with brighter lights to gain better saturation at depth. The movo light mounts are sketchy at best, they randomly loosen up and the lights can easily become detached from the mounts. I purchased completely different mounts and adapted them to fit which corrected this issue. As a safety precaution I purchased a bag of go-pro tethers and attached the lights to the rig via the tethers. This turned out to be a smart move because when the lights did dislodge from the mounts they were still attached to the rig and weren’t lost to the ocean.

    Overall I think it’s a good base rig for building an intermediate go-pro video and camera rig for someone who enjoys photography as a hobby but is budget minded.

  6. Kate K

    This rig was a great value for the price UNTIL the light went out. I dove about 7-8 days total with it and one of the lights started leaking water into the case. The seal looks fine but when you open the battery case, there is visible water damage near the battery. Very disappointed in the quality. Otherwise it has done pretty well.

  7. Amazon Customer

    Gone on a handful of dives with it. Lights work well and fits my GoPro 9 great. Plenty of room for a bigger camera if wanted. Light and not to bothersome under water.

  8. Herman

    Bought this for my diving, very satisfied with the product.

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