Redragon Gaming Mouse, Wired Gaming Mouse with RGB Backlit, 8000 DPI Adjustable, Mouse with 9 Programmable Macro Buttons & Fire Button, Software Supports DIY Keybinds, M910-K

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  • 【UP TO 8000DPI】Geared with 5 redefinable DPI levels(default as 500/1000/2000/3000/4000,can be adjusted between 500 and 8000 via driver) at the same time to meet the needs of a variety of scenarios, for gaming for working; you can switch to change the speed of the mouse with a button, 1 click = 3 click, effectively improves the winning rate, ideal for IFS and other competitive games.
  • 【9 BUTTON REASSIGNABLE】9 programmable buttons are all editable with customizable tactical key binds in whatever game or work you are engaging.Adjustable DPI, Report rate, RGB, and Macro Editor, offering you a better gaming and working experience.
  • 【5 USER PROFILES】Macro editing allows for more customization,5 mode profiles, and can be switched to correspond to different scenarios and users.Perfect for all gaming and office scenarios.
  • 【CUSTOMIZE GAMING ATMOSPHERE】The gaming mouse with 5 RGB backlit modes, you can adjust the color and brightness, and also turn off or change a single color, to create a cool atmosphere for gaming.
  • 【COMFORT GRIP】The ergonomic contour makes gaming mice fit in any hands.It provides long-lasting comfort for players, without fatigue even during long hours of intense gameplay.It won’t slip when lifting the gaming mouse, or making fast and precise swipes.
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4.9 x 2.85 x 1.57 inches

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4.6 ounces

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August 8, 2022



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8 reviews for Redragon Gaming Mouse, Wired Gaming Mouse with RGB Backlit, 8000 DPI Adjustable, Mouse with 9 Programmable Macro Buttons & Fire Button, Software Supports DIY Keybinds, M910-K

  1. Kimberley

    Esta excelente pero la rueda del scroll se vence muy rápido. Aún funciona pero ya no se siente rígida después de 2 meses

  2. Brett Dent

    ***UPDATE on 5/24/2015***
    After having had this mouse for some time, I’d like to elaborate on some of the points I made about the mouse.

    First, the weight of the mouse. Now that I have gotten used to this mouse, the weight is perfect. Remember, I was coming from a very heavy R.A.T. 7 mouse that made me feel a bit shocked by how light this one is. This mouse feels great and, not that the mouse is the ONLY reason, but I did manage to get from Silver Elite Master to DMG on CS:GO playing with this mouse and will not doubt hit The Global Elite down the road a bit. The mouse is very “grippy” in my hands and this is very important, for instance, when you are zoomed in with a sniper rifle awaiting an enemy coming into your view from around a door or corner. Using more of a claw grip in these instances allows me a ridiculous amount of control over my crosshair movement (in other words, I can accurately move the mouse just a sliver in any given direction). A big part of this is probably due to the quality of the laser mouse in combination with my sensitivity settings (which for CS:GO are: 1.5 sensitivity, 0.80 scoped in sensitivity, Raw Input = on, and my Windows sensitivity is on the middle tick mark with acceleration off).

    The buttons have held up superbly. They are still very responsive, especially with their “clicky” feedback. Of special note is the mouse wheel. The rubber “tire” like covering on it works great and the down-click motion is direct and not sloppy. You know how some mouses, when you try to click the middle-mouse button, cause you to slip off the wheel or not be able to click it effortlessly? I haven’t ran into that issue yet with this mouse.

    Still happy with this purchase and I really cannot find a reason NOT to give it 5 stars. It looks cool, functions great, and has had very little issues.

    With that said, I am giving it 4 stars due to a driver issue and computer sleep mode issue. Whenever I put my computer to sleep and then wake it back up, I have to unplug and then re-plug the mouse to get Windows to recognize it. I Googled this issue and nothing that would indicate it being anything else but this mouse. My other mice don’t have that issue and neither do my other USB devices.

