SAMSUNG Galaxy A15 5G A Series Cell Phone, 128GB Unlocked Android Smartphone, AMOLED Display, Expandable Storage, Knox Security, Super Fast Charging, US Version, 2024, Blue Black

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  • YOUR CONTENT, SUPERSMOOTH: Whether watching shows, playing games or reading online, the ultra-clear, superfluid display* of Galaxy A15 5G brings your content to life; Plus, Vision Booster lets you to enjoy the bright 800-nits screen experience
  • STORE MORE & WORRY LESS: With improved internal storage of up to 128GB and up to 1TB** of expandable storage, Galaxy A15 5G makes it easy to keep cherished photos, videos and important files readily accessible whenever you need them
  • MANAGE PERSONAL DATA w/ CONFIDENCE: Securely manage your files and rest easy knowing your sensitive data is safeguarded with the fortified layers of Knox Security
  • LIVE FAST. CHARGE FASTER: Focus more on the moment and less on your battery percentage with Galaxy A15 5G; Super Fast Charging*** powers up your battery at lightning speed so you can get back to life sooner
Product Dimensions

6.3 x 3.02 x 0.33 inches

Item Weight

7.2 ounces


1 Lithium Ion batteries required. (included)


Android 14, One UI


4 GB

Wireless communication technologies




Special features

Fast Charging Support, Expandable Memory

Other display features


Human Interface Input

Touchscreen, Microphone, Buttons

Other camera features


Form Factor




Battery Power Rating


Whats in the box

Galaxy A15, USB-C Cable, SIM Tray Ejector, Quick Start Guide


Samsung Electornics

Country of Origin


Date First Available

January 17, 2024

Memory Storage Capacity

128 GB

Standing screen display size

6.5 Inches

Ram Memory Installed Size

4 GB


204 Grams

7 reviews for SAMSUNG Galaxy A15 5G A Series Cell Phone, 128GB Unlocked Android Smartphone, AMOLED Display, Expandable Storage, Knox Security, Super Fast Charging, US Version, 2024, Blue Black

  1. David A

    The phone works really well, especially for the price. The battery lasts a long time,the video quality is good, the sound is good.I live in a rural area and never lost connection

  2. Emily Melvin

    Very Durable! Very easy to set up and use. It takes Awesome Quality camera photos. Not too expensive, it has a medium range, fair price. I never got a phone cover for it and for 6 months have dropped it countless times with never a break or screen crack. Very durable design and glass thickness. No other phone I have owned, has lasted as well as this one has. I do endorse this brand and model: Samsung A54 5G. Model: SM-A546U1

  3. Emily Melvin

    Okay, so, let’s talk about this phone. I really needed a mid tier phone with a good quality camera. I take pictures of products for work and need stunning images, so this was the #1 most important feature to me… and I’m blown away. These are near-flagship quality images for a fraction of the price. Here are some images I took with it:

    1. A comparison between my older Moto G Stylus 5G (left) and the A54 (right). I consider the Moto G to have a pretty decent camera and I’ve taken some stunning shots with it, but this is a level up. Notice that the Moto G really struggles with underexposure of the subject when trying to compensate for the brightly lit window behind it. The A54 photo is definitely overexposed in that spot too, but the main subject doesn’t lose any detail.

    2. Same 2 pictures but zoomed in. The loss of fine detail and underexposure is even more apparent in the Moto G Stylus photo. The A54 photo is crisp and retains some fine details here which is impressive.

    3. 3:4 50MP mode.

    4. Same photo, zoomed in. The resolution here is phenomenal. If you zoom in even further, you can see the individual pixels on the can label.

    5. Macro mode. Again the fine detail here is stunning.

    6-8: 3:4 50MP mode. Notice the clarity, fine detail, vividness and crispness of these images. I love how vivid the colors are.

    9. 32MP selfie camera. This camera is powerful and picks up details I’m not sure I even want it to, to be honest. Thankfully, though, it also has the skin smoothing effect to mitigate this. 32MP on a selfie camera in general is new to me and very impressive.

    Overall I give this phone’s camera a 9.5/10. The only thing it lacks is a telephoto lens, but I wouldn’t expect this in a $325 phone. Also, some of the images do come out slightly oversaturated which could be a problem if you want “natural” looking, slightly less vivid photos. Personally, though, I actually prefer this vibrant, enhanced look, so for my needs it’s a straight up 10/10.

    Now that I’ve written an entire novel on this phone’s camera, which is probably the most underrated aspect of anything in the world of consumer electronics today, let’s talk briefly about the phone itself.

    1. I love that it’s IP67 water resistant. I do not plan to test this, but I’ve ruined many phones by dropping them in the toilet or taking them in the rain so I like that I don’t have to worry as much about that.

    2. Battery life is decent. Today, I charged it overnight to 100%. I had a video call with my therapist and after that I’ve been editing images on full brightness for a few hours. Then I wrote this review, which took like 45 minutes. I have not plugged it in again and at 4:30pm, I still have 68%. This is impressive.

    3. Love the size. My Moto G Stylus 5G was a bit too big to hold comfortably in my hand. This phone is just a tad bit smaller and easier to hold, but still has a big beautiful display.

    4. The awesome purple color is just the cherry on top of an amazing phone.

    Overall: Vastly underrated phone for a phenomenal price.

  4. Angelo

    So I’ve had a Galaxy S9 for a while even after their last update (The last update for the S9 was March of 2022) but my phone was getting pretty slow an some apps were not functioning right, not to mention the battery life was draining faster due to so much use, while I could still talk, text an go on socials I felt like it was time especially since the phone would not get anymore security updates of sorts. I was planning on the previous S20 series or a oneplus 12r since it was more affordable than the s24 but realized I don’t use my phone to the fullest… just talk, text an youtube (I don’t play games or anything else) So I went budget an got this one instead! (not to mention the 12R only gets 3 years of updates while the a54 gets 5 as of release… also the camera is a nice upgrade bonus even though I don’t take much pictures or record… The only real problem i’ve had with this phone is the fingerprint reader, the bottom of the phone screen is used to read registered finger prints and so far it works find for unlocking your phone but some apps that have the option will not register the fingerprint, my bank app has a finger reader an when I put my finger on the phone to scan it will read it but nothing will happen so I end using a password instead. Its not really a big deal unless you use fingerprints a lot but otherwise its fine for just unlocking your phone!
    So if you don’t really use your phone like a maniac an wanna save money this one is pretty much worth it especially for a budget level phone!

  5. Amazon Customer

    My wife Love’s this phone. Setup was easy, quick. Excellent phone and price.
    Had bought an unlocked from “another source/dealer” and twice they had sent a Locked phone.
    Instead of unlocked.
    Then I found this company. They sent it next day shipping, it was brand new, unlocked and works perfect. Great price. Thanks.

  6. Chantelle

    Easy to set up with T-Mobile. 5G accessible with lots of case options, we have an otterbox on it in the pic.
    Like other reviews mention, it doesn’t come with a brick for the charger BUT those are getting easier to find so wasn’t a problem for us. The actual cord is FAST charging!

  7. Passingby

    I’ve only had it for a few days now and it’s hurting me to send it back because someone got me the s24 Plus for free BUT BUY THIS PHONE!!!. it feels and runs like a high end phone, I loved the pictures it took and the all around feel of it. The reason I purchased this phone was for the headphone jack and on man it is good, it sounds good and it’s strong enough to push High impedance headphones. It feel fast, looks good and to be honest I wish I could keep it. I had a lot of phones in my life Note 9, S8 Active, S3, S23 and I forgot what else, trust me you will not regret buying this phone.

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