Samsung Galaxy A71 5G LTE Verizon | 6.7″ AMOLED Screen |128GB of Storage | Long Lasting Battery | Single SIM | 2020 Model | Black -…

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  • GALAXY 5G FOR EVERYONE: With 5G, your phone now delivers mind-boggling speeds, superior connections and nearly undetectable lag times.
  • PRO-GRADE SHOTS WITH A TAP: Shoot professional-grade photos and videos with A71 5G’s quad lens camera. Shoot epic landscapes, dramatic portraits, and super clear and steady videos. With the 64MP main lens, you’ll capture all the beautiful details just as you see them.
  • BIGGER. BRIGHTER. BOLDER: See your entertainment in exquisite clarity and dramatic contrast on this massive 6.7″ Super AMOLED+ Infinity Display.
  • POWER TO KEEP YOU GOING: Scroll, snap and share more with a long lasting,
  • Works with Verizon Wireless network only!
Product Dimensions

7 x 4 x 5 inches

Other display features




Included Components

Travel Adapter, Handset and Headset, Data Cable, STD Battery


Prism Cube Black

Form Factor


Audio Jack

3.5 mm

Other camera features


Display technology


Item Weight

0.01 ounces

Special Features

Text/Messaging, Dual Camera, Fingerprint Sensor, LTE, Smartphone, Wireless Charging

Connectivity technologies

Wireless, Bluetooth, NFC

Wireless communication technologies



128 GB




1 Lithium Ion batteries required. (included)

Item model number

Galaxy A71 5G

Date First Available

October 27, 2020

8 reviews for Samsung Galaxy A71 5G LTE Verizon | 6.7″ AMOLED Screen |128GB of Storage | Long Lasting Battery | Single SIM | 2020 Model | Black -…

  1. miconn69

    I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the Samsung A line of phones. I needed a cheap upgrade to a 5G phone and picked this one up for less than $200.
    It has biometrics, 5G, and functions pretty much the same as the more expensive Samsung S products. Coming from a Note 8 to an A51 to the S22 Ultra (the carrier didn’t work out for me so I turned it back in) to now the A71 5G, it’s been perfectly functional to me. The only thing I’ve missed is the S-pen app and wireless charging. Neither is a deal breaker.
    It’s a budget phone worth looking at. It even screen mirrors despite Samung not offering that function on newer phones.
    NOTE: This Verizon phone is slightly different than the regular A71 5G. I bought this phone and a case not realizing that. The case did not fit the phone properly. Even though it is the same size, the volume buttons are placed differently than the regular A71 5G. Keep that in mind when looking for a case. You’re going to want to search for “A71 5G UW” when looking for a case. I’ve noticed that Amazon has a limited selection of cases that will fit this phone and the search does not come up exclusive to the “UW” part, so do you due dilligence and verify that before buying the case.
    Did I mention that this is a great phone at a budget price?

  2. Elizabeth Fitzgibbons

    The price of the phone was great but for some reason the phone will stop receiving messages and I have to completely turn the phone off, then back on. I then start getting a flood of messages I had missed. This happens about once a week now

  3. 3kidsinaustin

    My older Samsung Galaxy S7 unexpectedly died, so I was in the market for a new phone. The current prices for phones is WAAAAAY more than seems reasonable to me – I need something for calling, texting, taking a few photos of the kids, and occasional web browsing. Not willing to pay $1000 for that! This phone was around $170 with tax when I purchased as a refurbished unit. After a month of ownership, I am really thrilled with the result. The 5G reception is ok and overall calling in our house is better than the old phone – here in the Hill Country of Texas, cell coverage is spotty at best. Battery life is outstanding and the facial recognition is a cool feature when it works. Doesn’t like it when I have on sunglasses – which is all the time when outdoors, and even indoors in certain areas it will not unlock. Not a big deal, I’m used to entering a pin.

    All other features are what you’d expect, or I haven’t bothered to try them. Camera is better than the old one as would be expected after 5-6 years of improvements. Overall, I feel this in an excellent value and would absolutely purchase again and recommend to my friends. Even has me thinking that I’ll try another upgrade in a few years just to keep this one as a working backup.

  4. AmazonLuver

    The description/seller was a bit inacurate as this is an A71 5g UW Verizon…not just an A71 5g…which does make a difference in the stats & when buying accessories. If the model number starts with sm-a716V…then its the 5g UW Verizon. If it starts with sm-a716U…then it’s just a 5g. Some of the stat differences are: 8g of ram, not 6g as stated in the Q&A’s , Camera is 64mp/32mp/12mp, not 64mp/12mp as stated, etc. However, I absolutely love this phone & it’s camera…AMAZING! My biggest issue though is the battery. This phone is supposed to have extended battery life but being “renewed or refurbished”, my phone was obviously sold to me with a bad battery. I’m 6 hrs into my day & already down to 50%. On my 1st day while doing all the set up etc, I was down to 20% by dinner. I will need to purchase a new battery after just 1.5 days, so of course I’m not too happy about that, but I am happy with the phone itself. I had no problem switching it over, set-up or getting it activated on my prepaid Verizon account. The phone is in excellent condition, especially for a used phone.
    *UPDATE* Battery has been junk since purchasing the phone but phone only lasted 5 months before going haywire. The touchscreen constantly goes unresponsive and I have to turn screen off & back on to get it to work. And now it continuously just starts selecting stuff on its own. Like it literally hits the back button and switches off the page, one time it almost sent money to someone when I was on a money app, in the middle of texting or shopping or anything it will just switch pages and it will even select end when I try to answer a phone call. It has pretty much became completely useless within 6 months.

  5. Cork

    What a great phone…big and fast…excellent display…all I’ll ever need…

  6. Mr Hobbits

    SIM removal tool, and a charging cable. Did not come with it

  7. Julie D.

    This A71 is a great is value and we purchased two.The battery life is so much better than we ever had.
    There is one issue. The one charger gives an error message that it is not the right charger and does not charge the phone.

  8. Sonia Bonnell

    Love the phone. Great value ! put in sim card and was ready to go just like the add said. ! delivery was fast as well

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