PEIOUS Wireless Mouse, Jiggler Mouse for Laptop – LED Mouse Rechargeable Computer Mice Mouse Mover Undetectable Random Movement with On/Off Button…

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  • Mouse Jiggler & Rechargeable LED Mouse 2 in 1 Design — If you are doing your work on the computer, this would be a actual mouse with amazing LED colors, if you’re not typing away or step away from your computer, this would be a Mouse mover which give you a little breathing room without having to worry about logging back into all your programs again(You will have to press the DPI button for 3 seconds to enter into jiggler mode)
  • Random Movements & No Interfere with using Mouse — The mouse produces random movements on the screen and it is very quiet in Jiggler Mode, when you back to the computer, no need to draw attention to the fact that you’re using a jiggler, the cursor is under your control! It will enter Jiggler mode again after 5 seconds of inactivity
  • Plug & Play Perfect for Laptops Only with Limited USB Port — There is virtually no set up, you literally just plug it in and turn on the switch it works! Only 1 real mouse will be plugged in your computer, so no worries if you use using it with your laptop that only has one or two USB ports, and not bother to buy an adapter
  • Separate On/Off Control for the Mouse and Jiggler Mode — It serves its purpose and can be turned on and off, gives you simple and effective control, so you don’t have to plug it in and unplug it, cause not all the time you will need to run it
  • Universal Compatibility & Risk Free 12 Months Warranty — Compatible with almost all USB-enabled Computers run of Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Mac OS. And this mouse is backed by 12-months warranty, just let us know if you have any issues with the mouse ordered.
Product Dimensions

4 x 2.25 x 1.25 inches

Item Weight

4.6 ounces


1 Lithium Ion batteries required. (included)

Date First Available

August 5, 2021



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8 reviews for PEIOUS Wireless Mouse, Jiggler Mouse for Laptop – LED Mouse Rechargeable Computer Mice Mouse Mover Undetectable Random Movement with On/Off Button…

  1. LC

    This has changed my work from home life. So easy to set up and use. Great battery life and works perfectly as it states. Must buy if you work from home!

  2. Deedee312

    I originally bought it for the jiggler function so that my laptop wouldn’t fall asleep. It works exactly as advertised and is also comfortable to use. The different light colors are also fun! I haven’t used it long enough to determine how long the battery lasts on a full charge. The mouse physically doesn’t jiggle, but it keeps the cursor moving when it’s in jiggle mode. Happy I purchased this!

  3. Char

    Love it! Works perfectly and it is comfortable to use. On auto movement mode it scrolls the screen and it never goes dark. Great product!

  4. Dan

    Purchased one that had to be returned as it would not charge. Got the replacement quickly and it’s been great! Going on about a month of use now from the initial charge. The clicks are super quiet. There is a button to change the speed the mouse cursor moves with your hand, press and hold the same button to set it on jiggler mode. You can disrupt jiggler mode and use as normal without turning off the jiggle but it will resume after a few quick seconds of idle. Definitely prefer this over the physical “jiggler” pad. Lights are a neat bonus, but I do keep them off. Would buy again!

  5. alay the amazoner

    so this is my first office job (I’m a nurse previously working in the hospital) and I wanted to do a cute pink theme for my desk. I had bought a different mouse to this one and I must have gotten a dud or something because it would not work AT ALL. I tried everything and decided to order a different one. I found this mouse and was a little weary since my first purchase hasn’t gone well but I put the pink mouse in my cart and decided to go with it. let me just say that was such a good decision!

    color: as I said, my color was pink and it looks exactly like the picture! the lights are also a super cute feature.

    smoothness: mouse moves very smoothly. I didn’t have a mouse pad at first so it was just moving on my desk but now I have a mouse pad and it moves well on both, not jerky at all.

    battery life: I’ve only charged it about two times (once when setting it up and the other just the other day) and I’ve been using it for around 3 weeks, eight hours for five days out of the week. I sometimes (if I remember) turn the mouse off when I know I’m going on a lunch or something to save battery but honestly the battery is very good in my opinion. you can also charge it while using it if you use the cable, so I’m happy with that.

    jiggle feature: I just tried this for the first time today and it was a little jarring at first because I didn’t expect it to jiggle so much haha! I was scared it would click something (I was on my outlook) but it just moves (somewhat rapidly) around the screen to keep it active. if you also have an office that monitors your screen it might look a little strange (in the sense that the mouse is just kinda going everywhere) but hey it’ll look like you’re keeping busy.

    Overall, I’d recommend this to anyone with an office job looking for a mouse!

  6. Cindy Paniagua

    This mouse has been great. Love the lights, battery life is amazing. It’s smooth and works exactly how it’s meant to

  7. Nalinc23

    Awesome innovative product. If I walk downstairs from my home office before I can get a bite to eat and drink, let the dog out, and walk back to my office MS teams has me on away mode. Half the time I get the “are you there?” From people I work with. This is a great solution to keep the system out of sleep mode for WFH folks. Great service too, got a replacement when I had issues!!!

  8. Brandon

    I got it for a friend…kinda as a joke but she loved it. Just the fit and function of the mouse in general I guess was a lot nicer than the one she was using. Then I told her if she presses the button by the wheel it turns the jiggler function on so her screen will stay up. She sent me back a video of her turning it on and just watching the mouse. She thought something was wrong with it… it took me a minute to realize that she was waiting for the mouse to actually move on it’s own. 🤣😂 After we had a good laugh at that I asked her look at her screen to see if the cursor was moving? She was amazed!!!…and that kids is how I met your mother.

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