Smartwatch Answer Calls, Track Fitness & Sleep (1.39” Display)

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All-in-One Smartwatch Answer Calls, Track Fitness & Sleep (1.39” Display)

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  • Smartwatch Answer Calls: HD Customizable Smart Watch: The smart watch comes with a 1.39 inch full touch color screen. The system is equipped with more than 100 optional exquisite dials. You can also choose your favorite photos to customize the dial to show your style.
  • Bluetooth Call & Smart Notification: The smartwatch is equipped with a microphone and speaker, and supports making/answering calls after connected to Bluetooth. You can view call records and set up common contacts. It will remind you when your phone receives a text message. (such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Skype, Line, etc.). You can also use the AI voice assistant to view the weather, play music, send messages, and more.
  • 100+ Sports Tracking & Health Monitoring: This fitness tracker watch is equipped with motion sensors that can monitor your heart rate, steps, distance, and calories in real-time. It can also monitor your blood oxygen condition, and know your sleep quality by recording your deep sleep, light sleep, awake time. Record your fitness status, with over 100 daily exercise modes available, including indoor and outdoor activities, to meet your daily needs.
  • High Compatibility & Long Battery Life: The smart watches for women and men is compatible with iOS 9.0, Android 5.0 and above. It charges quickly and only takes 2 hours to fully charge, providing about 7 days of continuous use and 30 days of standby time.
  • Smartwatch Answer Calls Waterproof & More Features: The smart watch is IP68 waterproof, you can wear it while washing your hands, or in the rain. (Note: To avoid damaging the microphone and speaker function of the watch, please don’ keep it in the water for a long time.) This smartwatch also has functions such as camera control, music control, weather, alarm clock, timer, stopwatch, drinking water reminder, sedentary reminder, flashlight, find phone, etc.
  • 12-month Warranty: We provide 12-month warranty and after-sales service. You can buy and use this smartwatch with confidence.
Product Dimensions

5 x 3 x 1 inches

Item Weight

3.84 ounces


1 Lithium Polymer batteries required. (included)

Date First Available

October 12, 2023



Standing screen display size

1.39 Inches

9 reviews for Smartwatch Answer Calls, Track Fitness & Sleep (1.39” Display)

  1. Sharon D.

    Used MapMyWalk App on phone, but wanted a fitness watch to travel light.
    A Heads up:
    •This has NO GPS-it counts arm swings based on sport/ age/ weight/ height. (More expensive watches use those metrics + GPS.) I am very slender, very tall, and very fit for someone my age. A track I KNOW to be 2.5 miles long MEASURES 1.6 miles on this watch, so I am going to have to play to calibrate this.
    •Watch receives texts, but you cannot reply.
    •Voice assist is wobbly
    • When PeoFit app is running in the background, it disrupts the dictation capability on your phone.
    Reason I am keeping it:
    •Set up is seamless and easy!
    • I can take the watch out on a run, and upon returning home, pair it with my phone to capture data.
    •24/7 excellent customer service within the app. Seriously EXCELLENT.
    • Soft ultra adjustable band, lots of watch faces/ability to upload your own.
    •Smart and expensive looking.
    • When my phone is at the bottom of my purse, this rings/vibrates~ the call is clear and voice quality for the other person is excellent.
    •Did I mention~ Amazon coupon 30% off=under $19! Why would I not keep this?!?!?! Seriously~ do not overthink this, add to cart! ☺️

  2. Dave in California

    To exchange out my trusty and long-time Seiko chronograph watch companion, I wanted something with more functionality than a straight fitness tracker. This watch combines most of the popular functions supported by low-cost smart watches. Here are some pros and cons I’ve discovered over the past three days of focused use:

    Sleek design of the watch case – there are no distracting “gee-gaw” graphics on the bezel or military-style elements on the watch body. Just smooth transition from the front glass to the case. Two slim side- buttons to access functions. Nice matte finish on the silver style case.

    Watch band – Very flexible, smooth, and comfortable!

    Installation/connection with phone – the process was smooth and typical to pairing other Bluetooth devices. Downloaded the Peo app, watch paired easily with the phone (a Samsung S20 FE).

    Tech Support! – I had a couple operational questions a couple days into use and received a chat response within a minute from a support person (Monica, mentioned in another review here) who addressed all my questions with a couple short videos showing the steps. This support was from within the app on the phone! Amazing service!

    Connectivity for phone calls – there is an option button in the Settings screen to connect the watch so it can take incoming calls. When a call comes in and is answered on the watch, the microphone and speaker are within the watch. My wife said the voice quality from the watch microphone when listening on her phone was better than when I was speaking with my earbuds from my phone! The watch speaker is loud enough to hear easily. If the incoming call is received on the watch, the watch display shows a button that can easily transfer the call to the phone. Pretty slick if you prefer to speak through the earbuds or hearing aids you have connected to the phone.

