Razer Basilisk V3 Customizable Ergonomic Gaming Mouse: Fastest Gaming Mouse Switch – Chroma RGB Lighting – 26K DPI Optical Sensor -Classic Black

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  • ICONIC ERGONOMIC DESIGN WITH THUMB REST — PC gaming mouse favored by millions worldwide with a form factor that perfectly supports the hand while its buttons are optimally positioned for quick and easy access
  • 11 PROGRAMMABLE BUTTONS — Assign macros and secondary functions across 11 programmable buttons to execute essential actions like push-to-talk, ping, and more
  • HYPERSCROLL TILT WHEEL — Speed through content with a scroll wheel that free-spins until its stopped or switch to tactile mode for more precision and satisfying feedback that’s ideal for cycling through weapons or skills
  • 11 RAZER CHROMA RGB LIGHTING ZONES — Customize each zone from over 16.8 million colors and countless lighting effects, all while it reacts dynamically with over 150 Chroma integrated games
  • OPTICAL MOUSE SWITCHES GEN 2 — With zero unintended misclicks these switches provide crisp, responsive execution at a blistering 0.2ms actuation speed for up to 70 million clicks
  • FOCUS plus 26K DPI OPTICAL SENSOR — Best-in-class mouse sensor with intelligent functions flawlessly tracks movement with zero smoothing, allowing for crisp response and pixel-precise accuracy



‎Basilisk V3

Item model number


Hardware Platform

‎PC, Mac

Operating System

‎Windows 11, Windows 10

Item Weight

‎3.56 ounces

Product Dimensions

‎2.96 x 5.12 x 1.67 inches

Item Dimensions LxWxH

‎2.96 x 5.12 x 1.67 inches


‎Classic Black

Power Source

‎Corded Electric


‎1 Lithium Ion batteries required.



Date First Available

‎September 8, 2021

10 reviews for Razer Basilisk V3 Customizable Ergonomic Gaming Mouse: Fastest Gaming Mouse Switch – Chroma RGB Lighting – 26K DPI Optical Sensor -Classic Black

  1. Placeholder

    this mouse just feels right in every single way.
    the buttons are snappy and never miss or double-click, the shape just feels snug in my palm.
    the wheel is just mind-blowing, the electronic mechanical clutch for the wheel is a game changer.
    DPI settings are more than anyone will ever need, it just gives you everything in that area.
    great USB cord and mouse feet.
    best used with a hard mouse pat as far as I found it just feels perfect. (any mouse pad will do, the hard mouse pad is what works best for me)

  2. ClockRocket

    I am really enjoying this mouse. Is it my favorite mouse? Hard to say, I have different mice for different things. I have a Naga Pro for MOBAs and MMOs, a Deathadder v2 Pro for FPS, and an Orochi for my gaming laptop. I also have a drawer full of other mice that I enjoy using from time to time like the Roccat Burst Pro that was my daily driver for nearly a year.

    So where does this mouse fit in? To me, this is the best all-rounder. The hyperscroll is great for getting through long webpages or spreadsheets. Combined with its comfortable ergonomic shape, and low noise and pleasant feel, it is excellent as an office mouse.

    However, it is great for FPS games as well. The main buttons feel nice to click. The side buttons are easy to find and press. And I have even found myself using the clutch every now and then when sniping. And I have come to appreciate the thumb rest. No more accidently dragging the edge of my thumb on the mousepad.

    The features do add some extra weight, however. This in turn makes it slightly less desirable than my Deathadder for shooters. But really not by much. I only notice the weight difference if I am quickly switching between them. In use though, I do just as well with the Basilisk as I do with the Deathadder. Both are comfy for long game sessions. with excellent ergonomics and good buttons. I do enjoy the scroll wheel on the Basilisk more than the Deathadder.

    I could probably press the Basilisk into service for a MOBA. However, I have grown accustomed to the Naga’s six button side panel. Since I have the option, I would probably be included to use that LoL or HotS (not that I play either much anymore).

    For MMOs there is nothing that can replace my Naga with the 12 button side panel. The Basilisk just cannot compete, and that’s ok. MMO mice a very specialized thing. If you are at the point where you need 24+ keybinds on your mouse, you probably already have this covered.

