SAMSUNG Galaxy A23 5G A Series Cell Phone, Factory Unlocked Android Smartphone, 64GB, Wide Lens Camera, 6.6” Infinite Display Screen, Long Battery…

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  • HIGH RESOLUTION CAMERA: A wide lens camera captures the finest of details, making it easy to capture every family gathering; Plus, Advanced Portrait mode ups your photo game by automatically focusing on people and blurring the background.Form_factor : Bar
  • INFINITE DISPLAY: Transform your mobile gaming experience with the infinite, smooth display** of Galaxy A23 5G;* Watch content in awesome clarity and catch every detail with an adaptive refresh rate of up to 120Hz
  • LONG LASTING BATTERY: Whether you’re taking a video call on your commute, catching up with your favorite show or connecting with friends and family, your long-lasting, super fast charging battery*** has your back
  • POWERFUL PERFORMANCE: The powerful processor of Galaxy A23 5G**** keeps your day running without hiccups; Load your favorite apps at impressive speeds for nonstop fun and unlock new levels of gaming with virtually lag-free 5G
  • PRIVACY & SECURITY: Protect your data with Knox Security and with Private Share,***** you can set time limits and expiration dates on all shared files, revoke access at any time and ensure the intended recipient is the only one who can open your files
  • EXPANDABLE STORAGE: It comes loaded with 64GB of internal memory, with room for up to 1TB more when you add a microSD card,****** so you can savor each smile, cherish every vacation and remember all the moments you’ve captured
  • MODERN DESIGN: Its slim, beautiful design — featuring a compact camera — gets rid of unnecessary bulk; Plus, a Gorilla Glass 5 display gives this sleek phone an extra level of endurance
Product Dimensions

0.36 x 6.46 x 3 inches

Item Weight

9.6 ounces

Item model number



1 Lithium Ion batteries required. (included)

Date First Available

September 1, 2022



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8 reviews for SAMSUNG Galaxy A23 5G A Series Cell Phone, Factory Unlocked Android Smartphone, 64GB, Wide Lens Camera, 6.6” Infinite Display Screen, Long Battery…

  1. Positive Feedback

    The phone was purchased at a discount through Amazon as a returned product. A small imperfection was noted, but is almost impossible to see and does not affect the cell phone in any way. As I am still getting used to the cell phone, that would be the best comment I can provide at this time. Everything works as it should. The bigger phone does takes some time getting used to. I cannot find any negatives about it.

  2. Diane Westmchugh

    This is a reasonably priced phone that can handle functions quickly, without hiccups or burps. Don’t try to compare this phone to the best on the market. It was a doable option for me when I needed to upgrade to 5G in a hurry.

  3. Nightlife811

    had a little issue with the SD card. had to back up and the reformat the SD card then download everything back on to the SD card before the phone would recognize and read the SD card. will update after i have had it for awhile.

  4. Ms TPB

    I have been a Samsung cellphone user for many years, I’m not Tech savvy.
    Before I purchased this one I had the s9+ still an incredible phone, then my son gave me his s10 a good one also, but I wanted a 5g (I confess I don’t really understand what the significance of 5g is) I wish I were, but I’m not eloquent when it comes to describing cellphones, but this one surprises me almost everyday with some new feature that I didn’t know a cellphone could do. I coined it my cellphone for dummies, it’s simplistic and complicated at the same time, I absolutely love it. It’s a beautiful device overall and it serves my purposes.

  5. J. Boyer

    My 5-year-old trusty LG G6 was finally getting to the point where I had to charge it several times a day, so I started phone shopping. Not gonna pay $800+ for a giant phone with way more features than I need, and not gonna go with an inexpensive, off-brand phone either. Found the A23 and the reviews looked promising, especially when it was on sale.

    Setting up the phone and getting the apps copied over was easy – I assume I got lucky sticking my SIM card in the correct slot. Had to re-do a few log-ins as I could not copy some accounts over from the old phone. Fingerprint reader works well enough, although it was tedious to get my finger scanned all the way.

    It has taken me a while to get used to the newer version of Android, and a few things are annoyingly over-complicated, compared to the old phone, but I’ll get used to it. Performance and call quality are good, and the 5G screams. I typically get home from work with at least 75% battery left — which is much better than the LG phone, even when it was new.

    Sadly, the camera resolution is poor – digital zoom gets grainy pretty fast, and zooming / cropping a 1x photo shows this as well. However, the macro and portrait features are nice, and do take good photos. The flash feature is kinda weird — even if you turn it off, it may still come on if the overall picture area is dark.

    Overall, I’d say this is a good phone for kids / seniors / frugal folks — good performance, battery life, speaker volume, and screen brightness. I wish it was a tad smaller — but unless I want to go to the dark side (smaller iPhone), I’ll have to get used to it.

  6. Wires49

    Seem to be a good ( lower price) phone good Camara’s battery life good screen good size happy so far

  7. Guy from PA

    So far, the phone is performing well. It’s very fast and speaker calls sound very clear. Signal reception also appears to be good. You will need the IMEI number found on the box (if you can read it) or in settings/about phone to give to your cell provider for activation. There are TWO IMEI codes provided. The holder for SIM and Micro SD cards is very flimsy. Use great care when removing and installing cards. The SIM slot beside the SD slot, uses the IMEI number for SLOT 1. Knowing this information may save you a headache, when you call your provider to set-up your new phone registration. One nice feature is the ability to use the volume bar to answer calls and the power button to end calls. This can come in handy when driving or where daylight is too bright to see the screen. Another good feature is EASY MODE which makes icons and print easier to see.

  8. Lunix

    We needed a basic Smartphone for an older relative who had a flip phone, but now lives with us (so we can help her with her phone). This went on-sale. It’s great for her needs. The cameras do not work well at all in low light (in fact they need a lot of light). Photos come out grainy in less than bright light. But she’s not going to be doing much of that. Works great for calls, and for playing video- even though it’s not stereo (but with headphones it is, and smartphone speakers are not aurally stereo- they’re too close together to get a good stereo image).

    The screen is plenty good for most anyone’s purposes. Battery life also seems good (in the few days we’ve had this). I just wish it had wireless charging. But it does have NFC, and can screen-cast- which is great for her, though she needs help to do it.

    The USB interface is as fast as the one on my Note 10 (using a 10Gbps cable), which isn’t to say it’s that fast. And it charges rapidly.

    It’s water-resistant enough for snorkeling, so that won’t be an issue- though I don’t think she got her old phone wet, ever. It’s plenty loud enough for her needs. I have already sat on it (on the seat of her wheeled walker) for about 10 minutes, and that didn’t pose any problem at all. I showed her that the screen is scratch-proof (by scraping it with a knife and an ice pick). So it will hold up in her purse just fine.

    Once she got the hang of answering it, it’s been great so far. She’s on Consumer Cellular, so the junk/spam/scam calls are rolling in and she gets lot s of practice.

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