NPET K10 Wired Gaming Keyboard, LED Backlit, Spill-Resistant Design, Multimedia Keys, Quiet Silent USB Membrane Keyboard for Desktop, Computer, PC (Black)

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  • IP32 Spill Resistance: With durable construction that repels liquids and dirt for easy cleanup. Capable of withstanding accidental spills. Adjustable feet let you set your keyboard to the ideal position, so it’s comfortable to use even during the longest gaming sessions.
  • Durable Full-Sized Gaming Keyboard: Made with highly-resistant ABS plastic and metal base for longevity, and durability. With a mechanical brown switch gaming feeling that delivers precise tactile feedback and responsiveness.
  • 10-Zone RGB Lighting: With 16.8 million colors and a suite of effects to choose from, press FN+M1~M5 to personalize the keyboard and get access to dynamic lighting effects.
  • Dedicated Media Control & Anti Ghosting: It has 26 conflict-free that keep you in control when you press multiple gaming keys simultaneously. 13 dedicated media keys can control your background track without switching out of your game.
  • Wear Resistant Doubleshot ABS Keycaps: The UV coating ensures more fade-resistant legends and greater protection against wear and tear from frequent use. The ergonomic stair-up keycap design brings maximum comfort keeping your hand in a natural state to minimize hand fatigue.
Product Dimensions

17.32 x 5.51 x 0.98 inches

Item Weight

1.32 pounds





Item model number


Is Discontinued By Manufacturer


Date First Available

January 14, 2016

8 reviews for NPET K10 Wired Gaming Keyboard, LED Backlit, Spill-Resistant Design, Multimedia Keys, Quiet Silent USB Membrane Keyboard for Desktop, Computer, PC (Black)

  1. gtech215

    Was looking for a cheap and easy setup for a secondary PC that children would be using for general web browsing, homework, and occasional gaming. This combo fit the bill and then some. The feel of the keyboard is smooth and responsive with functional feedback and resistance in the keys. The only downside is the audible noise you get from keystrokes.
    The Mouse is pleasantly smooth with good button engagement and response. The DPI switch is a very nice addition and performs flawlessly when needed.
    The winning tick for this combo is the RGB quality at this price point. The keyboard provides an impressive array of colors that are not overly bright or distracting, but not so muted that they regress out of sight. The Mouse has a nice fading array of simplistic lines that adds to the ambiance of the lighting package.
    Overall, I think it’s a great package for light general use. The RGB features really add to the value and provide an impressive overall package for the price.

  2. ThePlateau

    Very good looking and quiet keyboard, in a affordable price also lovely customer service, I definitely recommend!

  3. gtech215

    Great and solid keyboard, fun times. Logitech and Razer must recognize the NPET! This keyboard is thin, not bulky, and has a solid METAL baseplate. It feels sturdy and heavy, doesn’t slide around on my desktop. There are dual springs on the space bar and the keyboard includes a red key puller tool. The keystrokes are deep, precise and quiet. My typing/keystroke accuracy is much improved on this keyboard. No drivers were needed, and you can adjust the colors and effects just how you like them using the Function key on the keyboard. There is a Windows key lockout. The keyboard backlight turns off after a few idle minutes, and I am not sure if the time-out can be adjusted. The media keys work. Very solid keyboard for the price.

  4. AndresG

    I bought this keybaord in JUne 2022. I bought this keeping in mind that it is rechargeable. This keyboard worked quote well untill December 2022 and aftre which does not charge and stopped working. I sent message to the seller but no response. I serously feel it’s was a sheer waste of money.

  5. Splash

    The keyboard is well built and has a nice weighty feel to it. The keys are very tactile, have a nice amount of travel, and make just enough sound to give positive audio confirmation when not looking directly at the keyboard.

    The mouse on the other hand does have a few minor flaws.

    First let me start off by saying that the mouse is the perfect size and weight. My last wireless mouse was smaller and got lost in my hand, and my hand is medium length.

