Redragon S101 Wired Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Combo RGB Backlit Gaming Keyboard with Multimedia Keys Wrist Rest and Red Backlit Gaming Mouse 3200…

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  • PC GAMING KEYBOARD AND GAMING MOUSE COMBO: Includes Redragon RGB Backlit Computer Gaming Keyboard and RGB Backlit Gaming Mouse. ALL-IN-ONE PC GAMER VALUE KIT, Fantastic for Gamers (New Improved Version)
  • RGB BACKLIT GAMING KEYBOARD; 7 different RGB Lighting modes & effects, 4 backlight brightness levels, adjustable breathing speed. The keycaps offering clear uniform backlighting WIN key can be disabled for gaming. The PC Gaming Keyboard has been ergonomically designed to be a superb typing tool for office work as well. The gaming Keyboard is built to withstand the average liquid spill. The integrated wrist rest gives you the comfort you need for marathon gaming sessions
  • MULTI MEDIA & ANTI GHOSTING; The Gaming Keyboard has 25 conflict free (n-Key Rollover) 10 Dedicated Multimedia keys plus 12 additional FN+ Multimedia keys (Total 114 keys). Keys are quiet, designed for longevity, durability delivering precise tactile feedback. Comes with Full numeric keypad and a gold-plated corrosion free USB connector for a reliable connection and ultimate Gaming performance
  • WIRED GAMING MOUSE; Ergonomic Redragon RED Backlit Gaming Mouse up to 3200 DPI (user adjustable 800/1600/2400/3200 DPI), 30G acceleration and Weight Tuning set. Total 6 Buttons of which 5 are programmable. The High-Precision Sensor delivers Pinpoint Accuracy while the Gaming Grade Micro Switches ensure longevity, greater durability and extreme responsiveness, giving you an even greater edge over your competition
  • PC GAMING KEYBOARD AND GAMING MOUSE COMPATIBILITY: Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, or Windows XP, Limited Mac OS keyboard support. Works well with all major Computers Brands and Gaming PCs.
Product Dimensions

17.91 x 7.2 x 0.91 inches

Item Weight

2.16 pounds



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Is Discontinued By Manufacturer


Date First Available

September 16, 2014

13 reviews for Redragon S101 Wired Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Combo RGB Backlit Gaming Keyboard with Multimedia Keys Wrist Rest and Red Backlit Gaming Mouse 3200…

  1. Smart Shopper

    My 12yo son has been abusing this keyboard for 4 years straight and it hasn’t had any problems I couldn’t fix with a damp sponge. A+ for toughness and functionality. Really quite unbelievable it’s still working!

  2. Scott

    I needed a keyboard with Numpad but also like occasional gaming. This one looked decent and works fine for intended use. Unfortunately the colored lights reset daily and have to be reset to a preferred single color (unless you like flashing rainbow colors) and it is not a quiet keyboard at all. It again, for the price it works!

  3. C Algiere

    I’m not a gamer just work from home.

    Love the lighting and ability to change colors

    One star less for ergonomics just because it’s a bit more compact so keying can be off a bit at times.

    Overall a good buy and paired with the mouse is an upgrade over my old keyboard that had a key break off after a year

  4. JDP

    This was a very good deal. I got it expecting it to last around 6 months before breaking. I was extremely surprised. So far it is the same as on day one. The keys are a little loud, but I don’t mind that. The keys have a good feal to them. Also, the lights are very good quality and are easily customized. Just a simple FN and Insert, Home, Page up, Delete, End < or page down button and you have change in lights. You don't have to download some sketchy website to change the colors. The mouse is good and works well. Gives off and receives light well. It is a really great deal that will last you a long time. It works for both gaming, work, and school use. Very smooth. Also, it is easy to change mouse speed. Just one click of a button and you are done. Once again, I am extremely pleased with this product and would defiantly buy it again.

  5. Danny Panagiotidis

    i use the Redragon S101 keyboard and mouse on a daily basis from word documents to light gaming
    First the keyboard:
    The only thing gaming about the keyboard is the multicolor LEDs . The buttons are hard to read due to the font style and the Poor LED lighting.
    The buttons are mushy but short stroke (which i like for word documents) and not very loud at all ( which i also like)
    the cord is long enough to reach the computer.
    Now for the mouse.
    It’s a mouse that does not match the keyboard. Why?
    It also has an LED but only in RED
    The mouse cord does not match the keyboard cord. Why? This is a combo
    The mouse is average at best.

