Smart Watch (Answer/Make Calls), 2024 Newest 1.85 Inch Fitness Tracker, Heart Rate/Sleep Monitor/Pedometer/Calories, Multiple Sports Modes, Waterproof Women’s Men’s Fitness…

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  • 🌈【1.85 inch screen and DIY dial】This smartwatch is equipped with 1.85 inch full touch color screen with excellent picture quality and smoother use. This men and women smartwatch supports multiple languages, fitness tracking software “JYOUpro” can update the clock face, view more beautiful clock faces at “Jyoupro”, and the watch wallpaper can be DIY, connect your phone and design your own unique style.
  • 🌈【Multiple Sports Modes and Stylish Design】Stylish and simple smart watch for men and women, and multi-sport modes for walking, running, cycling, basketball, football, badminton, rope skipping, table tennis, tennis, baseball, yoga, etc., to meet daily needs Exercise demand, tracking and recording exercise data function. Make your exercise program more effective.
  • 🌈【Activity Tracker & More Features】Smart watch has many practical tools such as alarm clock, stopwatch, music controller, weather, sedentary reminder, adjustable brightness, find your phone, etc. to meet your daily use. Support blood oxygen monitoring. Monitoring throughout the day, automatically and accurately track your heart rate and sleep data. Real-time analysis of your health status and sleep quality.
  • 🌈【IP67 Waterproof and Long Battery Life】The smartwatch is IP67 waterproof so you can wash your hands or wear it during outdoor activities. The activity tracker is equipped with a strong battery capacity that can last up to 10 days on a 1.5 hour charge. This smartwatch is powered by low-power Bluetooth chip for IOS, Android. supports most smartphones with Bluetooth 5.0 or above, IOS 8.2 or above, Android 5.1 or above.
  • 🌈【Message Notification & More Practical Tools】Connecting this smartwatch with your phone,you can receive notifications of Facebook,WhatsApp,Instagram,Twitter and more,even hang up incoming calls.It will never let you miss any important things.Also there are many convenient functions like Timer,Stopwatch,Find device,Sedentary Reminder,Music Control and Weather Display.
Product Dimensions

1.97 x 0.79 x 0.79 inches

Item Weight

2 Grams

Item model number



1 Lithium Polymer batteries required. (included)

Date First Available

January 3, 2023



Standing screen display size


Memory Storage Capacity

4 GB

9 reviews for Smart Watch (Answer/Make Calls), 2024 Newest 1.85 Inch Fitness Tracker, Heart Rate/Sleep Monitor/Pedometer/Calories, Multiple Sports Modes, Waterproof Women’s Men’s Fitness…

  1. LiveWithTech

    This is a good watch for gym persons or persons that exercise or do sports, outside of that the functions are very limited and the audio quality is no good

  2. Eleni

    Bonjour la montre ne fonctionne pas et j’ai jeter le carton d expédition. Très déçue de cette expérience

  3. Sanver G.

    This watch is for my husband use. He praised the life of its battery life. We received the watch fully charged . It’s been a week since he had it and the battery is still half full. He ‘s enjoying all the features especially the connectivity to the phone and the music player but off course the time for he needed it for every day use. And the price is a good deal!❤️❤️❤️

  4. LiveWithTech

    The media could not be loaded.

     This watch is surprisingly impressive for the price and it is totally worth it. It looks great on the wrist too. Has tons of features and the connection was easy too. I would highly recommend this watch in the budget category.

    My 2 cents below:

    – Watch looks very classy with a nice design
    – Screen is bright and the touchscreen is responsive. No issues with this touch display screen as of now
    – Looks very nice on the wrist. Kudos to the design
    – Strap fits well and is comfortable in long usage too
    – Has tons of apps and features
    – It is a USB charger and hence has wide compatibility with powering method
    – Has good battery backup overall
    – Connection to the phone was easy and smooth
    – Mobile app worked well without crashing on my iPhone
    – Very reasonably priced for the features it offers

    – The mobile app is not very intuitive & has scope for improvements

  5. Calamity Coyote

    **Update 11/11/23**
    After-Sales customer service is pretty strong with this company. They have emailed me multiple times saying they have passed these issues on to their design team to upgrade and optimize. They even offered a replacement or full refund. I will be updating my rating to 5 stars as the watch does work as “Designed”. Just could use some software tweaks to make it better. We shall see if the issues get addressed in future models.

