Sky Viper Journey GPS Drone White/Black

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  • Professional-grade firmware provides simple and stable flight for beginners and hobbyists
  • Position hold prevents gradual drifting during a hover
  • Return to home summons the drone back to its launch point with the push of a button
  • Adjustable wide-angle camera lens for video streaming
  • Micro SD card slot (card sold separately) enables direct video recording

Sky Viper

Model Name

Sky Viper JOURNEY GPS Streaming Video Drone

Age Range Description




Included Components

Drone, 3.7V 1200mAh lithium polymer battery, controller, one set extra blade guards, charging cable, 4 screws, screwdriver, blade guards, phone mount, instruction manual

Skill Level


Item Weight

1.55 pounds

Battery Capacity

3.15 Watt Hours

Media Type

Micro SD

Wireless Communication Technology


Battery Cell Composition

Lithium Polymer

Are Batteries Included


Product Dimensions

19.5"L x 3"W x 13"H

Country of Origin


Item model number



1 Lithium Polymer batteries required. (included)

Is Discontinued By Manufacturer


Release date

September 17, 2018



9 reviews for Sky Viper Journey GPS Drone White/Black

  1. Amazon Customer

    This is by far a high end drone. BUT, It’s a solid flyer and performs very well. Even my kids love to fly it. It’s not necessarily an indoor drone but it can he done. Would recommend to anyone for a recreational drone.

  2. pfal

    The entire Skyviper series is designed to lean to fly at a very inexpensive cost. The Fury is the product for outside on a low wine day and the Nano is a practice tool for inside…After you have developed some dkill and before you pay $500 plus for that great camera drone from DJI buy a Skyviper Journey and learn to setup, calibrate, fly with satellites and use the camera. If you are still enjoying the experience than you are ready for a DJI.

  3. Nviehland78

    I plugged the battery in and 1 rotor was just free spinning without touching anything else.

  4. Donelle

    The media could not be loaded.

     The package arrived and all the parts were loose in package. When I finally had time to try my new drone, one propeller wouldn’t work. I knew it wouldn’t be perfect being a reduced item but I thought I’d at least be able to fly it. I could have burned the money I spent for more enjoyment. TERRIBLE transaction and can’t get a replacement or refund. Will Amazon make this right?

  5. Kindle Customer

    It works pretty well. My son has a Sky Viper Drone and this is for my daughter who is younger. It took a bit for her to get used to the controls, but now does a great job flying it. It does seem more fragile than other drones we have had. We have had to replace a couple of parts (spares were included) after just a few uses.

  6. Piyush J.

    It’s a horrible buy. I got this yesterday. It can fly well but the main feature of camera viewing on the phone app doesn’t work.

    The support numbers provided on the website, on the product brochure, and on their facebook page….none of them works. Saw similar complaints of several folks like me on their facebook page having the same issue.

    Can anyone help or I will return it today

  7. Amazon Customer

    This is a good drone especially when you’re practicing flying. Had 29 flights including test flights before I retired him and switched to DJI. The problem is the range of control is somewhat short and wind resistance is low. But he is a good drone nonetheless and helped me practice my flying skills and paved the way to a more sophisticated drone.

  8. colashopper

    do not buy this product, it crashes its self, doesn’t hold position and can not gamble camera in flight.
    For starters this drone crashes after taking off, i took it off repeatedly but it crashed itself every time (note i was holding the correct joystick up the entire time!). Second this drone does not hold position like advertised, it flys off in random directions when i dont control it. Thirdly the gimble does not work in flight, while on the ground you can freely move the camera down and up but once in the air the drone can not change the angle of the camera’s view!
    These compelling reasons will hopefully advise you in your purchase.

  9. Richard J Jalbert Jr

    I can’t say enough about this drone. For 90 dollars, this thing is awesome. The fact that it has GPS guidance on it and firmware/software that the drone uses speaks volumes for it. My first time flying it (and I am a little new to drones) and it was a bit windy out and the drone wandered away from me out over the roof of my apartment building, it’s only 1 story building so no big deal. I was trying to control it, but it just wouldn’t come back toward me, so it went over the building and dropped down out of view, so I had to run around to the other side of the building to try and retrieve it, thinking it set down once it lost the signal from the controller. When I get over the the other side, the drone is no where to be found, and there was woods and a swamp nearby. I thought “OH Crap, I just lost my 100 dollar drone that I am flying for the first time. Well I went around the other side of the building back to where I was flying it from and wouldn’t you know what was sitting there parked in the middle of my parking lot, right where it originally took off from, but my awesome freakin drone LOL. I couldn’t believe it. I knew it had a feature on it that is supposed to not let you lose it, but I wasn’t sure how it worked. There is also a “return to home” button on it but I didn’t try that because I figured the drone had touched down on the other side of the apartment. Needless to say, I was super impressed with that feature and very grateful I didn’t lose my brand new toy LOL. The camera on it is fantastic, the video it takes and the pictures come out VERY well for being 720P. I tried the return to home button feature on it a few times and that worked really good also. This is absolutely and incredible drone I think for the price. It is built solid and has a little weight to it so it is better in wind then the little palm sized drones. Then I had another close call fiasco with it that same night. I decided to take it out at night so I could enjoy the lights on it and get some really cool night video with it as I live in an apartment complex so there is alot of stuff around to see. The night video was awesome to say the least, I took it up to about 75 feet and just let it hover then just did a complete slow pan of the whole area to get a bird’ eye view of everything, that was awesome to say the least. The one thing that is a little tricky for me being newer to drones but not to RC stuff is knowing which direction the drone is pointing when it is further away from me and I can’t tell exactly which way I need to turn it to get it to come back to me quickly. That being said, I was flying near a tree and tried to turn away from it before I got near it and sure enough, I flew her into the tree and it was stuck about 30 feet up in the tree on the end of the branches. So there it was stuck in the tree, leds flashing as I had to turn the remote off to kill the motors. I figured great, now I have to call the apartment maintainence guys tomorrow and see if they have a long rod or something to get it out with. But in the mean time I came back to my apartment to try and think of anything else I could do and BINGO, I remembered I have my heavy frisbee that I haven’t used in forever. So I took that out there and kept chucking it up at the drone and just missing it about a billion times, but finally, I hit the branch dead on and the drone floated right down into my hands, boy was I relieved, LOL. If you are evenly remotely thinking about spending just a few more bucks for a better drone then the 20-30 dollar palm size drones, this is the baby you want to get, it just has so many valuable features for less than 100 bucks, you can’t beat it. I am super excited about this and have fallen in love with it, thanks for reading my review and I hope y’all got some chuckles out of it. BUY THIS DRONE FOR SURE!!!

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