Pautios Smart Watch, 42mm Full Touchscreen Fitness Watch, Fitness Tracker Watch with Heart Rate Monitor & SpO2, Sleep Tracker, Step Counter, IP68…

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  • Comprehensive Health Tracking: Our smart watch monitor your heart rate, blood oxygen levels, and sleep patterns to gain valuable insights into your overall health and well-being.
  • Swim-Ready and Waterproof: With an IP68 waterproof rating, this smart watch is suitable for swimming and can withstand water immersion. Note: Not recommended for deep-water activities.
  • Multiple Workout Options: Choose from 14 sports modes to track your workouts accurately and meet the needs of various activities, from running and cycling to yoga and more. It caters to various exercise needs, making it ideal for fitness enthusiasts.
  • Customizable Watch Display: Personalize your fitness watch with custom dial wallpapers to match your style and preferences. Smart watches for women men.
  • Smart Notifications and Connectivity: Stay informed with smart notifications, including calls, messages, and more, directly on your wrist, ensuring you never miss important updates while on the go.
  • Additional Features: The fitness tracker includes breath training, music control, camera remote, weather forecast, timer, stopwatch, find my phone, and screen timeout settings, providing you with an enhanced user experience.
  • Long Battery Life and Compatibility: Enjoy up to 8-10 days of battery life on a single charge, ensuring continuous usage without frequent recharging. The watch is compatible with Android 9+ and iOS 11+ smartphones.
Product Dimensions

5.9 x 3.2 x 0.75 inches

Item Weight

2.08 ounces


Android 9+ or iOS 11+ Smartphones

Wireless communication technologies


Connectivity technologies



GPS Enabled

Special features

Sedentary Reminder, Music Control, Weather Forecast., Custom Watch Dials, IP68 Swimming Waterproof,, Blood Oxygen Monitor, Heart Rate Monitor, Sleep Monitor, Multisport Tracker, Fitness Tracker, Pedometer, Stopwatch, Timer, Alarm Clock, Email/Messages/Call/SNS Reminder

Display technology


Human Interface Input



Black Silver



Date First Available

June 15, 2023

Standing screen display size

42 Millimeters

1548 reviews for Pautios Smart Watch, 42mm Full Touchscreen Fitness Watch, Fitness Tracker Watch with Heart Rate Monitor & SpO2, Sleep Tracker, Step Counter, IP68…

  1. psbsun

    I am changing my rating from 4 stars to 5 stars because of the following.

    Pautios customer service ( responded in under an hour when I reached out to them. They recommended a reboot to solve issues I had with the watch.

    The watch became much more accurate when I gave the Fitdock app location settings ALL the time, then rebooted the watch through the app. The mileage during workouts became more accurate and my bike rides now come up with a map of where I rode. I also started to get alerts when my heart rate goes into the red zone while biking. My sleep times also became more accurate with the reboot.

    I recommend you turn on GPS access (locations settings) at ALL times. Make any personal setting changes you like. Then reboot the phone through the app to activate all of those changes. To reboot the watch through the app go to “Settings”–> “Device” then “Restart the device “. It will ask you to confirm the device’s restart and sync data prior to the reboot.

    Original Review
    I received my Pautios Smart Watch three days ago. The first thing I noticed was how comfortable it felt. Almost like it wasn’t there at all. Prior to buying the watch I checked the app that it syncs with to make sure it was well rated. The Fitdock app is currently rated 4.3 stars at the Google Play Store, much better than apps other smart watches link to. The watch was pretty straight forward to set up and figure out.

    I have run three different work out tests on it. Keep in mind that some of my issues are with the watch and others with the Fitdock app the watch links to.

    I initially thought the step count was off, but after going for a 2.44 mile walk I believe the step count of 5,038 indicates the step count is fairly accurate. However, the miles it recorded were off. The 2.44 miles was based on my Samsung Health App and also my bike speedometer over the same route. This watch showed only 1.9 miles for the route. I like that the watch buzzed me when my BPM hit the red zone. I am not sure what to think about the KCAL that the watch showed. It showed 216 KCAL for the walk while the Samsung Health App showed 173 KCAL.