    **Original review 9/22/23**
    I would like to start by saying I am comparing this watch to a Garmin Vivoactive 4 with an iPhone 14 Pro Max.

    I do a lot of activities at work that keep my hands resting while walking so my Garmin is unable to count the steps accurately. This is common with all smart watches. I can get anywhere between 10-30K steps in a day and I was only getting credit for half of those. Therefore, I ended up keeping my Garmin in my pocket to register them. This left me without a way to see what time it was unless I pulled out the watch, my phone or used “Siri”. So I went looking for an inexpensive watch. That is when I found this Hwagol G20.

    The price is awesome at just under $30. Especially when you look at what all it can do. The display is large enough to read and has vibrant colors. It has MANY features. However, I quickly found that several of these are not without problems. Battery last me a couple of days. I just charge it every other. I have never owned an iWatch, but of the ones I’ve seen for friends, I would probably compare this to a MUCH cheaper version of those. It is a 10th of the price of my Garmin.

    Note that if you want to get a screen protector for this watch, be sure it specifically says it works for the G20 Hwagol. I accidently got the wrong one and it was a little big.

    I’m not a fan of the band though. I much prefer Velcro (hook & loop) bands as they are much more comfortable to me. The metal buckle on standard bands tend to cut in to my wrist. Sadly, this band is 24mm which makes options limited. I’m still trying to find one that will work and is not a fortune.

    Now to my primary issues with the watch.

    1. Audio through watch. MY BIGGEST ISSUE – Although this is a nice feature, it is constantly trying to play audio through the watch. This is fine if I was using the watch to receive calls or using it to play my music. However, if I am using the actual phone to play a game, watch a video, texting or making a call, I do not want it to play through the watch. I absolutely hate the sound it makes when you are trying to type a message on the phone. Sounds REALLY bad. Yes, you can tell the watch to play audio through the phone instead by swiping down on the screen and then tapping on the icon in the bottom left to switch from watch to phone. However, if you walk away from your phone and come back, it auto reconnects to audio from the watch. So you have to change it again. If you are charging the watch, you simply CAN NOT get it to disconnect audio from the watch. No matter what you do. Even if you tell your phone to “Disconnect”, it connects back again and again. So you have to walk out of range of the watch to get your phone audio back. If you receive a call and answer with your phone, you have to make sure you tell the phone to use the phone as audio or else it will default to watch. Then you have to tell the person on the phone to hold on while you fix the audio. Needs an option to lock in audio settings.

    2. Backwards date – It displays day/month instead of month/day like I am used to. Example, September 22, 2023 is shown 22/9. Needs an option to change to 9/22. Would be nice to see year as well, but not that big of a deal.

    3. Display during calls – While on a phone call, the watch displays the person you are talking to along with a button to “end call”. You can not change this display. So if you want to see what time it is while in a call, you can’t. Could use an option to press button on side to go back to main display so you can see the time and press again to return to call display.

    4. Watch faces and deleting them – The app (JYouPro) has a few more watch faces you can download to the watch. I suspect more faces will be available in the future. However, they are limited and once you download them, I can not seem to delete any that are on the watch. Would be nice to have a way to delete faces. On that note, their is supposed to be a way to add and delete “components” to the watch. These are individual displays for things like weather, blood oxygen, pressure, etc. Although I did see how to add new components, the method to delete does not seem to work. According to the manual, you are to long press for 3 seconds the menu button to get an option to remove. I don’t get one. This needs to work and it could use a similar option to delete watch faces.

    5. Sensor accuracy – One of the things that drew my attention to this particular smart watch was the ability to measure blood pressure. My Garmin does measure stress, heart rate, respiration, steps, floors, sleep, hydration and calories, but it does not do blood pressure or oxygen. So I really liked having this additional option. Although blood oxygen seems pretty spot on when comparing to my Sp02 device, the blood pressure however, is way off compared to my blood pressure device. Like 20 points on both numbers. I expect a little difference, but not that much.

    6. Sleep monitoring – This is ONLY monitored from 9:00 pm to 11:00 am the next day. States this in the manual. This may be fine for most people, but for someone who works overnights like myself, this just does not work. My Garmin allows me to set the sleep times in it’s app. Furthermore, it works in conjunction with the Health app on iOS and it will record data no matter what time of the day it is. This is handy on my off days as I tend to alter my sleep time during those days. Their really needs to be an option for this setting or allow it to work with the Health app. After all, the Health app DOES allow you to sync data from the JYouPro app so why not the other way?