  6. Me

    Visually this keyboard offers a lot, you can change the colours, if they strobe or not, i went with solid purple and while its not as bright as my last keyboard still I am happy.

    However that is where my happiness ends. My last keyboard felt like I was typing on clouds. Light and smooth with very little pressure needed. This keyboard feels like I’m hammering rocks with each keystroke. I have to push down so much harder and its a deal breaker. I’m going to get my old keyboard repaired and pawn this one off on my husband.

    As for the mouse, its very unappealing to me (visually and physically) I’m going to give it away. I much prefer my 5.00 LuguLake mouse I got 5 years ago.

    TLDR: if you don’t mind pressing hard great keyboard. Mouse is ugly and I didn’t like the way it felt in my hand. Good deal for the price.

  7. Kenneth Clearwater

    Updated after enough use to adequately review 12/10/22:

    The keys are a tad bit too small. The mouse after one day – right mouse button sticks. I use it to toggle zoom so I don’t press and hold it I just tap it. The left button does have a satisfying click and the resolution of the mouse improved gaming performance by an order of magnitude.

    Interesting but true – see picture – this keyboard has two R keys. The left R key is actually the E key.

    I can touch type on the keyboard but it takes some getting used to because of the small size of the keys and the smaller than usual spacing. I will live with it for a while but I should have bought a mechanical keyboard.

    This will definitely improve your gaming performance if you are currently using any form of wireless mouse. I was using Logitech M510 wireless gaming mouse and a Logitech ergonomic keyboard and they both experienced latency and connection issues.

    Overall very satisfied.

  8. Tosca

    Only problem- cannot get my son away from it!

  9. Todd

    Does everything I need. Has various lighting settings for the keyboard which is nice to have if typing or gaming in a dark room for those who haven’t gotten 100% familiar with a keyboards layout.

  10. Nick U

    Bought to make work more fun and then changed it out for our home computer. We have an excellent base “gaming” computer that we play Fortnite on and use for bills, etc.

    We hooked this up and love it. It’s a very soft and easy press keyboard. No long keystrokes- keys are slim to reduce amount of time it takes to press button and prepare for next button…. And stays quiet when I sneak on to play while kiddos are downstairs!

    Mouse is great, easy customizable and has ability to add/reduce counter weights if you’re that technical.

  11. André Ferreira

    I had seen some reviews about the bad quality of the keyboard. And the a lot of good reviews were particularly complimenting more the mouse than the keyboard, which made me skeptical about buying it, but I did. Now, there are 2 major issues and one minor issue.
    The keyboard turns off for 2 seconds whenever I’m writing at a faster pace, which is very bad when we’re talking about a keyboard made for gaming. It also turns off for 2 seconds when i try to write the @ character (shift + ‘2’ key pressed), and when it’s back on it considers the Shift key always pressed, and only by pressing the shift key again does this stop.

    The minor issue is that in both the keyboard and the mouse the lights stay on despite the computer being turned off.

  12. Kuhl

    Bought this thing ages ago and had a ton of issues but never bothered to review it. But then I bought another product from these people and had even MORE issues that they ignored me about until I left them a bad review and they promised me a replacement that they never sent. So i decided to go back and review this one too. Its super cheap, the LED’s in the keyboard NEVER worked, the mouse scroll wheel stopped working almost immediately and the left click is sporadic at best and clearly as mentioned above the customer service is AWFUL.

  13. William B. Bertram

    So far this set is great. The keyboard and mouse are both comfortable. I’m not a fan of clicky keys, so I like the silent but crisp feel of the keyboard. It’s so much better than my old beat-up set, I could immediately see an improvement playing Far Cry 4.

    I’m not really into LED stuff, but I wanted it to be solid red to match my mouse bungee, and it does that, so no complaints.

    The only complaint is that there are no dedicated +/- volume buttons. You have to use FN + F3 and F2 to adjust the volume. I definitely would have preferred dedicated buttons, but this isn’t terrible so I’m not knocking off a star.

    The keyboard feels really good to type on, and the mouse fits absolutely perfectly in my hand for how I like to hold it. A+ for ergo.

    I’ve only had it a few days, but overall I highly recommend it.

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