SIMREX X500 mini Drone Optical Flow Positioning RC Quadcopter with 720P HD Camera, Altitude Hold Headless Mode, Foldable FPV Drones WiFi Live Video…

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  • Optical Flow Positioning and Altitude Hold . X500 is extremely user-friendly that comes with Optical Flow Positioning and Altitude Hold. The feature of Optical flow allows the drone to hold its position without a pilot’s maneuvering,which conduces to more stable hovering and ensures your clear photograph.One key take off/landing function adapts to all experience levels even for beginners.
  • Considerate Design and Easy to Carry. A battery can support up 8 to 12 mins play for each charge which grants more enough time to perform a perfect fly. Also, Simrex X500 provides perfect solution for indoor and outdoor flying, foldable and lightweight makes it exceptionally easy to carry. Bring it anywhere, saves the space with folding size: 110*80*35mm.
  • 720P Pictures & Live Videos Function. Upgrade dual camera, switch the camera of view arbitrarily which captures high-quality video and clear aerial can see what your drone sees from smartphone, enjoy a live video feed up from far away .Phone direct control with transmission which compatible with Apple IOS / Android phones .
  • Headless Security Mode. Once the fuselage direction can not be recognized, it can enter headless mode so as to continue the flight.The pilot can fly the drone to any location without worrying about which direction the drone is facing. Help x500 to prevent from losing the direction.
  • 360 Degree Flips & Rolls. One step 3D rolling special effects. Continuous roll for perfect action and wonderful performance. 3D Flips function makes flight attractive even for the drone newbies. Single charge provide up to 10-13 mins flight. which makes your flight more exciting and interesting.




Video Capture Resolution

HD 720p

Skill Level


Control Type

Remote Control

Media Type


Wireless Communication Technology


Battery Cell Composition

Lithium Metal

Are Batteries Included


Video Output Resolution

1280×720 Pixels

Product Dimensions

4.33"L x 3.15"W x 1.38"H

Item Weight

13.4 ounces


1 Lithium Metal batteries required. (included)



7 reviews for SIMREX X500 mini Drone Optical Flow Positioning RC Quadcopter with 720P HD Camera, Altitude Hold Headless Mode, Foldable FPV Drones WiFi Live Video…

  1. E. Sherer

    The media could not be loaded.

     I was hopping for an entry level drone, just to get the feel of it and be able to show videos for friends and family from our yard (and the dog). While this drone has a number of control options (controller and phone app), getting to know them comes with a bit of a learning curve. I mostly used the app once I realized how it worked, but found the menus, at times, not as intuitive as I would like. Once I got used to how it worked, things went a. It better (see the video), but there was always the matter of distance to control.

    My yard is not huge, but standing on the deck I would lose connection maybe 35’ out. That’s more Bluetooth distance than Wi-Fi distance, and this drone connects through Wi-Fi so I was expecting more.t

    Again, bringing the drone back and starting again, I walked the yard with it and found better control… PLEASE NOTE: do NOT attempt to fly in any wind. That’s in the instruction, and it’s very true! This is a light weight drone. If you lose connection (see above) the drone will NOT come to home. It will try to hover in place and try to regain the connection. Failing that (because my phone kept defaulting to my home Wi-Fi) I found even standing right under it, the only way to reconnect is to land (or wait for it to land) and start over. I realize now that this may be in part because I was winthjn reach of my home Wi-Fi network, maybe out in the field away from known connections, it would be better… For an adult, this is frustrating but explainable… for a kid, they would likely walk away angry.

    Battery life is as described, maybe 10-15 minutes until recharging is needed. Again, not good for an afternoon out with the kids. And while the front camera provides reasonable images at a distance, close in gets jumpy and blurry (the focus seems to be set to longer distances). So while you can zoom way in, you can’t focus well on nearer objects even at the widest zoom.

