Nokia G50 5G | Android 11 | Unlocked Smartphone | US Version | 4/128GB | 6.82-Inch Screen | 48MP Triple Camera | Ocean Blue

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  • Latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 480 5G Mobile Platform.Form_factor : Slate.Aspect ratio:21:9.Display resolution maximum:1640 x 720 pixels
  • 48MP camera setup with AI and video selfie stabilization
  • Android 11
  • 3 years of monthly security updates and 2 years of OS upgrades
  • This Android 5G smartphone lets you choose or change carriers and data plans; compatible with GSM carriers including T-Mobile, Cricket, and AT&T (AT&T 4G only, AT&T 5G not supported)
Product Dimensions

6.85 x 3.05 x 0.35 inches

Other camera features

Rear, Front


HMD Global Oy

Included Components

SIM Tray Ejector, Screen Protector, USB Cable

Phone Standy Time with data

48 hours

Phone Talk Time

18 Hours

Battery Power Rating



Ocean Blue

Form Factor


Audio Jack

3.5 mm

Device interface - primary

Touchscreen, Microphone, Buttons

Item Weight

6.7 ounces

Other display features


Special Features

Fingerprint, Octa Core Processor, Camera, LTE, Smartphone



Connectivity technologies

Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, USB, NFC

Wireless communication technologies

Bluetooth, Cellular


4 GB


Android 11.0


1 Lithium Polymer batteries required. (included)

Item model number


Date First Available

September 22, 2021

9 reviews for Nokia G50 5G | Android 11 | Unlocked Smartphone | US Version | 4/128GB | 6.82-Inch Screen | 48MP Triple Camera | Ocean Blue

  1. ess

    I really like this phone. I was a long time Motorola user, but didn’t like that on their lower priced phones they stopped using Gorilla glass, so that caused me to look elsewhere. Enter in Nokia! I bought the Nokia G50 and was pretty happy with the phone. The feel of it is great, it looks nice, has gorilla glass, does what I need it to and I was a pretty happy customer. The volume on the phone though isn’t great and that was my only negative. I like to play music at work off my phone and it wasn’t very loud, so that was disappointing. If you’ve got headphones in then it’s fine, but I can’t always use headphones.

    The other day my phone slipped out of my hand and dropped on the sidewalk. My screen shattered and I have had this phone for almost three months. I can’t believe the glass shattered like that with the screen protector on. I’m heart broken đź’”. However, I got the Nokia XR20 which is supposed to be heavy duty. I’m trying to find a repair shop to fix my screen on my G50. Two places already said they can’t get the screen for the phone. If I can’t find anyone, then I’ll ship it to a Nokia care center and get it fixed. I guess I should have bought the added protection plan from Amazon.

    Update: I sent my phone to the Nokia care center and they fixed my shattered screen and sent my phone back in no time! They didn’t even charge me for the repair. Gotta love them; they’re wonderful! 🙂

  2. Jacqueline M Rosado Matos

    Me gustó el tamaño, permite una buena visualización de todo. El peso es aceptable. La configuración 4/5

  3. M

    It arrived early (wooohooo!) But the case I ordered for it is coming a couple days later. Since I am habitually accident prone, I figured it would be safer to switch my current Nokia to my new Nokia once I get the case. Im all about preventative measures……..
    Yeah well ..I couldnt wait. I made sure I unboxed my new phone sitting on the carpet & over a large pillow! I explored a little & honestly, Im impressed. It has exceeded my expectations & I havent even switched my sim card & activated it yet!! Once I do, I will give a detailed update. I already was a Nokia fan but I think I might have to totally represent after this upgrade! Please hold while I FULLY check out my new phizone!

  4. Zero

    El teléfono es lento aún para ser de gama baja. No puedo escribir sin que se coma letras o espacios debido a que tecleo más rapido de lo que procesa las entradas. Se congela muy seguido y en general es demasiado lento. No puedo recomendarlo.

  5. Netadmin

    My wife uses android exclusively until this phone arrived. She tried to like this, wanted to love it like her Motorola died after one year. Reviews are mixed, some good and bad, phone looked nice. I used Nokia phones many years. I appreciated user interface, quality, design and functions.
    What she liked:
    1.Facial recognition is flawless, never failed to unlock her phone, good color.
    2. Price is reasonable.
    3. Large screen and color.
    4. Updated to Android 12 out of the box. Unfortunately some backed up items were deleted and settings changed during the backup. Three days later finally found correct settings.
    What she didn’t like:
    1. Button designs on both sides are too easy to mistakingly touch. A case reduced inadvertent button use, but they should be a few MM higher on both sides. She accidentally turned it off during a call.
    2. Fingerprint Sensor, I think is on the side, not bottom or face. She didn’t use it or activate that feature.
    3. Dropped calls. This is common issue with all cell phones. This one dropped two or three calls each day suggests hardware problem. As a side note we live in a small apartment never had this happen with my cell phone or her previous Android.
    Opinion: I used android many years, 2002-2012. For personal reasons I changed to Apple IPhone for better Securit.
    Android programs require access to private info etc. Android system is decent, interface is intuitive, my issue allowing programs access to private data. Words with friends for instance is valid reason to access contacts. A different game program needed access to contacts, phone and email or it would not work. Her last two android devices were hijacked through a coupon website. We had to factory reset and slowly delete backup data info, cookies, programs. Installing virus protection discovered five hacking cookies we could not delete. Norton isolated and deleted them in minutes.
    Android OS versus IOS is subjective choice/preference. I’m not slamming Android or promoting IOS, they both have issues.
    In summary this Nokia phone didn’t work for us.


