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  • 【Multi-platform Compatibility】Our Pacrate Gaming Headset works great with PS4, PS5, PS4 Pro/Slim, Xbox One, Xbox One X controller, Nintendo Switch/3DS, PSP, PC, Laptop, Computer, Tablet, mobile phone and most other devices with 3.5 mm audio jack. NOTE: Xbox One S requires an additional adapter(NOT INCLUDED) to support. USB interface is used for LED lights ONLY. For mic setting tips, please contact our Customer Support Team and we will offer help within 24 hours.
  • 【Noise-cancelling and Sensitive Microphone for Real-time Clear Chat】Our Pacrate PS4 Headset features a sensitive, adjustable mic with noise-canceling techniques. The gaming headset microphone can filter most ambient noise in your environment and allows real-time chat without any delay.
  • 【Clear Surround Sound Experience】Our Pacrate Headset offers excellent 50mm audio drivers in combination with advanced audio techniques. It delivers superior simulated surround sound to enhance your gaming experience. With responsive audio drivers, you can better find the direction from which the sound comes from, like fire, enemy steps and other scenario sound.
  • 【Ergonomic Fit】Our Pacrate Xbox One Headset with Microphone has an ergonomically optimized fit. The padded headband, soft and durable earpads, and the individually adjustable microphone ensure the maximum comfort. Even after intensive use for hours, the faux leather padding and headband sit comfortably firmly without hurting.It is also a Perfect KIDS GAMING HEADSET, could fit the head of your boys or girls greatly.
  • 【12-Month Customer Service】Please note that all the outer boxes (except the 7.1 one) are printed with the Black Blue headset, but the headset inside is the right color you order. Each of our Pacrate Headsets has gone through a strict quality test before shipping. If there is any problem with our headset within 12 months, please do not hesitate to contact us seller and we are always here to offer you a satisfying solution.
Product Dimensions

7.87 x 7.87 x 3.54 inches

Item Weight

12.3 ounces

Item model number


Is Discontinued By Manufacturer


Date First Available

April 19, 2020


Unisex Adult


Shenzhen Huafeng Chuangfu Trade Co.,Ltd

13 reviews for Pacrate Gaming Headset with Microphone for PC PS4 PS5 Headset Noise Cancelling Gaming Headphones for Laptop Mac Switch Xbox One Headset with LED…

  1. J. Gloster

    For the price you do get great sound quality with these imo, The low bass frequency’s are not just amazing for the in game explosions and rumbling of engines or heavy flak firing, They also sound great with my music selection too, I like alot of oldschool trance, UK Garage and Drum and Bass so hearing that beat punch and the bass sounding smooth as silk is perfect for what i like, The only nit picks i have is the built in lights, but you can turn them off with a click of a button so really its just a personal preference, Also finding the software for the headphones to use the 7.1 mode took alot of digging around, For anyone else who has trouble finding the software, head to go to download section and it is CM108B-5.18 that you need, Hope that helps

  2. Philip Stevenson

    A very comfy and great sounding headset.
    The headset is adjustable and has padding on the head and ears. Both are really comfortable.
    The headset lights up when plugged in via the USB port and looks amazing.
    All wires are included and the headset can be used with most consoles, computers or devices with an audio input. It works perfectly on my PC and PS4.
    The headset has great sound and microphone quality, it crystal clear both when gaming or for use on web meetings.
    The wires have a nylon wrap that makes them extra durable and less likely to damage or break. On the wire there is a remote that gives you the ability to quickly change the volume and turn on/off the microphone.
    Overall this head set offers fantastic sound, looks amazing, is really comfortable to wear and can be easily used on multiple device. A really great headset.

  3. William Wilkinson

    I’ve been through a handful of headphones at this price point, and you think I would have learned by now. Here are the pros…and the cons.

    -They light up and look cool
    -They’re comfortable to wear. I play D&D online for long sessions, and never have an issue with these becoming uncomfortable.
    -They’re cheap when compared to other headphones used for various types of gaming.
    -Sound canceling isn’t that bad on this set.

    -When connecting to a PC, you need an RCA splitter (supplied) IF you have a separate port for your mic and speakers, which I do…because I’m a peasant. When plugging the cable into the splitter, if you plug it in all the way, you lose sound in one of the headphone speakers. I can’t explain why. Literally, every set of headphones I’ve had in this price range does this. It’s annoying.
    -If you’re using these for gaming or group meetings, be prepared. The mic will seemingly pic up sounds a mile away. Kids playing two floors up in the house? Everyone hears them. Neighbors across the street saying goodbye to their loved ones at the holidays? Everyone hears them. It’s annoying. But not as annoying as this next bit…
    -The sound is pretty weak. Now I’m older…and I’ve been through my fair share of metal & punk shows, so needless to say, my hearing isn’t the greatest. However, this set of headphones, and the others that are similar, have very poor sound. My earbuds get 10x louder than these do, and that’s pretty sad. It sucks when you’re in a group meeting and someone is speaking, and you can’t turn them up louder because you need your headphones to go to 17 to be able to hear people without an issue.

    What it boils down to is this. They’re not a bad set, for the price you’re paying. If you plan on using these for on a PC for gaming/work, heed the warnings above. Otherwise, any awkward moments that may happen between co-workers and/or friends are on you. If you’re going to use these for gaming on an Xbox or PlayStation, you should be all right, since for some reason they act differently when attached to a controller. They’re under $30, so if you find yourself in a pinch and need headphones, these will be very serviceable. If you’re a more serious gamer, do yourself a favor and invest a few dollars more into a quality pair.

