SinLoon 90 Degree Left Angle Cat8 Ethernet Cable, High Speed 40Gbps 2000Mhz Network Cord, with Gold Plated Plug SFTP Wires CAT8 RJ45 Connector…

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  • 【90 Degree Left Angle 】Can be better used in narrow spaces, tight fit your laptop or connect to network wall plate behind furniture, prevent the cable from bending, and increase the lifespan.
  • 【High Speed Ethernet Cable】 Cat 8 ethernet cable support bandwidth up to 2000MHZ and 40Gbps data transmitting speed, LAN Cables suitable Indoor/Outdoor at hyper speed without worrying about cable mess.
  • 【Excellent Anti-interference】Cat8 Ethernet cable is made of 4 shielded foiled twisted pair(STP) and single strand OFC wires(32AWG) which Shielded Cat8 and the improved quality in twisting of the pairs, Cat8 can reduce any signal interference to the full extent. Allow you to stream HD videos, music, surf the net, play games at Hyper Speed.
  • 【More Stable】Cat 8 network cable uses gold-plated RJ45 connectors at both ends, which can improve the conductivity of the cable and resist oxidation.Shielding design protects against electromagnetic interference and radio-frequency interference. Maintain a stable internet speed.
  • 【Wide Compatibility】With two shielded RJ45 connectors at both ends, the Cat8 Ethernet cable works perfectly Compatible with all the previous(cat5, cat5e, cat6, cat6a and cat7), And with IP Cam, routers, Nintendo switch, ADSL, Adapters, Modem, PS3, PS4, X-box, Patch panel, Servers, Networking Printers, Netgear, NAS, VoIP phones, laptop, Coupler, Hubs, Keystone jack, Smart TV, Imac and other device with RJ45 connectors.
Package Dimensions

6.14 x 3.11 x 0.47 inches, 0.35 Ounces

Date First Available

June 10, 2022



8 reviews for SinLoon 90 Degree Left Angle Cat8 Ethernet Cable, High Speed 40Gbps 2000Mhz Network Cord, with Gold Plated Plug SFTP Wires CAT8 RJ45 Connector…

  1. Loyal

    Different manufacturers/sellers have different definitions of orientation. It worked for me but do check photos carefully before buying this or similar product.

  2. Mijoka


  3. MacUser

    So while my current home network does not reach 40Gbps – there’s nothing wrong with future proofing my setup to ensure I’m not bottle-necked by Older Cat cables. First impressions are positive, the cable has just the right amount of bend and flex. I would not recommend using this outdoors, it appears to be for indoor use only. The length is nice, giving some flexibility, although I’ll be using this to connect my modem to my router. The cable is surprisingly thinner on the shielding than I was expecting. Take a standard Cat5 cable for example, the radius of this cable is about 1/2 of what a standard Cat cable is. No concerns from me as there will be little to no movement, but this is a nice feature if trying to run these through a cable track, you can fit more into the same track.

    For the price point, it’s a good buy.

  4. HPX97

    I will keep this short and to the point: this is a wonderful item that works really well. It is well constructed and shockingly thin for what it does. I used it for my portable router; it worked well and I was able to travel freely without my company noticing that I was in another country. This is a quality cable.

  5. alberto l rodriguez

    It gives me that boost I needed. I was using the wires Comcast provided but when I switched to this. It was a night and day difference.

  6. Biyan

    Overall it looks pretty nice. Wish the cord was a bit thicker. I like the 90 degree plugin, but i do find it a bit unnecessary for my work station. So far there haven’t been much of a difference in my internet speed download/upload test, but granted I was using cat7 ethernet cable before. Might be good for future proofing, but probably not worth the upgrade from Cat7.

  7. Gerald Bertram

    This cable was so much thinner than I was expecting which made me worried about the bandwidth capability. However I used it on my 2.5Mbps network card and I saw the full bandwidth capability of my card. I love the 90 degree end so I can better cable manage my setup when using this cable with my laptop. No complaints here!

  8. Matt L.

    Good over all cable and I always appreciate a bit of extra shielding because I live in an apartment complex with a lot of interference bouncing around.

    But I really appreciate the 90 degree jack here. Used it to connect a mini PC I have tucked away under my desk, very close to wall, so the angle gives me that extra bit of space and I’m not stressing the cable neck.

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