    Texting – when a text comes in, a short, weak vibration occurs on the watch, not enough to reliably notify of a text. Receiving text notifications was one of the main perceived benefits for me, of seeing the text alert on the watch instead of needing to pick up the phone. But, there is the regular sound notification on the phone speaker or earbuds connected to the phone (but not the watch) that can provide adequate notification of an incoming text, especially if you have earbuds or hearing aids connected to the phone. It’s an acceptable work-around. A couple lines of the text display on the watch screen. It’s possible to use the Voice feature on the watch to send a text message using the phone’s AI Voice function (the watch AI triggers Alexa or Samsung’s Bixby in the phone for the voice response actions). When your phone is handy nearby, it’s gong to be easier to grab it and use the built-in voice-to-text function in the phone to create a text reply.

    Health tracking – it supports the regular list of monitoring functions. I can’t tell how accurate they are, but at least they provide a comparative view of daily activity.

    Sleep monitoring – the watch monitors sleep between 10p.m. and 7a.m., according to Monica, the chat support person. I got up during the night a couple times and the watch continued displaying sleep data during the entire time with a couple of breaks displayed in the graph for the times I was up. Monica wrote that Sleep monitoring may be interrupted when you have large movements during night sleep.

    Watch buttons/operation – there are two sleek buttons on the side of the watch, one that turns the watch on/off, the other moves back through the menus that appear when swiping up/down, side-to-side. It’s pretty easy to understand where to find things and access them quickly (with a little practicing!)

    Battery Life – three and a half days of use so far and the battery is at 50%.

    PEO Phone App – I have looked at several of the smart phone apps for watches in the sub-$50 price range. They are all visibly vanilla regarding the graphics. The tracking information is accessible, just not as visually stylish as it could be. The PEO app for this watch does include an extensive user manual with details about each watch function and a helpful section on how to pair the watch with your phone. That part of the manual probably is unusually thorough, certainly appreciated!

    Areas for Improvement
    Alarm – easy to set an alarm. The alarm notification is vibration only, a repeating four-pulses sequence. It would help if an audio notification was included.

    Countdown Timer – has options to quickly set for 1, 3, 5, 10 minutes plus a specific length of time (hours, minutes, seconds). Notification is vibration only, one short pulse that wasn’t enough to recognize every time, especially when doing exercises.

    Dial face options – There are many dial options available via the phone app, you’re sure to find a couple in there that work for you. Six dials are loaded into the watch. One is a customizable photo (with default display of time and date text). One watch dial can be loaded as an option. That one dial choice can be replaced, but it requires using the app, choosing the new dial, and uploading the dial into the watch, takes a minute or so. It would be helpful to be able to load in more than one dial into the phone for quick change of dial design. The four dials that are fixed in the watch list may not be of interest to wearers.

    Bottom line: there is a lot to like about this watch! The value for the money in this price range is unbeatable. Great quality, style, functionality, and SUPPORT!

  3. Amazon Customer

    The watch is very stylish, also very easy to setup and use, I like being able to make calls, the audio is clear, highly recommend it

  4. Love4Boys

    Calidad satisfactoria.

  5. Honest reviewer

    Almost out of the box and tethered to the PEO app, the watch started heart monitoring, oxygen monitoring, steps, etc. Appears to be well built. Commands on the face watch are clear and consice. I enjoy the sleep monitoring program (light, heavy and awake). Appears very accurate. Have worn the watch 3 days and battery has not weakened….still a full charge. Charging is not complicated with a USB and magnetic connection on the rear of the watch. Watch came fully charged. The watch is extremely light in weight. Comfortable watch band of silicone. If you own a fold type cell phone (Samsung zfold for example) you must pair the watch and the PEO app from the front screen of the phone. The app has not yet been sized for a large screen phone. (commands are cut off from view on a large screen cell phone). After pairing you may return to the internal large screen.

  6. Sharon D.

    This is a really great watch for the price. A lot of functionality. The screen is great. Battery life is several days on a very quick charge.

  7. Jason

    This smart watch was easy to setup and easy to navigate. The screen looks great and came with a screen protector on it and an extra one as well! I can make phone calls on the watch and read text messages but cannot reply to messages but for $20 it does everything else really well!

  8. Amazon Customer

    I was very surprised at the quality for the price. This is a beautiful watch and the band is very soft and comfortable.
    I have previously spent a lot more on fitness watches, but this watch does what the other ones do for way less!
    Set up was simple, and no…I am not techy 😊 So far the battery has not budged, and I have been wearing it for more than a day now… that was a BIG issue with other watches I have worn.
    There are many options for watch faces also, so you can change things up as often as you like. I was also very pleased to find it came with a screen protector already installed and a spare for later. So if you are dithering about whether you want to chance this watch, all I can suggest is DO IT 😁

  9. Michael Dawson

    Pretty watch. Lots of features. Battery needs charged every day

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