Okinos PSU Cables, Cable Extension PC, 24pin ATX / 4+4pin EPS / 8-pin PCI-E / 6pin PCI-E PSU Extension Cable Kit 30cm Length with Combs, White…

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  • CUSTOMIZED COLOR COMBOS – Variety of color combinations to perfectly match your tower, gpu/cpu/ram, motherboard, case fan and cpu cooler.
  • THICK CABLE WITH WARM SHEEN – woven appearance. Triple Layer Weaving design with 16AWG, 300mm, 100% heatshrink-free.
  • EASY CABLE MANAGEMENT – 24 cable combs make it easy to route M/B PCI-E cables and leave no gap between individually sleeving cable wires.
  • KEEP YOUR CASE CLEAN – Hard and high quality cable prevents your case from becoming cluttered. Simple and straight forward to form to required shape and position.
  • Premium PET sleeve cables, included: (1) 24-pin ATX, (1) 4+4pin eps, (2) 8-Pin PCI-E, (2) 6-pin PCI-E; compatible with all power supplies.


Connector Type

Pci Express

Compatible Devices

Personal Computer



Unit Count

1.0 Count



Model Name


Number of Items


Package Dimensions

15.07 x 2.4 x 1.81 inches

Item Weight

1.17 pounds



Country of Origin


Date First Available

October 24, 2022

8 reviews for Okinos PSU Cables, Cable Extension PC, 24pin ATX / 4+4pin EPS / 8-pin PCI-E / 6pin PCI-E PSU Extension Cable Kit 30cm Length with Combs, White…

  1. Phreakwar PC Custom Builds

    I liked the cables themselves, not hard to work with, but the combs that came with this set are very brittle and are hard to manipulate once they are installed. I ended up having to order some separate combs that functioned better. EDIT: I have also tried these again, this time in BLACK, same feelings on them as before, combs are very fragile, but the wires themselves were pretty nice.

  2. nao2003

    These are perfect extension kit to use for bigger cases with smaller power supplies. The look really good and vry flexible. They would even better if they would of be rgb.

  3. Dom

    Picked these up to make the inside of my case look neater. They definitely do that!

    The cables are thick, and the braiding is very nice. The included cable combs are tight, but that means they hold the cables in place very well.

    I have a lot of cable clutter behind my motherboard tray now, but that is the problem with extensions over fully custom cables.

  4. Ninjaj1

    I used a portion of this kit to extend my PCI-E cables, So that only these showed, and not the factory PSU cables, which don’t look very nice! They seem to be working great!

  5. RFM

    If you’re building a computer using anything but a mini-case you’ll probably need these. Running your cables in and around most cases is always one of the challenges of computer building. Having a set of extensions will eliminate much of the anxiety of this task. Now with less use of conventional hard drives, substituting SSDs and NVMe’s allows that space they use to occupy to be a repository for your various extra wires. These are high-quality extensions that will serve you well.

  6. Gerald Bertram

    The cables themselves seem perfectly fine. They are nice and flexible. The connectors seem similar to other cable extension sets I’ve used. The problem is that they didn’t include the combs! You know the little plastic bits you put on the cables to keep them nice and neat? Nada. It’s surprising because they do show them coming with combs on Amazon. Oh well…either the listing isn’t telling the truth or their QA has a big problem and didn’t notice they weren’t in the box.

  7. Dennis C Fernandez

    Extremely long. Looks great. Heavy. Amazing quality for the price. Definitely recommend.

  8. xxlionxx5150

    so i got the horrible platic wires in my pc in came these and cleaned up everything they work great and are a awesome add to any pc i would reccomend the product worked well with my 11900k and 2080

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