    Also, I downloaded a driver/software for this mouse from the manufacturer’s web site (if I recall correctly) and this caused my mouse to randomly click every few minutes. During a match in CS:GO, you could imagine how this could really mess things up (sniping, defusing a bomb, maintaining stealth, having a grenade out). After uninstalling the software, the mouse went back to normal.

    GET THIS MOUSE! It really is an amazing value and I’d pay more than I did for it. I got this for about $17 with Prime shipping. I would easily have paid $25-30 knowing what I do now.

    ***END UPDATE***

    This mouse looks great, in my opinion. It has a very aggressive look, and the pairing of a red and black color scheme is a nice touch. The color LEDs appear on the back of the mouse and both sides which add a very coll effect. Additionally, the side thumb buttons and the thumb rest are textured and/or slotted for design and grip. SCORE: 9/10 for appearance.

    Build quality:
    So far, the mouse is holding up well. There is a non-rubberized coating that is more like a matte finish on the main body of the mouse. This seems to be slip resistant and helps with grip. The buttons are very “clicky” which is great. I play CS:GO a lot, and I had an issue with my R.A.T. 7 where it felt as if some of the buttons were a bit mushy. I immediately noticed the difference with the buttons of this mouse and love the switches that the buttons use. The mouse, overall, feels like it will hold up structurally for some time, and all of the pieces look well-finished and put together. The braided cable tells me they went the extra mile to make sure this mouse delivers. SCORE: 9/10

    This is the big category for me. The mouse feels very light, even with the weights inserted into the chassis. It feels light enough that I almost wish it were just a tad bit heavier, but this could merely be just personal preference. One other complain I have is the feel of the thumb rest. It is a piece of textured plastic (which seems like good quality nonetheless). My gripe is that it would be nice to have something a little “grippier” or “rubbery” there to make my thumb feel a little more like part of the mouse. Although, I must say that I enjoy the slotted thumb rest and it seems to help with keeping my hand/thumb cooler.

    The buttons feel great and responsive. Not spongy at all. I love the crisp “click” that this mouse has on all of the buttons. There is only one button to change the sensitivity, so it would have been nice to have another one to change it the opposite way. In CS:GO, I like to down my sensitivity depending on what weapon I am using, and it can be tedious to have to click 3 times on one button to cycle the sensitivity back to my original one. The mouse wheel is extra wide which is amazing. The rubber grip on it ensures that you don’t slip when using the scroll wheel.

    Lastly, this mouse’s light weight feeling also gives it a feeling of being “cheap.” I do not look at this mouse as being cheap at all, but more like a very good value for what you get. With that said, maybe it is just me and a heavier weighted mouse would make that feeling go away. The low weight, however, makes it every easy to move the mouse a tiny distance on screen. Which leads me to the mouse feet. My R.A.T. 7 felt like it would jump around a bit when I would try to move my crosshair a tiny distance. I think this was a combination of the mouse feet and the wide, wide design of the mouse. This mouse has NO issue with tiny movements and I feel like I can manipulate the mouse very easily and securely. SCORE: 9/10

    Cannot beat the value. I paid 17.00 with overnight Prime shipping for a 6-button, braided cable, laser mouse with adjustable sensitivity and awesome button switches. I cannot find a good reason to use my other mice over this one. SCORE: 10/10

    Overall Score: 9.25/10

    I would highly recommend this to anyone. The price is low enough that you have no reason to have it, even as a backup mouse. Some mice are good for certain things, so if you find that you don’t need your ultra-hyped, overrated $75 mouse, give this one a try. I would buy it again and will now look at Redragon’s other products (such as their keyboards).

  3. Brett Dent

    Works great! And it has a lot of different settings for speed which is nice too! They also have a lot of colour changing options to match your style!

    I did read a review on here as well that a part of the mouse would hurt their hand, where the end of the light is, ect and I personally do not find this to be the case at all.

  4. Lexster

    Like most products from Redragon, this mouse ticks all the boxes when it comes to features, usability and comfort!

    The comfort of this mouse is very good! It’s large enough to fit in the hand without being too large and has enough weight without being too heavy.

    The sensor is very precise and the DPI selection is on par with what one would expect from a higher priced model from another manufacturer.