    Excelente relacion precio calidad, incluye funda transparente y protector de pantalla ya preinstalado, o sea que de netrada se aorra uno otros 250 pesos.

  7. edwind

    Muy bonito color, el material se siente resistente, la pantalla un poco más larga de lo que estamos acostumbrados, buena resoluciĂłn y queda muy bien para que la baterĂ­a te dure más tiempo, excelente sonido, trae audĂ­fonos de la marca(buenos por cierto), Tiene una cámara muy buena, mejor que otros modelos más caros incluso le supera a los de su precio, esa IA que maneja Nokia le da un plus a las fotos y vĂ­deos, 4 ram y su procesador es justo para el dĂ­a a dĂ­a, fotos, videos, trabajos y juegos sencillos, redes sociales está muy bueno este Nokia!….pero( siempre hay un pero), su cargador es algo lento, y si no usas la funda que trae se le quedan las huellas al cel, si eres muy exigente y buscas uno para trabajos pesados o juegos no recomiendo este…PD trae mica, funda tpu, cargador cable USB C audĂ­fonos, y trae rom de Telcel( sin las apps molestas de Telcel solo la ROM imagino que para poder agarrar el 5g),

  8. CrazySte

    This is just a GREAT PHONE

    i use it with a T-Mobile SIM and i highly recommend it to anyone for sure.

    The Battery Life is beyond amazing, it lasts me a couple of days like nothing, even 3 days.
    I should specify that 5G Coverage is very spotty where i live, so i turned off 5G, but i use it for travel, and it is just great.

    there are 2 reasons why i gave one less star to this Phone,

    1) the first issue i have is that the Earpiece isn’t as loud as i wish it was, and you need to really press the Phone against your ear to hear well, often times i end up putting it on Speaker Phone more to then talk on it as a Hand Held…
    YES even when on Speaker Phone is not that loud and using it in Speaker Mode for Phone calls requires you being in a quiet environment.

    and YET the Speakers are super loud, if you watch a Video, the Speakers blast Sounds so loudly that i keep the volume almost at minimum and is sufficient to enjoy whatever i am watching, so… NOKIA could easily do a Software Update to use that same Sound Blasting Capability when using the Speaker Phone.

    2) the second issue i have is that this Phone is awkwardly tall and it is top heavy, which means you can not type with 2 Thumbs because the Phone will Flip forward over your hands… you are forced to use one hand to hold the upper part of the Phone and type with only one thumb… and if you have to write an eMail a bit longer, soon you start having cramps on your hand… you better off use text to Speech and then go through everything and correct it by hand.

    Aside from this THIS IS JUST A GREAT PHONE
    definitely recommend

  9. Kuimex

    Siendo usuario de Motorola por mucho tiempo decidí hacer un cambio debido a que mi último Motorola me dió varios problemas así que me decidí por este teléfono Nokia ya que me acordaba de que está marca tenía buenos teléfonos. Pero la verdad muy mal por Nokia, es demasiado lento, se traba seguido ya que muchas veces al desbloquear la pantalla enciende pero se queda en negro o se queda en la pantalla de desbloqueo y comienza a prender y apagarse y tengo que reiniciar nuevamente el teléfono, la camara no es muy buena. La pantalla es irresponsiva le tienes que picar varias veces para que haga lo que quieres o cuando utilizas el teclado no registra lo que presionaste o registra otra cosa y por último (esto es mas del sistema Android) eliminaron los botones de home y back y los hicieron expresiones lo cual lo encuentro frustrante debido a que cuando estas estás haciendo scroll en una página o app luego la cierra y junto con lo irresponsivo de la pantalla ya se imaginaran. En conclusión no vale los 5000 pesos que pague, este no es un teléfono de gama media ni siquiera gama baja, no sé a qué mercado va dirigido este equipo pero la verdad nadie se merece estas malas experiencias de un teléfono bastante lento y sin nada en especial. NO LO COMPREN AUNQUE ESTÉ MENOS DE 1000 PESOS

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