OnexPlayer 1S 8.4″ Handheld Game Console Portable PC Mini Laptop UMPC Win 10 11th Core Tiger Lake I7-1195G7 16GB LPDDR4 RAM/1TB NVMe M.2 SSD

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  • 8.4” 2.5K gorgeous display More suitable size for the palm PC,restore more delicate images
  • Dual Vibration Motors ONEXP PLAYER has built-in vibration motors. In the game of fight or racing, the real hand feeling of shock will be conveyed to the players through program, so that you can be on the scene to feel the “real”
  • Variety modes that can be switched, like: game console mode, desktop office mode, large-screen TV mode. Dual USB4.0 ports support external 4K monitors.
  • High-fidelity dual-speaker makes you immersive when playing games, and brings shocking effects when watching videos.
  • Light body with weight of 819 grams, convenient to carry for games, mobile office, and entertainment such as movies and music.(PS: Keyboard not included. need extra purchase.)
Standing screen display size

‎8.4 Inches

Item Dimensions LxWxH

‎11 x 5 x 0.8 inches

Is Discontinued By Manufacturer


Country of Origin





‎1 Lithium Ion batteries required. (included)

Hard Drive Interface


Flash Memory Size


Computer Memory Type


Processor Count


Processor Brand


Product Dimensions

‎11 x 5 x 0.8 inches

Max Screen Resolution

‎2560X1600 Lines Per Inch

Item Weight

‎1.81 pounds

Operating System

‎Windows 10

Hardware Platform


Item model number




Chipset Brand


Graphics Coprocessor

‎Iris Xe Graphics 96Eu

Hard Drive

‎1 TB ssd


‎16 GB DDR4


‎2.8 GHz core_i7

Date First Available

‎April 30, 2020

5 reviews for OnexPlayer 1S 8.4″ Handheld Game Console Portable PC Mini Laptop UMPC Win 10 11th Core Tiger Lake I7-1195G7 16GB LPDDR4 RAM/1TB NVMe M.2 SSD

  1. TBJ

    I am a steam deck owner but after playing this no more.
    Better screen resolution
    Better battery
    Bigger screen options (1s & Mini)

  2. Bonjour Bijou

    It was great while it lasted. Had it less than a month and the joystick drifts. There is an updated driver on the company’s website for devices with serial numbers starting with #21. Guess what, my serial number begins with 22, and there is no update for my device. So, basically I have a $1200 paperweight. Thankful for Amazon’s return policy.

  3. Chris

    First it simply works. Now yes it took some getting us to and had a small learning curve. First mine came with over 1.7tb designated for games use it because while it will support up to 1tb micro SD card it will have slight delay and cause some delay that isn’t there when it’s on the internal HD. The screen casting works, Steam play works, downloading steam games work I have played Grim Dawn and Ark without issue downloaded on the device. Grim Dawn I ran into 1 small issue it’s set for Steam Deck gamepad; however, there is in settings an option for non Steam Deck gamepad select it and it works flawlessly. Everything works like it should headphone jack and Bluetooth a go. Now on 7 days to die I tried downloading it and I made it to my groups base and then lag massive lag; however I uninstalled it and tried running it with my desktop through Steam non downloaded and it ran perfect. I will be honest and I truly am not a hardcore gamer no in fact my scores didn’t go up any and they didn’t really go down any, but I do enjoy the OneXPlayer very much. This is a pad laptop and desktop all rolled into one. Does it replace my gaming VR desktop no but it does allow me to sit back relax and enjoy playing games with my friends without a mouse and keyboard and in spots where I can’t take my desktop. I got the AMD 5700u 2tb option and I recommend it. Yes it costs more than a steam deck because 1 it runs on windows 11 mine came ready to put personal information in nothing like the YouTube videos showed much simpler, 2 there is no fingerprint login because it is the power button yes the power button is out of the way and I also got the keyboard and case. The case does it’s job and the keyboard works good; now as good as a normal size mouse and keyboard depends if you are playing a game and all you need to do is put a little info in then yes just as good; however doing a paper for school/work then no. To me the price is justified with the product and I have no buyers remorse because I plan on using it at family gatherings for Jack Box games and casting to TV’s so the whole family can join in and previously I had to take my desktop to do this because my wife (bless her) smashed my laptop screen 6 years ago and I hadn’t found a replacement till now, and even now I was going to wait for Steam Deck because it is cheaper, but 2TB vs 512GB and wait vs no wait. Also OneXPlayer has their own website where they have sales and they can get very competitive with Steam Decks Top End model. I ultimately purchased mine from Amazon and I would 100% recommend this to anyone.