    But, if you need just one mouse in your life, I think the Basilisk is an excellent choice. Even if you are shopping office mice, give this one a look. The Smart-Reel Hyperscroll is a thing of beauty for the office once you get used to it. And when you are gaming, the sensitivity clutch can be really handy.

    Also, the lighting looks pretty cool and it’s easy to work with. Aesthetics are important too 😀

  3. Voltaire

    I have been using this mouse for general use and a little gaming for a little over a month. I am very happy with it. Customizable, comfortable, nice weight, very accurate. Has button underneath to transition between profiles. A great mouse!!

  4. Malyn Wibberenz

    Probably my favourite mouse ever. Extremely comfortable as I have big hands and its harder to use normal mice. Clicks feel very satisfying, barely any issues w connection, nice RGB configurations and looks great. 9/10 could use some more secondary buttons

  5. Brian

    The media could not be loaded.

     O mouse é impecável, super confortável, um design incrível e de precisão e velocidade que eu já mais tinha tido com um mouse, o tempo de resposta desse mouse é insano! E com as configurações do synapse em “modo tático” o mouse fica com um ótimo controle , ele é de longe um dos mouses mais ergonômicos que já comprei, sendo de extremo conforto e rápido acesso a todos os botões que ele possui, sem dúvidas, um TESÃO de mouse feito pela razer! Outro detalhe que me impressionou foi a entrega, chegou bem antes 7 dias antes da data prevista, a embalagem veio com 2 leves amassados nas pontas, mas devido ao grande trajeto isso é normal ! O Produto está em 100% de estado e é realmente muito lindo !

  6. Andre

    These are great for every day use. To be honest most of the features like “RGB” and mapping functions to the extra buttons I completely skip over. I’m sure they’re useful for playing computer games where there’s very specific time pressure. For the stuff I use them for, writing documents, a bit of design work, a bit of circuit design, a bit of software dev, basically anything other than playing computer games, they’re great.

    The sensor is really sensetive so they work really well for very precise design work. The way the mouse wheel works on these is genius. They’ve added a buttom that lets one set the wheel between “free wheeling” and ” tightl;y controlled” with a single press. If you’re working on long documents, large diagrams, long web pages it’s just a click and you can move up and down the length of the page very quickly. Then just press the button again and you have precise control and you can slowly move from line to line and get to exactly where you need to be. Navigation with any other mouse now feels slow and sluggish to me.

    The little couloured lights are also useful, I have a few of these on the desk at once and setting them to different static colurs makes it easy to quickly identify which mouse is attached to which computer.

    The quality is good, I’ve had one of these Basilisk v3’s for about two years and no sign of any problems. I’ve had another Razer mouse for about eight years and while there are definite signs of wear it’s to be expectted with a device that gets used all day every day. That one still functions perfectly even though there are tiny cracks where the plastic has become brittle and the pads underneath are all but worn off. By comparison I bought a different high quality gaming mouse manufatured by a competitor in the same segment and with that one the gears on the mouse wheel wore enough to lose friction with the spindle to the point where the mouse wheel was really frustrating to try to use within six months, so eight years I’d say is good value for money.

  7. Leonardo Santos Baseggio

    Perfect for my hand, lightweight, looks amazing, quality material and performance, all in all an amazing product

  8. Jimmy

    Great price for this mouse ($50). I have a Logitech G602 gaming mouse, which is great, but I wanted a wired mouse so I went with Razer. It’s a tad smaller than my Logitech (which was a perfect fit) but it’s still comfortable in my hand and I also like the adjustable scroll wheel. It’s lighter than my Logitech and glides much smoother too, but that could just be from me using the Logitech for the last 5 or years. Hopefully this mouse is pretty durable. It feels like it’s a solid mouse.

  9. Brian

    Mouse muy bonito visualmente, cuenta con una forma ligeramente ergonomica a comparación de los clásicos ratones que lo hace comodo al adaptarse a la forma de la mano, el sensor es muy bueno y preciso para shooter, con su rgb personalizable por software brinda una amplia variedad de combinaciones y gracias a que cuenta con memoria interna puedes guardar diferentes perfiles y cambiarlos con un solo botón.
    Lo único “malo” es el peso, apésar de ser de 102 gr aprox. se siente algo pesado y más si vienes de un mouse más liviano.

  10. Leonardo Santos Baseggio

    Wunderschön, liegt toll in der Hand.
    Gewohnt gute Qualität, tolles Produkt

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