    I went for an 11.85 mile bike ride. This mode was somewhat disappointing. When I turned it on it asked me to be sure my Bluetooth was connected for GPS from my phone, which I did. However, at the end of the ride it only showed a distance of 0.13 miles. The watch does not show the miles during the ride or in the training record. I was also disappointed that the watch didn’t buzz me when my BPM went into the red zone. The KCAL was reversed for the bike ride compared with the walk. The Samsung Health App showing more KCAL this time, 427 KCAL, and the watch showed less at 276 KCAL.

    I used the watch when I golfed also. There is no golf mode, so I selected the Other mode. This mode only monitors the Heart Rate, KCAL and length of time. It would be nice if the number of training modes were increased to include other activities like golfing.

    During all exercise modes I was not able to see, or access the watch face, but the exercise mode did show the time of day.

    The notification feature only makes it possible to read notifications on the watch. You can not respond to notifications. I was disappointed to find that setting a sleep time did not silence the notifications. They still buzzed on my arm when they came through, so I turned the feature off.

    Battery Life seems good. I’m a few hours short of 3 days since the phone was charged and the battery is at 75%.

    As for the watch band. While it was super comfortable initially, I have found when moisture (sweat or water) get between it and the skin it can become uncomfortable. I have also found that the piece that holds the tail of the strap in place can irritate my wrist. I would like to be able to get some watch bands to interchange, but I have not been able to find any. I would also like to find some bands like the Apple watch has that do not have a buckle at all.

    I played around a bit with the watch faces. I found it a bit challenging to add my own photos. For some reason they didn’t want to upload. I eventually was able to load a photo.

    While I have found a few things that don’t like, all in all, for the money this smart watch is a very good value and the quality is as good or better than expected.

  2. M. Prado

    I have had off-brand smart watches before that I didn’t like. I’ve been looking at getting a different one so that I can see messages without having to have my whole phone. One thing I did notice recently, though, is that it doesn’t list any contacts calling, so if you don’t have the number memorized, you may not know who is calling until pulling out your phone.

  3. Deborah Varnado

    This was a very affordable alternative to an Apple Watch because all I was looking for was something to keep track of my movement and fitness. It has some really nice features and pairs very well with my iPhone and the FitDock app. It monitors sleep, heart rate, blood oxygen levels and even has settings for different types of workouts. You can customize the screen and the battery life is surprisingly long.

  4. Nathaniel Baker

    I’m an old guy and just wanted a watch. The new technology is confusing for a man of my age. However, I’m sure younger people will love the device’s technology.

  5. Carolyn Keene

    The watch is fine. I’m disappointed the paint is chipping off. Looks horrible

  6. Whodatgrl

    Good value and is waterproof. I have swam and showered in this watch with no issues. I did have to switch waists as it caused pain in the wrist in my dominant side.
    I like the premium app with is free for 6 months. Will see if worth continuing later.

  7. Amazon Customer

    My wrist is 8 1/2 in around, standard watch bands are for 8 in wrists. This Pautios watch comes with a std length silicon band, so it is too short for me. I am trying different watch bands, trying to find one that fits.
    So far I have tried the Torbollo long nylon bands, but they do not fit into the cut outs in the Pautios watch – they nylon webbing is too thick.

  8. Lighthorse

    It has the basic features for anyone who is interested in seeing if they will make the committment to simply get moving without spending a small fortune to find out.
    I ride a stationary bike and it has a setting for that where I can set the amount of time and it will tell me how many calories I have burned. I also use the Freestyle setting quite a bit, but there are 14 different activities it will track.
    I broke my back many years ago and have been sleep deprived ever since, unable to stay in one position for long so the Sleep Tracking feature is great and has confirmed my belief, I don’t sleep well. It would be nice if the screen could be turned off at night because even on the dimmest setting, it will wake you up like a flashlight in your face when you move. Design flaw, that hopefully they rectify in the next model.

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