    The RGB aspect is varied enough to be fun and customizable enough to satisfy anyone’s needs. If you don’t want any lighting, there is an easy option to turn the lights off, and of course the mouse remembers your setting selection when power cycled or unplugged.

    The button selection is excellent and the button clicks are solid as usual.

    As this is a wired mouse, one can expect the usual quality cloth braided cable to be long and flexible.

    Over all, an excellent offering from Redragon! Whether you are looking for a mouse for gaming or for desktop use, you will not be disappointed with this Ranger model!

  5. kevin

    Die Maus ist sehr cool und funktioniert super. Ich überlege mir mehr von dem Hersteller an zu sehn. Das einzige Problem das ich hatte war, das sie sich zu klein angefühlt hat. Mein kleiner Bruder kommt mit der Maus sehr gut klar also top.

  6. Julian Velazquez

    No issues, dpi works great, my first gaming mouse so don’t trust my word but it works perfectly fine for shooting people in the finals and for Fortnite lel

  7. Roman coronado

    Me ha gustado bastante. Funciona muy bien. Se nota mucho la diferencia con un mouse barato.

  8. Tyler Hardy

    I bought this in 2017. It is now 2020. I am still using it. It still works as well as the day I got it.

    Left button still clicks. Right button still clicks. Scroll wheel still scrolls. Side buttons still work. Except in some situations, namely certain games that I’m pretty sure don’t accept extra mouse button inputs anyway. For example, in Deus Ex Human Revolution, Bioshock, and Starcraft 2 they don’t work, but in Fallout: New Vegas, Metro 2033, and Dota 2 they work perfectly. Seems more a problem with the games themselves than with the mouse. Regardless, their primary function, to go forward and backward on most web pages, still works fine. I use it regularly- Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Opera, even gaming apps like Steam, Origin, Battlenet, and Gog- it’s a great unexpected utility. It’s easy not to click them if you don’t want to unless you have fat thumbs or a lack of muscle control; luckily I have neither but YMMV. It’s a hardy piece of hardware. In the games I mentioned above, you need to do a lot of clicking. A lot. Honestly I’ve clicked it so many times that sometimes my fingers get tired (especially in RTS/Moba which take a LOT of clicking) but the mouse still clicks. It’s been three years, I must have clicked hundreds of thousands of times if not millions, and it Still. Keeps. Clicking. Granted I keep it clean and pristine and don’t let it get gummed up with cheeto dust or bbq seasoning but it should go without saying that you take care of your electronics or they don’t work as well later.

    The weight and the DPI adjustments are functional, I just don’t use them. I removed the weights because they bothered me bu hey they’re removable so no harm no foul. Some certain games with messed up mouse acceleration or weird sensitivity input (looking at you, Dead Space) do require a DPI adjustment. There’s only 3 tiers which is meh but it’s better than none or having 3 million tiers. The lasers are incredibly functional on a variety of surfaces and the material is smooth enough that many surfaces can be used well. Mattress, mousepad, desk, a pair of jeans, I’m honestly shocked how well it works on different materials. The cord has frayed slightly over the years but that’s mostly because in my setup, the cord wraps around my external speakers to plug into my computer, and it seems to have only frayed where it rubs up against the speaker. Even then, only a few strands pop out, and the cord itself is still in great condition. The black and red color palette is inoffensive and helps to see where it is in the dark. And the design overall is pretty sleek and cool. My hand is perfectly sized for the hardware so if your hand is the size of my hand (I have hands of fairly average size) you won’t have an issue. I can’t speak on battery life because it has a cable.

    Essentially this is baby’s first gaming mouse. It’s pretty much right in the middle between a practical one typically used for web browsing etc, and a pure gaming one which, well, is used primarily for playing video games. It’s enough that I can use it for both activities without encountering any problems. I have to use it in the correct USB slot or I’ll encounter problems, but that shouldn’t come as a shock to anybody who knows basic electronics. I trust Redragon brand enough that when I buy a keyboard and replacement mouse (if this one ever breaks) it’ll be them. Thanks for three years of a good mouse Redragon; here’s to three more.

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