    7. Synchronizing – If you power the watch off like I do to keep the audio from connecting when I’m using my Garmin, you have to synchronize the watch with the app when you power back on. Otherwise the date and time are off. Funny how the audio can reconnect back to the phone when you power on, but the time and date doesn’t?

    8. Military time – Even though I have mine set to 12 hour format, for some reason from midnight (12:00 am) to 1:00 am the time is displayed In military format. So 12:24 am displays as 00:24. After it passes from 1:00 am, time display in normal 12 format. Very odd.

    In all, this is a pretty descent watch. Again, for the price you just can’t beat it. I feel a lot of my issues could be easily fixed with software updates. Hopefully Hwagol will offer these in the future.

  6. Luca presso Idrokal srl Francescon

    i recommended great quality in great price

  7. Ojo :Vienen amplios yo soy 25 mx y debí aver pedido un número menos , me quedaron grandes, son bonitos y dicen hechos en China

    Ho acquistato questo orologio un mese fa per incoraggiarmi a muovermi di più, e in effetti lo sto facendo! Questo è un ottimo orologio ad un prezzo incredibile. Fa tutto ciò di cui ho bisogno, contando i passi e calcolando le calorie bruciate. Adoro anche la varietà di attività tra cui scegliere. Mi piace anche il fatto che sia molto facile da usare. Ci sono un paio di cose che vorrei potessero migliorare. Innanzitutto, il Bluetooth passerà automaticamente dal mio telefono all’orologio quando non lo voglio e trovo che il cinturino sia leggermente scomodo. Si spera che ci siano cinturini di qualità migliore compatibili con questo marchio. Nel complesso questo è un ottimo acquisto per il prezzo.

  8. Nichole Beleeez

    I recently purchased the Smart Watch (Answer/Make Calls) and I must say, it has exceeded my expectations in terms of functionality, design, and overall performance. This smartwatch offers a plethora of features that make it a versatile companion for both men and women.

    Firstly, the 1.85-inch full touch color screen provides excellent picture quality and smooth navigation. The display is vibrant and easy to read, making it a joy to interact with the watch. I particularly love the ability to customize the dial, thanks to the DIY feature. By connecting the watch to my phone, I can design my own unique style and personalize the watch face to suit my mood and preferences.

    The multiple sports modes offered by this smartwatch are truly impressive. Whether I’m walking, running, cycling, playing basketball, football, or even practicing yoga, this watch accurately tracks and records my exercise data, helping me stay motivated and reach my fitness goals. It’s like having a personal trainer on my wrist!

    Apart from the sports tracking, this smartwatch also boasts a range of practical tools. The alarm clock and stopwatch come in handy for my daily routines, and the music controller allows me to manage my music playback directly from my wrist. Additionally, features like weather updates, sedentary reminders, and adjustable brightness further enhance the overall user experience.

    The health monitoring capabilities of this smartwatch are outstanding. With the ability to continuously and accurately track my heart rate throughout the day, as well as monitor my sleep quality, I can gain valuable insights into my overall health and well-being. The smartwatch even supports blood oxygen monitoring, providing me with a comprehensive picture of my health status.

    One aspect that I appreciate is the IP67 waterproof rating. I no longer need to worry about removing the watch while washing my hands or engaging in outdoor activities. It’s a great convenience that adds to the overall durability of the device.

    Battery life is another standout feature of this smartwatch. With its strong battery capacity, I can enjoy up to 10 days of usage on just a 1.5-hour charge. This is perfect for those who are always on the go and don’t want to constantly worry about charging their devices.

    Lastly, the smartwatch seamlessly connects to my phone, allowing me to receive message notifications from various social media platforms, including Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, and Twitter. I can even hang up incoming calls directly from my wrist, ensuring that I never miss any important updates or communication.

    Overall, the Smart Watch (Answer/Make Calls) is an exceptional fitness tracker with a stylish design that caters to both men and women. Its multitude of features, accurate tracking capabilities, and long battery life make it an excellent choice for anyone looking to stay fit, connected, and in control of their health. I highly recommend this smartwatch to all Android and iPhone users seeking a reliable and feature-packed wearable device.

  9. Bodiz

    Me gustó mucho , la duración de la batería es aproximadamente de 6 días, o más, entran llamadas y notificaciones, lo único que no me gustó es que solo viene en idioma Inglés

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