Playstation 2 Console – Black (Renewed)

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  • Sony Playstation 2 System, One Dual Shock 2 Controller, Ac Cable, Av Cable
  • The Playstation 2 System Lets You Play Original Ps1 Games As Well As The Huge Selection Of Ps2 Games.
  • Product Type -Video Game Hardware
  • Package Quantity-1

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Product Dimensions

7.2 x 11.9 x 3.1 inches, 6.08 Pounds


Video Game



Is Discontinued By Manufacturer


Item Weight

6.07 pounds




1 CR2 batteries required.

Date First Available

June 4, 2018

8 reviews for Playstation 2 Console – Black (Renewed)

  1. Doug Roska

    It does play games, but takes a while to load. The games do eventually play though.

  2. Him and her

    Its definitely worth the price for a rare system. It works like new, a few scuffs on the casing but nothing noticeable unless your right up close to it. Ive tested the over heating capabilities and i have to say im impressed i played it for 2 days straight to test quality and she ran like a champ never got to hot or stop playing. I have to say for how old the system is whatever they did to it or didn’t do to it its amazing i feel like a kid again playing all my old favorite games on the PS2. Just a warning tho it did not come witha memory card but i had already ordered one just in case so it wasnt a big deal actually pretty minor to me i just mainly wanted the PS2 lol

  3. Justo Izaguirre

    I was really hopeful that this would work since most of the reviews were good but unfortunately the ps2 doesn’t read the discs or even spin them. I contacted the seller so hopefully I get a response.

    Update: Before considering to return the console, I decided to research if there were any possible solutions to fix it (which ranged from the inside being dusty, to needing a new laser or other parts). I noticed that when the disc slot would open i could see dust so with fingers crossed, I decided to see if it being dirty was the problem. With the help of my dad he opened up the console and boy was there a lot of dust!! Considering this was “refurbished”, it looked as if it was never cleaned a day in its life. Nevetheless we cleaned it and replugged it in to test if it would work— praise Jesus that it did! All the discs work fine now which is a relief, but it’s also frustrating due to the fact that we actually had to take it apart and clean it which should have been the sellers job.
    (It’s unfortunate that one of the other reviewers had this same problem but didn’t realize that cleaning it might have worked).

    I’m only giving 3 stars because although it worked in the end, the seller did not fulfill the act of refurbishing the console. I know many reviewers complained of there being no memory card since it is shown in the picture, but it is not listed in the description so I’ll let that slide.

  4. Linda

    With the purchase of a refurbished items as a customer you cannot expect the world. However, retro refresh has gone above and beyond my expectations when handling customer service.
    The first PS2 came in the mail with the box it was shipped in HEAVILY damaged. One corner of it had opened up and through shipment became large enough for the PS2 to poke through. The culprit was little to no bubble wrap/ packing peanuts to stop the machine from bouncing all over the place. Sure enough, the product did not work.
    In each package they provide a card with a personal representative to handle your issue (this i didnt see until i had already contacted them). I was pleasently surprised to not only get a quick response to my issue but a whole new PS2 without having do pay or do anything else.
    It felt like the second one came even faster than the first although it could of been around the same time. This time, it was packaged nice and secure with only a minor cosmetic problem.
    PS2 works GREAT. Runs quietly and no issues with it so far.

    Would defiantly recommend retro refresh to anyone looking for refurbished items.

  5. MonicaZ

    This console brings back memories…the games the whole family can play, nobody needs to be a Pro to enjoy a good time together.

  6. E.T.

    This refurbished console is as BRAND NEW! I bought this PS2 game console so that I could play one of my FAVORITE games, Jack & Daxter! I have been unsuccessful in obtaining a PS5 in which I would be able to play all of the favorite old games, so I figured I could just buy the PS2 to play my favorite old games. I must say that I’m well pleased with the console, although doesn’t have the definition that the newer PS consoles have, it still fits the bill! Thanks Amazon, and thanks to the sellers “Certified Refurbished on Amazon” that refurbished this console that is like BRAND NEW! GREAT JOB!

  7. Your Boy

    I’ve purchased a few used games from Retro Refresh in the past and have had good experiences so I decided to take a chance and buy a used PS2 console from them via Amazon Renewed. Very happy with the purchase, the console works great and even ended up getting a bonus PS2 memory card I wasn’t expecting (since it wasn’t mentioned in the description).

  8. Yorell Paniagua

    Everything works great, but only think I can knit pick is that the color goes away when I restart it to switch games. I just unplug and plug back in the yellow video plug and the color pops right back on a bit inconvenient, but otherwise it’s great value for your money

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