  4. Corrie C.

    Loved the color very vibrant. Sound is great! Is it noise canceling? Not really but my 7yr old son and his father still like it. They are comfortable to wear.

  5. Ivim

    The media could not be loaded.

     Sound quality is pretty good, can hear people clearly and they can hear me.

    I have stretchers and piercings in my ears so it does hurt them a little after a while. Not the comfiest things. Quite wide too so don’t fit snug, maybe they were made for men.

    Very bulky and the wire is so so long which is a little annoying when you’re just plugging it into your controller. Wish you could take off one of the attachments as it just dangles and gets in the way.
    Honestly I wish I’d looked around for something sleeker and less bulky. But they do the job.

  6. Mary Ann Banda

    Gift to my son and he loved it!!!! I would highly recommend! We are using it with the switch and it’s perfect! The light is absolutely blue and beautiful!!
    Buy buy buy!

  7. S. Heath

    I was surprised at how good theses gaming headphones are, the Base found is very good with good mid range sounds. The volume control is precise and the sound levels are good. The microphone mute is nice to have and works as it should. My grandson absolutely loves the the green led lights (green being his favourite colour) so he was well pleased. The long lead for the USB connection and power lead are just about the right length so no tangling or knotted cords. All in all these gaming headphones are excellent quality materials and seem very robust. Time will tell just how they will fare against a 9 year olds constant use but do far so good. For the price they are I am pleasantly surprised at how good they are.

  8. Damona James Holliday

    I got this item for my son, the sound quality is pretty good, and I like how long the connecting cord is. One thing that I didn’t really care for, as well as my son.. is the fact that the headset has to be plugged into USB in order for LED lights to work.

  9. Aj

    For $20, I couldn’t be happier with these. I also have a pair of Steel Series 1 wireless, and comparatively, I think I like these a little better.
    I realize my other phones aren’t high end by any means, but it’s all I really have to compare to. These ones are definitely a touch louder and have a bit more bass. In my comparison test I used my favorite band, Tool, which when the drums hit, you could tell immediately bass was not lacking. I kept switching between the phones and although the Steel Series might have been a touch crisper, I appreciated the extra bit of loudness out of these. Which again, was evident when listening to Tool. As for noise canceling….well, not sure if you’ve ever seen a child’s toy microphone…battery operated, Bluetooth enabled, loud, annoying….you know the one? If not, lucky you. Well, my youngest came up to me whilst jamming out to said band, Tool, at let’s say an 8 on the volume scale (out of 10, this isn’t Spinal Tap), and I can confidently say, I didn’t hear a word of the nonsense she was spewing, and it was THE best thing ever. That alone was worth 20 bucks. If these last, added bonus.
    In all seriousness, I hope these do last. I’ve had cheaper sets I’ve bought and the volume control gets staticky or the mic will cut out. I actually haven’t even tested the mic on these yet as I was more concerned with a nice loud pair of headphones. I’ll report back if they suck or break in 2 months. I’ve seen this Butfulake brand other places besides Amazon, so I’m hoping that speaks a little for the credibility/quality of the headphones.
    Comfort? They’re great. The top padding is quite squishy, and the ear cups fit well. No complaints there.
    As for the lights, true story, you’re going to need a USB extender cord if you want to use these lit up with PS4. Which I did. Because neon green, that’s why.
    Also, you might realize by a couple of my references that I may be on the older side. Not too old, but maybe old enough where I shouldn’t be buying light up headphones. At the very least, I guess I don’t need to plug the lights in….but where’s the fun in that when you’re playing in the dark and your wife walks in and gives you the judgement eyes for days. Worth. It.
    In conclusion, buy these for your kids, your grandkids, your neighbors kids, or the giant manchild in your life. They’ll love em!

  10. Chelsea Linkous

    I got this for my 8 year old for Christmas. He loves it, everyone can hear him clearly and he hears every sound clearly. He also says they are super comfortable on his ears.

  11. Kindle Customer

    These are great headphones but only lasted about 10 months before one earphone went out.

  12. Rezensator

    Für diesen Preis hätte ich kein so gutes Headset erwartet. Ich habe mir die grüne Version gekauft. Es ist flexibel und gut an den Kopf anzupassen. Was mich wirklich freut, ist, dass die Schnur ausreichend lang ist, was heutzutage nicht immer der Fall ist.
    Ich nutze es hauptsächlich für Fortnite und den Landwirtschaftssimulator sowie die Kommunikation via Twitch. Der Ton ist klar und sehr präzise, man hört, woher der Gegner kommt und wie nahe er ist. Der Bass ist sehr kräftig.
    Außerdem kann das Headset, wie viele in dem Segment, leuchten; sowohl an den Seiten als auch an Mikrophon ist das der Fall (siehe auf dem Foto). Das Mikro scheint übrigens gut zu funktionieren, meine Gesprächspartner haben mich bisher immer gut verstanden. Man kann es auch auf Knopfdruck an- und ausschalten. Bis jetzt bin ich sehr zufrieden, mal sehen, wie es sich in der Langzeitnutzung entwickelt.

  13. A Kraus

    Very nice quality and it’s affordable, only bad thing is the headphones have to be connected to the Xbox to glow which kinda sucks but other then that worth it

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