  4. ModtechFrenzy

    Update: with eGPU experience. I recently acquired Zotac Amp Box it has 400 watt PSU. I’m quite disappointed with the result. My expectation was one Thunderbolt port solution. I’m not sure my egpu supports “host charging”. I wrote the manufacturer regarding my issue sadly took them 4 days to respond. I’m just stretching my patience’s. I did get it to work, I needed to plug in the Thunderbolt 3 and also the usb-c charging just for egpu to work. There is ritual involved trying to get it to work reliably. Once it does it’s pretty solid. I waited 6 years to enter the egpu scene. I’m really hoping it matured to a point where it works 90 percent of the time. Only writing this so your aware your experience may vary… I know some unit were successful in using other egpu such razer. My guess you need the psu for the egpu to be 400 watt above in order to support host charging.

    Writing this review to share my experience with OnexPlayer. This is my second attempt with portable gaming PC. I have been chasing this dream since the since the first GPD Win came out. 1600 USD is steep price for simple iGPU and 8 inch screen. There many options out there for gaming on the Go! Like Zephyrus G14. Trying to justify this as portable netbook is really not worth your money either. You can barely type even with dedicated keyboard (purchased separately). I would only consider buying this if your true passion is gaming. There is nothing quite like it. In my personal opinion nothing comes close when gaming on PC titles on the go!

    If your decided on buying this keep your expectation low. As the driver for iris intel is still being updated with lates games. If your trying to play with newer AAA titles there is a high chance it could have bugs. I can name two title I know off. (Immortal Fynex Rising and Ghost Recon Break Point). But 90% of my steam library is PLAYABLE! I used the SD card slot to install all my steam games. It seams to work really well. As for other game store like Epic and Ubisoft. I’m having issue with the games if using the SD Card as a STORAGE. If you use the local storage it’s fine. I can play Assassin Creed Odysseys and Ghost Recon Wild Land in there lowest setting and 50 percent resolution. I know when I say that you will think that it looks horrible! But if you factor in the size of the screen and resolution it’s still 10x better than Nintendo switch! I can play FFXV At 50 FPS the game still looks good 2500×1600! There are plenty of titles AAA that are playable! I have 50 games in steam that I still need to finish. This range from Batman Series to Far Cry and Dirt Series Games. All this games are played FPS between 35-60 FPS. I consider myself as a casual gamer. I don’t really play hard core e-sports titles.

    Battery Life is mediocre. 2 hours max! you can lower the TDP on the bios to stretch your battery life. A works well on 2D Title aka Sonic and Emulation games. Other than that you will be most likely tethered to an outlet just to game on extended period.

    Comfort is also is one it’s low points. This thing HUGE! coming for Nintendo switch user! Lol. It’s really unwieldy when trying to game for extended time. The unit is heavy! If your going to use this you really need to brace the unit on top of table or your lap to increase comfort. Gripping this thing also somewhat awkward. It’s not quite ergonomic there is really no support yet from other third parties. The screen protection is also slim picking at best. It’s only the primary reason why I purchased the external keyboard.

    I will update this review, the more I used the unit. I will add my EGPU Experience and long term use.

  5. Ellen Waddleton

    The OnexPlayer 1S 8.4″ Handheld Game Console is a powerful and portable gaming device that offers a great gaming experience. The device features an 8.4″ IPS screen with a high resolution of 1280×800, providing clear and vivid images. The device is powered by an 11th Gen Intel Core processor, making it capable of running demanding games and apps smoothly. The device is also equipped with a large battery, providing hours of gaming time. The device also supports an additional keyboard and mouse, providing a comfortable gaming experience. The device also has a variety of ports including USB-C, HDMI and 3.5mm audio jack, making it easy to connect to external devices. Overall, the OnexPlayer 1S 8.4″ Handheld Game Console is a great choice for anyone looking for a powerful and portable gaming device.

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