    This mouse has a long contoured profile and very responsive left right clicking buttons. The scroll wheel works fine but feels just a tab sluggish when scrolling.

    My first issue is with the forward and back buttons located on the left side of the mouse. They are so delicately activated that with the absolute slightest of touch, I constantly found myself accidentally backing out of webpages, or forum posts completely losing all that I had typed. It become such an issue that I permanently removed the buttons (see photo).

    My second issue is with the sides of the mouse being so slick that the mouse was darn near impossible to hold onto if you picked it off the surface for any reason. I constantly found myself picking up the mouse, only for it to drop 2 inches back to the desktop.
    I actually had to add a small strip of traction tape to either side of the mouse (see photo) to alleviate this nuisance.

    Other than those couple of minor issues, this setup is very nicely made and easy to use. The mouse issues could very well be personal to me and your experience may differ.

  6. ThePlateau

    exactly as advertised

  7. Splash

    This keyboard worked great for three days then started to log and lose power really fast. Wouldn’t charge properly after that. It was never dropped or damaged in any way

  8. Jeremy

    I always just used my K120 Logitech Keyboard, its 10 bucks, I can use up to like 5 keys at once and never had trouble with how many keys Im allowed, its quiet when typing, the keys are easy to press and find, and it did the job well.

    However, after 5 years of use, it broke. (Finally, I know right?) and I decided to spend a whole 7 dollars more on a keyboard.

    Then I bought this, its terrible, the buttons are clickey, the cord is flimsey, the lights are so shiny it hurts my eyes.

    Just kidding.

    The buttons are amazing, what become easy to click, became easier, everything feels so smooth, the keys are fairly quiet but its probably just because I am a light typer. The lights allow me to turn my lights off and not have to guess where my keys are when I type. I found my WPM went up by 10 words per minute, originally it was 60, now its 70. Much easier to type because of the smooth and easy transition for my fingers and how open, easy, and strong the buttons are. Each button feels distinct and easy to find for my muscle memory.

    The buttons are tough as nails, I can easily tell this keyboard will last a while, its easy to clean under them due to how the keyboard was made, literally can just blow the gunk off with a can of ultra duster.

    As for the gaming part, every single key I press reacts, I can press as many damned keys as I want and they all work perfectly. The best part is how the F1 – F4 is set up, each F keys are lined in 4, this means in games that require me to use F1 – F4 are much easier to play because of how the intelligent designers set this up. For instance, in SC2 I need to press the F keys to set up my camera hotkey so its easier to move from location to location, I am CONSTANTLY pressing these keys as Zerg and before I always tended to hit ESC or F5 but because of how these keys are set up, I never make those mistakes again. And due to the distinction of the F keys, I never accidently hit the wrong F key anymore either. Dramatically improving my capability to play.

    Whats more, sometimes even with my K120, I have to press more than 5 keys and that 6th key wont go through. This means if I have to run and turn, which is A, D, Shift, and then jump, space, and then press Capslock to talk, and then ult which is `, my ult wont go off because thats 6 keys. In Overwatch this is incredibly common. You need to constantly run, jump, talk, and sometimes ult at the same time. Many times I make this mistake, I will wind up dying or causing someone else to die. However, no longer does this happen with this keyboard!

    The LED keys are great, not too bright. I wish I could have a only blue option but I dont mind.

    I only have one negative thing to say: The space sucks balls, its loud, and… well its just loud. I am a very quiet typer because of how my fingers have to move quickly accross the keyboard and every time I have to press space I cringe a little. I found out why its like this, the springs arent tightened, whoever made this keyboard made the springs on it very loose however thats also another great thing about this keyboard: You can fix it because you can see the springs, which means with a knife or tweezers, you can easily push the springs apart a bit to tighten up the spacebar. I just havent gotten around to it.

    This keyboard is a work of art, for the price, I’d say its 100 percent worth it. I’d say this is worth 60 bucks in my opinion but I’ll go with 19, I aint complainin.

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