    Finally, there’s the down-pointed camera. My personal opinion is it’s a waste. I can’t post more than one video per review, but I can say that the down pointed camera appears to be very low resolution and nearly black and white. Flying over my yard at maybe 50’ altitude, I see gray-scale grass and leaves… as a I’ve, there’s no way to zoom out to a distance where high can tell where you are. Using the phone app to navigate, I found myself crashing into trees or losing connection and waiting for the drone to run out of power and crash itself…

    Side note: the propeller guards are very light and clip in in a less than stable manner. My first hard landing, two of them snapped off but I was able to find them in the leaves. The next landing, which was well controlled, one had come off but I have no idea where (maybe in flight), because I still haven’t found it a week later. So I am now flying without the guards. (The drone comes with replacement blades, but not guards).

    All of this said, the company seems reliable, and maybe it’s my own bad decision to go for the cheaper model. I may try the next one up and see if it’s better. I have, by the way, a helicopter pilot license… so I do have some actual flight experience. It just should not be this hard!

  2. Matt

    So far, it passes the grade-school test! When a child with zero drone flying experience can pick it up and fly it around first try, it shows the product is definitely designed correctly. So far no damage when it has encountered trees multiple times. Much better battery life and control than I would expect from a drone in this price category.

  3. Jeep Stanley

    This drone is small, fun , easy to control…My 9 and 5 year old kids love it…You can watch few You Tube videos to learn to control . The one key take off and landing function is a smart move. It prevents over excited kids from ramming this drone right at the start. Let it hover and then slowly move it forward, back, around…This is a great tool to teach. Drone can be charged on USB. It’s small enough that it fits in my palm. Teach in open area like a basement. The app is easy to setup and use. Camera is not bad . For the price it’s a no brainer. Good gift for Christmas.

  4. Amanda

    I’ve never had a drone before it does take some getting use to the controls but once u got it ur good. It has a decent camera for the cost and size of it. I highly recommend it. The battery lasts awhile and charging is quick and easy!

  5. D Squires

    So much better performance than expected at this price point.
    The drone works great; the only issues I had with it out of the gate were during initial set-up, since the provided instructions are somewhat contradictory. Other than that, it works as you would expect. There’s a few different control schemes and I stuck to the scheme that fits what’s on my existing photography drone since I was feeling a bit rusty and out of practice. Handles great, and while I didn’t fly it too far off the ground initially out of caution, it seems to have handled all the dings and drops I’ve put it through really well. The included prop guards are a real plus!
    I’d gave it a 4 out of 5; I honestly expected worse out of something at this price point and, minus the initial set-up experience (the only ding), everything’s been gravy and was worth the purchase!

  6. John Lee

    This one is a very light weight entry level product, but has most of the functions of any quality drone. With auto hover function and trim setting, 6 axis movement and rotation, it is great to learn all the spacial movements that can be done with a drone. Noise level is about on par as expected with a higher pitch whine that’s acceptable for the level of quality. Flight time, camera quality should be what’s expected for the price point. As an introductory piece, this definitely will make me want to move up a level once I master the functionality of this one. Overall solid for what it is, better function than smaller cheaper toy models, yet budget friendly enough to keep as a starter drone before investing a lot more in a premium aerial photo/video unit.

  7. Ricky P.

    The SIMREX X500 Mini Drone is a good drone for beginners. It works surprisingly well, especially at this price point. The drone is recommended for ages 14+, and I would definitely not buy this drone for kids any younger that that, especially with all the fast moving propellers on this. It does take a little skill and a steady hand on the controls to keeps this under control in flight. I have bumped it on the walls a couple times but it still has not broken on me, so that’s a plus. It folds down into a conveniently compact size, so it is very easy to carry around. The camera resolution at 720p is very good at this price point, but don’t expect the picture to be cinema quality like the much more expensive drones. At a distance the camera picture is ok, but up close the picture can get a little unsteady and blurry. This is a light weight drone, so please do not try to fly this when it’s windy out because you will not be able to keep it steady. Overall for the price this is a pretty good beginners drone, but flying it will take a steady hand and little practice.

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